Assessment centers And Profit sharing – HRM Terms

Assessment centers

This another tool of human resource management which is essential in achieving more accuracy than conducting a standard recruitment process since the centers allow for a wider range of selection methods to be applied during the recruitment process. The selection centers are used as recruitment platforms in which different exercise are designed for the assessment of full range of personal attributes and skills for a job. An interesting area in assessment centers is how it helps the employer to build an employer brand because even the candidates who have been through the assessment centers but were not picked still feel impressed with the organization.

Profit sharing

Profit sharing is important as it gets groups of employee to pursue a common goal through working together. An example of the usage of profit sharing concept at work is a situation in which a company contributes a proportion of its pre-tax profits into a pool which is distributed amongst its eligible employees. An interesting aspect of this HR management terminology is the evaluation of the common method for determining every participant’s allocation within a profit-sharing plan.

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