A World of Music 7th Edition By David Willoughby – Book Summary

Presently, there is a universal consensus among pundits and experts alike that music is a diverse entity with an assortment of manifestations that cut across cultures across the globe. An all-inclusive depiction is vital for anyone taking a course in music as it paints the bigger picture regarding diversity in this discipline. David Willoughby’s 7th Edition of The World of Music series seeks to pursue this disposition with a book solely aimed at instructors and their approach when teaching music. The primary reason why this is the case can perhaps be linked to a teacher’s role as a conduit in passing valuable musical knowledge and the importance of appreciating all its forms. In reality, it serves as a music listening book fashioned primarily to ensure that students have a chance to listen to music as it exists in its purest form. Moreover, it also seeks to provide its readers with an expansion of the traditional repertoire that was hitherto used and recommended by many professionals in the study of music.

Willoughby does this by first presenting popular music genres that many are familiar with before finally delving into other lesser known ones. For instance, American folk features significantly at the beginning of the book then followed jazz, popular and ultimately religious music. By so doing, the author does a brilliant analysis of each repertoire while ensuring that his is a thorough evaluation of all elements that make the genre unique. Furthermore, the approach used also seeks to find the common thread that exists in music from different localities around the world in addition to establishing the similarities that exist. With this book, students are therefore equipped with information that makes it possible for them to recognize many different styles present across the world while also being able to appreciate the purpose they serve. In essence, this student-centered approach in teaching music also serves as a tool that will eventually aid students in the appreciation of cultures around the world.

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