A comparative study of the architecture of 3 or more computers.

Architecture Topic



A comparative study of the architecture of 3 or more computers. In this research paper, you are to explain the hardware and software architecture of three or more computers. The list of computers that will be studied is Toshiba, HP and Mac.


The goal of this assignment is to increase your understanding of the concepts of computer infrastructure architecture.

You will use the theoretical studies of computer hardware and software and apply them to a study of real-world systems and technologies.  After using library and Internet research, you are to write a paper discussing and explaining the hardware and software architecture of the subject system or technology.  You are encouraged to use a Web to research the computer architectures involved. The paper must be your original work, in your own words, and written for this class.  Do not simply copy/paste information from the Web or textbook.  Such submissions will not be accepted for credit.  Research projects should be original work for IFSM 310; therefore, you may not re-use of a paper written you’ve written for a different class.

The body of the paper should be no more than 12 point type, not less than 2 pages or 600 words and not more than 4 pages or 900 words, not including title page, table of contents (if any), executive summary (if any), and reference bibliography.  The paper will require a title page, 2-4 pages of content with incorporation of a minimum of 3 external resources from credible sources, and a Works Cited/Reference page.

The “General Paper and Writing Requirements” for all papers (above) must be adhered to for this assignment, except as specifically noted (e.g., table of contents is optional, page limits are 2-4 pages, etc.).



Some things to consider as you analyze your topic, follow.  (This list is neither required nor sufficient; it is merely suggestive.  Specifics will depend on the specific topic and approach.)

  • What is the specific computer, system, technology, or architecture?
  • What was unique about this computer, architecture, or technology?
  • What was its architecture?  What components was it built out of?  How were they structured?  How did they work together?
  • What were the dynamics?  How did the system work, operate, and do what it did?
  • When was it first done?  What was/were its dates?
  • How did it compare to its contemporaries and its predecessors?  How does it compare to its successors?
  • Was it successful in terms of technology?  How so?  Explain.
  • Was it commercially successful?  How so?  Explain.
  • Computer history:
    • How did technology and architecture change through history?
    • What were the major trends?
    • How did costs, capacities, speeds, etc. change?
    • Comparative architecture:
      • Compare and contrast the architectures and technologies, head-to-head.
      • What is different between them?  What is the same?
      • How do they work?
      • Which is more successful?  Why?
      • What are the relative costs of each?


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