ASX Corporate Governance Principles – Research Paper

Research the ASX Corporate Governance principles (3rd edition) and select two (2) principles and associated recommendations that you believe if applied may have prevented your chosen company collapsing. Choose an Australian company that has collapsed from the following list: HIH Ltd, One Tel Ltd , Dick Smith Electronics Ltd or Vocation Ltd.

Write an essay on the topic described above which must include the sections mentioned below

  •  A brief introduction (including definitions) on Corporate Governance, ASX Corporate Governance Principles ( 3rd edition) (ASX CGC) and Business Sustainability
  • A brief introduction on your company of choice including reasons for failure and a timeline of events.
  • A discussion focusing on any two (2) ASX CGC Corporate Governance Principles and associated recommendations that may have increased corporate governance and business sustainability of your chosen organisation.

This discussion must include how a better application of your chosen two CGC Principles and recommendations may have increased an organisations corporate governance therefore reducing the chance of corporate collapse.d) Concluding remarks on how sound and ethical accounting practices and principles can lead to better business sustainability.Length of the essay is 750 words.

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