Assessing Moral Values – Sample Essay

I have the belief that we as  human beings have a moral duty and responsibility towards those who are less fortunate in our societies. First I do believe that those who are poor in the society find themselves in such scenarios due to the fault made by their ancestors or even their parents. For instance a parent who gives birth to so many children without te financial capability of bringing them up. Secondly, such people find themselves in such scenarios due to destructive effects of nature. For instance, families can be rendered homeless due to heavy rains that causes flooding of the area as a result sweep away their property including their houses. Finally there is a category of those who lack food to eat due to perennial droughts in their areas while others suffer from chronic diseases that keeps on recurring every now and then.

I equally believe that there is everything wrong with watching pornography especially as a married person. The effect of pornography is that it makes one to see those of the opposite sex as sex tools. A person who is addicted to watching pornography would always want to experiment on what they see on the screens with anyone even if they have no feelings for them. Additionally, it affects the mindsets of such individuals since it makes them become immoral in their ways of thinking and the way they act even in public places. For instance a man may constantly want to have sex with his workmates due to his addiction of watching pornography. Additionally, married man would want to experiment on some styles with other women just in case their wives are not willing to experiment on those styles. Therefore the end result is that there would be a lot of infidelity in such marriages which may eventually lead to a break-up.


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