Activity 3.5 – MS Project Practice: Project Schedule

Activity 3.5 – MS Project Practice: Project Schedule

In this exercise you can use Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office Excel or Word. If you do not have Microsoft Office applications, you can use whatever editor or spreadsheet tool available. A spreadsheet is preferred if Microsoft Project is not used. Any format will be accepted.

Microsoft Project Practice: If your book came with a free trial of Microsoft Project 2010 or 2013, you will need to install it for this activity. If not, go to the MS Project Professional 2013 download page and register for a free trial version. After you have installed the software, go to the help menu and review all the links for “Getting Started with Project.” Note: You will need to burn a disk or mount an ISO image to install using Windows 8.

If using Microsoft Office Word or Excel or any other spreadsheet, the tasks are the same.

Task for this exercise: Create a simple 10 task project schedule that covers one week of your efforts for this class.

1. Create a list of 10 common tasks you do each week for this class. Example: review module, plan time to work it, read book/material, complete assignments, review before turn-in, check grade.
2. If using Word or Excel or other spreadsheet, create at least 4 columns in a table with the following data: task, time estimate, time actual, day


TaskTime EstimateTime ActualDay
Review module0.5 hr.0.3 hrs.Monday
Plan time to work it2 hrs.4 hrs.Tuesday
Read book1 hr.0.5 hr.Sunday
Complete assignments4 hrs.8 hrs.Wednesday
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