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Jeffery Dahmer: A 2022 Psychoanalysis of a Serial Killer

The Netflix series Dahmer: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story had 856.2 million hours watched 28 days after its release. All those hours are evidence of the intrigue around Jeffry Dahmer, one of the most infamous serial killers from the United States. People have described his demeanor as calm and non-threatening on social media. 

It then begs the question – what would flip his psychological switch and lead him to commit such heinous atrocities?

What is psychological analysis?

Psychological analysis is a science originated by scientist Sigmund Freud. A psychological analysis of behavior studies free association, unconscious impulses, anxieties, and internal conflicts. Its main objective is to study the mind and the unconscious mind to achieve an understanding and effective treatment of mental disorders.

To psychologically analyze Jeffry Dahmer, the best place to start is his background and history.

Who is Jeffry Dahmer?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was a sex offender and serial killer born in May 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dahmer was the firstborn child of Lionel Dahmer, a research chemist, and Joyce Annette, a teleprinter operator instructor. 

Jeffrey Dahmer became famous for serial killings, sexual offenses, cannibalism, and necrophilia crimes he committed from 1978 until his apprehension on 22nd July 1991. His crimes earned him the monikers; The Milwaukee Cannibal and The Milwaukee Monster.

He was born while his father was still a university student, which limited the amount of time Lionel spent with his young family. At the time, his mother was young, craved attention, suffered depression, and was reportedly a hypochondriac. Joyce attempted to overdose on Equanil, a medication used to treat anxiety. In an interview, Dahmer said he recalls doubting the solidity of his family.

Despite those dark spots, he was shown affection by his parents. Sources close to the family claim his parents showed an utmost fondness for young Dahmer. Many people can relate to such a situation where parents are busy building careers and discovering themselves. Some are too busy and occupied to be consistently available for their children.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer become a serial killer?

Like many children, Dahmer maintained a happy aura during his early years. However, he became silent and fearful after he underwent a double hernia surgery when he was three years old. During an interview, his father said as Dahmer grew, he developed an affinity for animal bones.

Dahmer then began collecting insects and skeletons of small animals such as squirrels. He was then interested in bleaching animal bones and preserving remains of dead animals with formaldehyde which his father obliged as he thought his son was developing an interest in science and specifically Chemistry like his dad.

During his high school days, Dahmer was persona non grata or an outcast. He found solace in alcohol and even referred to it as his medicine to classmates at 14. Even as a teenager, he was articulate in speech, polite, and very intelligent despite not reflecting on his grades.

Dahmer said he began fantasizing and obsessing about killing when he was about 15 and 16 years old. He described feeling sexual desires and wanting to possess power and control over other men. These feelings continued to evolve and led to Dahmer luring and sexually abusing, murdering, and dismembering 17 young men.

His first murder happened just after graduating from high school. He killed hitchhiker Steven Hicks who he lured to his house by offering beer. Dahmer had the intention of sleeping with Hicks. Fearing rejection and Hicks intending to leave after they were drunk, Dahmer struck him repeatedly with a dumbbell and then used its bar to choke him to death. Dahmer then describes pleasuring himself while standing over his lifeless body.

Alcoholic Dependency and Personality Change

Drinking at an early age morphed into alcohol dependency as he grew older. This dependency contributed to dropping out of college months after admission. He had recorded low grades in Introduction to Anthropology and Administrative Science.

After dropping out, his father encouraged him to enlist in the army, which he did. During his military service, he would get apprehended often for being drunk. He progressed and served as a medic after being deployed to West Germany. He performed well until his performance dropped due to regular intoxication. He would later get discharged as he could no longer effectively undertake his duties.

Back at home, his sexual fantasies, alcohol dependency, and tendencies advanced and eventually got him arrested for indecent exposure, his first arrest.

Another instance when he was in trouble with the law is when his neighbors called the police after they noticed a young boy naked and bleeding just outside his house. The police returned the boy to his residence. Dahmer is heard on record calmly explaining they were lovers and had just had a quarrel, a claim the police believed. The young boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, was one of the serial 17 victims.

In an interview aired in February 1993 by Inside Edition, Dahmer said when his family moved to Milwaukee in 1981, he discovered and started reading pornography. He would then frequent gay bars and use his allure and manipulation to convince men to go home with him. He describes only wanting to drug and sleep with them while unconscious but sometimes would wake up having hurt his victims without any recollection of doing it.

On one occasion, Dahmer remembers waking up next to a man he had beaten while in a stupor. He then killed him and carried the body out of the motel they were in using a suitcase. Dahmer then dismembered the body and dumped it using plastic garbage bags.

During media interviews after his capture, he described watching The Exorcist III movie as a ritual before committing his egregious crimes. He also says he desired to build and dedicate to himself an altar where he could keep parts of his victims as memorabilia. At times Dahmer took photos of his dead victims. Other times he kept body parts like skulls and other bones.

Psychoanalysis of Jeffery Dahmer the Serial Killer

A serial killer is a murderer who seeks psychological gratification by killing more than three people over a month or more. Murders committed by serial killers are usually premeditated and are associated with sexual offenses.

During his trial, Jeffery Dahmer had a psyche examination done by a forensic psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with psychotic disorder, borderline personality disorder, and alcohol dependency. The psychiatrist also determined that Dahmer was legally sane. The examinations were vital as they were a factor in his sentencing. Dahmer was handed a sentence of 941 years without the possibility of parole for 16 murders of the 17 murders he committed.

People diagnosed with borderline personality disorder may exhibit the following symptoms; mood swings, anxiety, delusion, suicidal thoughts, a distorted self-image, comfortable in isolation, and lack of interest in routine activities. During media interviews, he describes having these symptoms from an early age.

Symptoms of the psychotic disorder include; hallucinations, emotional detachment from family and friends, paranoia, timid behavior, diversion from topics during conversations, and irregular sleeping patterns.

Causes of the above disorders vary depending on an individual and their environment. However, drug and alcohol abuse, a history of domestic violence, emotional abuse, and neglect are risk factors for the conditions.

The Milwaukee Cannibal experienced some of the above risk factors. His constant intoxication and self-isolation during his upbringing could have been a factor as to why he became a serial killer. 

What dumbfounds people is how he killed 17 people in gruesome ways for all those years without getting caught.

His ability to evade capture from authorities and conceal his nature from his family and the public can be due to various factors. Dahmer was a white male, had a calm demeanor, was articulate in his speech, and it was accepted and known he kept to himself. Dahmer also targeted victims who would be hard to notice were missing.

Evading the Law his Murderous Behavior

His killing spree was between 1978 and 1991, a dark period for men from the gay community. Many were outcasts, were rebuked by their families, and hence would lose contact after running away. There was also no social media which made contact between his victims and people they knew difficult. Such victims were easy targets for Dahmer as no one would report them missing.

In the 1993 interview, Dahmer does admit being aware of his actions. He also claimed he felt remorse and guilt for his actions. His ability to manipulate and convince victims could be a trait due to borderline personality disorder. His psychotic disorder explains his inability to stop himself from going through with his heinous actions. He stated that although he knew his actions were wrong, he couldn’t inhibit his compulsive urges.

Upon his apprehension in 1991, Dahmer waived his right to a lawyer. He wanted to confess to all his murders and stated that it was a relief that he finally got caught. According to him, if he wasn’t apprehended, he might have continued with the murders.

During all his interviews and court hearings, he stayed calm and collected. He described in detail his sexual crimes, cannibalism, murders, and necrophilia. His physical appearance and demeanor amazed many people as he told of his actions as it seemed like he was explaining a recipe.

Dahmer’s story demonstrates the importance of treating mental conditions early. People deemed normal by society can be serial killers and offenders and commit these crimes for a long time without people noticing. 

Postpartum Depression, Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment

Definition of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a mood disorder highlighted by episodes of major depression within the first four to six weeks of childbirth. 

The term postpartum is the period following child delivery. Depression, in this context, is defined as a psychological disorder diagnosed with signs of sadness, despair, and loneliness. Other common symptoms of depression may include self-solation, mood swings, lack of sleep or irregular sleep patterns, guilt, and in extreme cases, suicidal tendencies.

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A positive diagnosis is confirmed if the patient exhibits at least five of the many associated symptoms that are constant within two weeks or more.

What are the Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

  • Insomnia or hypersomnia (inability to stay awake during daytime despite having adequate sleep time at night)
  • Guilt; Mothers with Postpartum depression may develop guilt. This symptom is often associated with an inability to form a bond with the newborn baby.
  • Fatigue; Mothers with Postpartum depression may face bouts of unexplainable fatigue.
  • Extreme sadness and random crying episodes
  • Lack of concentration and interest during most of the day, a symptom observed with mothers who can’t finish tasks they could easily manage before childbirth.

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  • Irregular appetite
  • Irritability; patients with PPD may lash out and easily form anger unnecessarily
  • Anxiety; Mostly observed in new mothers. Anxiety may manifest when performing tasks new to them. This symptom should not be singled out while diagnosing. It is usual among new parents.
  • Suicidal tendencies; In extreme cases of PPD, the mother may experience episodes of suicidal thoughts and, in some cases, exhibit acts of self-harm. This symptom is rare and usually explained by its accompanying risk factors.

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What are the Risk Factors (Causes) of Postpartum Depression

Medical practitioners often group risk factors into three categories: Obstetric, psychological, and social/lifestyle.

  • Obstetric risk factors:

Obstetrics is things relating to pregnancy and childbirth. Prolonged periods of labor pain during delivery, emergency cesarean sections, and complications during pregnancy are risk factors for PPD. These occurrences may be traumatic for the parents and can eventually lead to postpartum depression.

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  • Psychological risk factors:

This factor is usually associated with other psychological occurrences such as a history of sexual and domestic abuse, an unwanted pregnancy, a history of depression and stress, disappointment with the sex of the baby, or maybe if the baby has physical disabilities. New parents may be overwhelmed by the experiences that come with childbirth. Difficulty while trying to latch or extreme pain during breastfeeding may negatively affect a new mother’s psychology.

  • Lifestyle and social factors:

A newborn baby usually comes with lifestyle changes for parents. Pregnancies tend to affect previous routines observed by parents. The processes involved in adapting to these changes can be a risk factor for PPD. An identified example of social factors is negative comments by society on how new mothers carry out their rearing activities. Another example of a social risk factor is a case where a child is rejected by a spouse, their family, or society, with an example of an LGBTQ couple trying to raise a family.

A lot of PPD cases go undiagnosed and undocumented. Most of them also go untreated. Recent medical studies show one in seven women in the United States suffers from PPD. Due to stigma and varying severity of the mood disorder, the majority of these women opt to self-diagnose. Many with a positive diagnosis of PPD forego treatment seeking treatment options. 

The term “baby blues” is used for cases of postpartum depression with little signs and PPD that only lasts for a short period (symptoms gradually dissipating after 2-3 weeks).

Postpartum depression is not as easy to diagnose despite the symptoms being easy to identify. The reason is that diagnosis parameter are still under research. In most extreme cases, nurses can diagnose PPD early on, sometimes even before childbirth. Such cases are often where a mother exhibits signs of depression during pregnancy. For cases of PPD developed after childbirth, it may prove hard to identify.

Do Men Experience Postpartum Depression?

Men can also develop Postpartum Depression. Risk factors that may affect women may also apply to men. Also, for couples where a woman is experiencing PPD, a man is often at risk of developing postpartum depression. Most men may find it hard to deal with some of the symptoms exhibited by the woman. For example, in a situation where symptoms include irritability and agitation due to PPD, the man may develop similar symptoms.

Can Postpartum Depression be Treated?

Postpartum depression is still being researched and is currently treated by psychiatrists that treat depression. Current trends show a considerable number of psychiatrists specializing in the disorder. Diagnosis parameters are still under study and established. 

Women sharing their experiences during pregnancies on social media platforms has been a crucial factor contributing to the demand for research. Women and couples with Postpartum Depression symptoms are encouraged to seek medical counsel from their doctors to determine the best treatment modes. Left untreated, severe Postpartum Depression could lead to prolonged periods of depression which could be risk factors for other health conditions for both parents and the baby.

Cancel Culture: The New Enemy Of Freedom Of Speech

Cancel culture means withdrawing support for celebrities/public figures and organizations after they have said something offensive or have an objectionable opinion. The phrase, cancel culture, was popularized in the late 2010s and early 2020s via social media.

Cancel Culture uses alarmism and relies on social media to push its agendas. Cancel culture started in the United States but is becoming adopted in more and more regions.

Cancel culture initially started as a mode for minorities to advocate for their beliefs, fight for their rights, and condemn discriminatory and derogatory actions by people/organizations in power. As cancel culture uses social media platforms as its tool to push agendas, it is hard to control when it turns toxic. Cancel culture, like viral social media trends chances limiting freedom of speech.

 As a result, cancel culture not only has positive but negative outcomes as well. The masses need to understand the negatives in or to minimize or stop harmful effects.

The Positive Effects of Cancel Culture

The practice has helped in battling sexual harassment, especially in Hollywood. Notable cases include Chris Noth, an actor best known for Sex and the City, who lost his ad campaign deal with exercise equipment company Peloton. Noth had been accused of sexual assault by three women.

Studies show that sexual assault and harassment cases are prevalent in Hollywood. Cancel culture could help curb it. It could prove effective as perpetrators, who in most cases are influential men, may fear losing everything. An example is Harvey Weinstein, now convicted of sexual harassment, who, because of public outcry on social media, ended up convicted and famous actors vowing not to work with him again.

Cancel culture has also brought the downfall of figures guilty of offensive racial slurs. Examples include wrestler Hulk Hogan and TV host, Paula Deen. The former lost his WWE honors while Paula Deen had her show and publishing deals cancelled by the Food Network.

Other cases of cancel culture include Kevin Hart losing his chance to host the 2020 Oscars. It was after a snippet of one of his specials in the early 2010s went viral. In the clip, Kevin Hart said he would chastise his son if he acted gay. There was an uproar by the LGBT community for Kevin to step down from hosting the Academy Awards.

Effects of Cancel Culture on Freedom of Speech

The main con of cancel culture is that the practice constantly risks denying people their right to freedom of speech. Comedian Dave Chappelle has come under constant criticism for his Netflix comedy specials. In the specials, Chappelle often voices his opinions on the LGBTQ community. He has said although he does not hate the trans community, he does not understand them but would like to get to understand them. In 2022 after the release of the Chappelle’s comedy special, The Closer, the trans community protested for his cancellation by Netflix.

Such a case brings division as concerns to cancel culture as it is a battle of opinion. In an interview, Jordan B Peterson, a renowned Canadian psychologist, argued that by exercising the right to freedom of speech,h an individual risks offending people with a contrary opinion. He added there was nothing wrong with that. He also says disagreeing on controversial topics does not warrant cancelling a person.

J K Rowling, the best-selling author of the Harry Potter series of books, was under the fire of cancel culture for her remarks that gender is a fact. Members of the trans community felt offended and called for the boycott of her works.

Despite instances of Cancel culture shedding light on the awful acts done by some prominent people and organizations, it can also be easily manipulated to silence people just trying to voice their opinion.

Why Cancel Culture Needs More Scrutiny

Like most trends, cancel culture can be effectively used to stop vile acts committed by people in positions of power, organizations and companies that exploit employees and clients. As cancel culture works through spreading information and instant calling for immediate action, it could punish offenders faster than the law.

However, as the law states innocent until proven guilty, cancel culture risks unfairly condemning people without hearing their version. An example is Johnny Depp. Mr Depp lost acclaimed acting deals, among them, his Jack Sparrow part in Pirates of The Caribbean. He ended up winning in court against Amber Heard, who had sued him for domestic violence.


Cancel culture may silence people with genuine opinions, who may be afraid to be offensive to particular communities. Such might hinder cohesion as harmony often comes from understanding each other through objective dialogue.

The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan

Who was Robert F Kennedy?

Robert F Kennedy (RFK) was a prominent American politician, adored and endeared member of the US Democratic party and a champion of modern liberalism. Robert F Kennedy was also notably from the Kennedy family which has a long line of historical political figures and which is famous for its fortune, wealth and success in the stock market.

Kennedy served as the 64th Attorney General from the beginning of 1961 to September 1964. At this time RFK was Attorney General during his elder brother, John F Kennedy’s (JFK) tenure as president. Robert F Kennedy went on to be elected into the 89th United States Congress as a senator representing New York in 1965.

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Robert had mass appeal among minorities due to his passion for civil rights, championing equality, equity, and his goal to unite the then-divided social classes in the United States. Robert F Kennedy was also against the controversial Vietnam War. He could be quoted in many speeches critiquing the wealthy and fighting for minorities.

Bobby Kennedy’s background and affiliations appealed to the American upper class enabling him to have a majority of America’s support in a period full of racial and class division. His success in US politics and admirable character are, however, overshadowed by the questions – Who assassinated Robert F Kennedy? And, why was Robert F Kennedy assassinated?

Who assassinated Robert F Kennedy and why?

Robert F Kennedy was assassinated on June 5th 1968. It was shortly after being announced the winner of the 1968 California Democratic presidential primary. Robert Kennedy made his speech condemning the country’s toxic divisions and his aim to unite America and all was well received by the excited crowd.

As Robert Kennedy was exiting through the kitchen rear exit of the Ambassador Hotel, LA, at about a quarter past midnight he paused to greet Juan Romero, a busboy of the hotel, and it is then that Sirhan Sirhan fired a .22 revolver multiple times at close range and aiming at the senator. It is documented that Sirhan Sirhan was as close as a foot to Robert Kennedy when he fired the shots.
Sirhan shot Robert F Kennedy 3 times, twice in the back and once in the head. Kennedy died 26 hours later at the Good Samaritan Hospital. Sirhan had hidden the weapon in a folded poster and those years security for politicians was not as advanced and equipped as it is in recent years. It was thus hard for security to detect the weapon.

Why was Robert F Kennedy assassinated?

To understand an assassination or a murder it is best to first understand the perpetrator. Getting to know the person behind the assassination uncovers the motive and association between the assassination and the person assassinated.

Who is Sirhan Sirhan?

Sirhan Sirhan is the man that killed Robert F Kennedy and if it were not for the assassination his name would probably not be as pronounced in history books as it is.
Sirhan is of Palestinian descent and immigrated to the United States at the age of 12 with his family. His childhood was marred by the violence of the Arab – Israeli conflict and he even witnessed his brother getting run over by a military vehicle. His mother said the violence he witnessed as a child traumatized him. Sirhan and his family briefly lived in New York upon their arrival in the United States before moving and settling in California. Sirhan Sirhan’s father was strict and said to have raised his sons with an iron fist and often harshly beat them.
At 20 years Sirhan trained to be a jockey when he moved to Corona but quit that aspiration when he fell while racing and suffered a head injury. He never applied for US citizenship and chose to remain solely with Jordanian citizenship.

Why did Sirhan Sirhan assassinate Robert F Kennedy?

Sirhan was raised an Arab Christian from his early days in Jerusalem and remained Christian even in adulthood despite changing denominations several times. He is noted to have joined Baptist and Adventist churches.

Studies have shown that a background in child abuse and violence contributes to violence during adulthood. It is worth noting that Sirhan experienced extreme levels of violence as a child. Also at the time of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, Kennedy was very vocal about his support for Israel in the Arab-Israeli war. Sirhan might have developed strong political views during his stay in America and factoring in that he is from Palestine, Sirhan must’ve felt betrayed by Kennedy who had voiced his support for Israel during the June 1967 Six-Day War and especially during campaigns when Kennedy promised to send Phantom fighter jets to Israel if elected president.
Sirhan’s diary which was discovered during the investigation of Robert F Kennedy’s assassination detailed his anger which seemed to fixate on Kennedy. Sirhan’s diary is even quoted to say, “… Kennedy must die before June 5th.’

His written scripts not only seemed to obsess with Kennedy but also in support of Communism and strongly against American capitalism. Sirhan admitted guilt whilst in custody upon his arrest.

Trial and Conviction

What followed was a long and publicized trial dubbed The People of the State of California v. Sirhan Sirhan. Sirhan’s lawyers filed a motion in chambers to enter a plea of guilty of murder in the first degree in exchange for life imprisonment as the judge had initially rejected their plea of “not guilty”.
Sirhan’s lawyers argued impulse and reaction to America’s involvement in the Arab-Israeli war. Sirhan even had the support of the secretary-general of the Action Committee on American-Arab Relations who said, “… he was defending himself against those 50 Phantom jets Kennedy was sending to Israel.” Sirhan would also state that his actions were also fueled by his being drunk.
Despite his defense Sirhan was convicted on 17th April 1969 and days later given the death in the gas chamber sentence. Three years later the sentence was later changed to life in prison as California’s Supreme court ruled capital punishment was in violation of California’s Constitution which was against cruel and unusual punishment.
The assassination of Robert F Kennedy marked 1968 as the bloodiest year in American politics. Two months earlier Robert Kennedy had marched to Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral after he was also assassinated.

The assassination of the two was a big blow to civil rights movements. Some members of minority groups even claimed there were hidden agendas in the assassinations. Some said the Robert F Kennedy assassination was too well calculated and the shooter’s motive and evidence against him were so well elaborated to be believed.

Sirhan Sirhan’s lawyer Lawrence Teeter even claimed brainwashing and hypnotism as a defense during appeals. Other conspiracies also surround the Robert F Kennedy assassination including the Kennedy curse.
In August 2021, Sirhan Sirhan who was serving his 52nd year in prison was recommended for parole through the help of two of Robert F Kennedy’s sons who pitied the then 77-year-old. One of Kennedy’s sons said he could see how remorseful Sirhan was. America’s Criminal Justice System is however complex and the pity and forgiveness of Kennedy’s family are not enough to release Sirhan. California Governor Newsom, later on, denied Sirhan’s parole.
Robert F Kennedy continues to be remembered as a champion of civil rights, a president that America was robbed of that would have potentially been the bridge to unite Americans at a time when hostility and division among races and classes were at a high.

Why Elon Musk’s Buying Twitter Is The Biggest Power Move

The Acquisition of Twitter

The acquisition of Twitter by the richest person on earth has dominated the headlines for the best part of 2022’s April.

The hostile courtship between Musk and Twitter and the entirety of the nature of the buyout has raised eyebrows. On April 14th 2022, Musk bought 9.1% of Twitter for $2.64 billion. He became the biggest shareholder. A week later, the board of directors invited him to join the board. Musk seemed amenable to it. A few days later, he was nonplus and reluctant to join the board. He explained that he valued free speech and in Twitter’s current state free speech would not thrive nor serve the agenda.

This then developed into an all-out buyout war. The Twitter board proposed using the “poison pill”, a strategy to prevent a total buyout and privatization. Then on April 25th, it was reported that Twitter’s board had unanimously accepted an offer for $44 Billion. This meant the process of privatizing the company had commenced.

This tag of war has had a lot of people questioning Musk’s motive in acquiring the company. Some members on the platform have even threatened to cease using it. Is the motive to make more billions from it? Is the motive to inhibit/control the free speech he has claimed to defend?

Former C.E.O Jack Dorsey tweeted the same day of the agreement, saying, “In principle, I don’t believe anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a public good at protocol level, not a company. Solving for the problem of it being a company, however, Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.” A statement which could be interpreted as a blessing from the former Twitter boss.

Billionaires and Media Companies

Billionaires owning media/publishing companies is not a new occurrence. Rupert Murdoch owns hundreds of publishing outlets in the US and internationally, most notably Fox and Sky News, Michael Bloomberg has made a fortune from publishing through his co-founded news and information outlet Bloomberg L.P.

Although it didn’t break the internet like the Twitter acquisition, back in 2013, Jeff Bezos, Amazon C.E.O bought the New York Post. Through his leadership that focused on the Post’s economic side and through a technological approach was able to double its web traffic within 4 years reviving an almost dying media giant. Another recent and notable buyout is the Meredith Corporation by the mogul couple, Marc and Lynne Benioff.

Apart from the obvious reason that billionaires can buy media companies because they can, plain and simple, why else would a billionaire or anyone want to buy a media company? And why does Elon Musk want Twitter?

On TedTalk 2022 Elon Musk did hint he wasn’t sure if he would be able to acquire and privatize the company but did state his acquisition of the company was not to profit off of it. He said,”… it’s just that I think my strong, intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive, is extremely important to the future of civilization.”

With that statement and a tweet from May 6th that reads, “If Twitter acquisition completes, company will be super focused on hardcore software engineering, design, infosec & server hardware,” it is clear Elon Musk wants to have publishing control which is and will be a very powerful tool in the world’s future which will be run by tech, a field Musk is an expert.

Why Twitter?

Elon Musk has the ability to buy a lot of the already established social media platforms. With his finances, Musk has the ability to start his own platform. So why Twitter?

The social media platform, Twitter, was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. The platform was listed in the top 10 most visited websites and boasted over 2 billion search queries a day in 2016. The first reason for wanting to buy Twitter might be that it is already established and successful.

Twitter Presidents

Moreover, the platform has been credited by many for the success of US presidential candidates and 2 term president Barak Obama and Donald J. Trump’s first term win in 2016. Obama is the first president to campaign via the new social media platforms which garnered him global popularity and also the first to directly engage with citizens/followers on social media platforms while in office. Even he has admitted how vital a role Twitter played in getting his message across to the nation.

Trump was banned from Twitter which raised a lot of controversy due to his alleged callous and irresponsible tweets. The former US president however had a lot of engagement on the platform during campaigns and while in office. This shows just how powerful Twitter is as a tool in politics. Trump has even launched his own social media platform, Truth Social, through Trump Media and the site is very similar to Twitter. This is evidence of just how much he values social engagement in his attempt to run for a second term in office.

The president of the United States of America is dubbed the most powerful man on the planet. Among all the other social media platforms Twitter gets the most credit as a president maker. It is fair to assume the richest person on earth also wants to be the most powerful person on earth and owning Twitter is just the first step to making sure he has control.

Power Move

Elon Musk may not necessarily be after the presidency but it is obvious he has seen the amount of potential and influence the platform has.

In the words of Tony Montana from Scarface, “In this country, you got to make the money first, then when you get the money you get the power. Then when you get the power then you get the women.” The latter part of the statement might be irrelevant but Elon Musk has the money and might be now going after the power, a feat that Twitter has proven it can assist in achieving. Imagine one man owning a platform that got two United States presidents elected.

Websites and Apps Offering Freelancing Opportunities in The World 2022

The most popular way of earning a living today and in our current situation is online. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic one of the most Googled phrases was “How to make money online.” This is with good reason. A lot of young people find it hard to land employment immediately after they graduate from high school with their GED or even from college with a bachelor’s degree.

Also, in our current situation where the pandemic has negatively affected our lives, it is hard to get a job. Globally, millions of people have lost employment as others have lost businesses.  Nevertheless, life has to go on. Freelancing has become one of the biggest employment avenues. Not only is it a way to make a living, but people are also using it to earn extra money to try and lessen the harshness of the battered economy. 

Freelancing usually involves using one’s skills to complete tasks for others. Most times it is remotely and rarely, it is tasks done physically.  Also, working on freelancing platforms allows one flexibility to pursue other forms of work and also does not constrain one to a 9-5 desk job.

Requirements To Be A Freelancer

The requirements to start freelancing on online platforms and apps are simple and the list below highlights a starter pack. 

  • A skill or skills that can be useful to others. A good example of a skill set that has much success online is graphic design which is popular for freelancers. Some tasks like being a virtual personal assistant simply require proficiency in grammar. Knowledge and fluency in foreign languages also add give an advantage as it increases the scope of your clientele. 
  • Access to a computer and working internet. Most jobs or tasks will require you to work and deliver the tasks online. A phone might work but a computer is recommended on most platforms as it can complete even the more complex tasks.
  • Identity documents and credentials. As much as freelancing platforms will allow almost everyone to sign up and start working, having credible documents has proven to give you an advantage.

With that, below is an analysis of the best freelancing websites and apps as of August 2021.



This US-based platform was known as Elance-oDesk before rebranding in 2015. It hosts over 18 million registered freelancers and 5 million registered clients. On average Upwork posts over 3 million jobs and transactions of over $1 billion. 

Clients can vet, hire and pay freelancers on the platform. Both parties can also give reviews of each other which serves as references to other users. The platform has categorized various jobs which makes the user experience splendid. It has applications for all devices and one can also work using its website, Almost every profession can be found on Upwork and with 5 million registered clients it is very likely for one to find work.


Fiverr is an Israeli freelance, online marketplace and one of the biggest freelancing platforms. Launched in 2010 also registers users as buyers and sellers of various commodities and services. Pricing of tasks on the platform, which is termed gigs starts at $5. It 

Fiverr Gigs range from one-off jobs to gigs that are contractual and lasting for long periods. Jobs most popular are graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and tech, music and audio. It is popular among users outside the US. 

In early 2020, Fiverr reported $107.1 million in revenue. It has also been seeing an ascension in growth since its inception which is a good sign for anyone wanting to start freelancing.

Guru is a platform that assists companies to find freelancers. The platform operates on the principle that companies may require particular skill sets but for limited amounts of time thus it provides them with the chance to seek freelancers and hire them on short-term contracts. has over 3 million verified freelancers.

Also, the platform which was launched in San Francisco in 1999, launched its SmartMatch technology which matches the credentials of applicants for jobs. This platform is popular among high-tech workers such as developers. It is known for its flexibility where payment is concerned.


Freelancer is a general freelance platform. All sorts of jobs have been registered on the platform. The site boasts of having bigshot users such as Microsoft and the aircraft production giant, Boeing. Freelancer has over 1800 job categories and is simple to sign-up for. Their principle seems to be connecting small businesses and talents to potential employers. 

Freelancers sign-up and upload samples of their previous jobs then they begin bidding for the various posted jobs. Selected freelancers then negotiate terms and the process continues to completion. Freelancer boasts of over 54 million employers which make the site one of the easiest to find work as a freelancer.

People Per Hour is a UK-based freelancing platform. It is popular among small businesses and start-ups looking for freelancers to carry out particular projects and or tasks on short-term contracts. 

They use a “talent cloud”, where freelancers upload their samples and previously completed work. The platform is the most popular freelance site in Europe. This means that a freelancer outside Europe with knowledge is languages popular in the region could have an advantage. Currently, it is estimated to have transacted over $200 million from the over 1 million jobs posted on the platform. 

Honorable Mentions


This platform deals with top-tier (3%) of the best freelancers in fields such as web design, project managers, data analysts, and finance experts.


Matches freelancers to jobs. For the platforms above, one common problem has been incorrectly matching jobs which have resulted in low reviews for the freelancers and the platforms. Aquent focuses more on correct matches for better results for all parties.


The platform focuses on flexibility for both on-site and remote freelance jobs. It conducts scrupulous vetting to eliminate the possibility of scams.

Freelancing is proving to be a lucrative industry due to its flexibility. It is also becoming a top earner with an example of India which is expecting to make between $20-30 Billion by 2027 from freelancing. With all these freelancing platforms available it wouldn’t hurt to try adding your revenue stream or getting that dream job.

The Best Search Engines For School Work in 2022

Search engines are becoming the new libraries. For teaching and learning purposes, a student has to be careful what information from search engines such as Google, Yahoo Answers, Ask Jeeves, and many others that they choose to use. Teachers, lecturers, and professors will be quick to reject “Googled papers” as they will cite a lack of effort on the student’s part. A student should change tack in their use of search engines for research and schoolwork to be efficient in their school work. Part of changing tact should include knowing the best search engines for school work.

Person typing on keyboard - Wellers Law Group

Furthermore, a student after good grades will often deviate from the school’s online library to acquire more information, especially for research papers. It shows and proves effort, hard work, and the submitted work will be authentic and original.

Thence, which are the best search engines for school work?

Google Scholar

Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world. Using it for school work and academic research can be a hassle because of the vast amount of information. Sorting through all the results pages for relevance and accuracy can take up a lot of time, and that’s where Google Scholar comes in. The search engine grants access to a vast pool of academic resources. The webpages and links contain relevant and accurate:

  1. Studies Journals 
  2. Books and 
  3. Other reliable scholarly resources.

It works similar to the Google search engines, has the same layout, and uses keywords to sort information. Couple it with Google Books, and you have the most accessible library in the world. It doesn’t need you to create an account on the platform to access its content.

Research Gate

This search engine, launched in 2008, boasts of having 130 + million publications accessible to its over 20 million users. Research Gate is a professional network founded by physician Dr. Ijad Madisch, Dr. Soren Hofmayer, and computer scientist Horst Fickenscher. Research Gate states that its mission, “to connect the world of science and make research open to all.” The search engine also offers a platform for social interaction among users that aids in progressing research and exchanging research information and different points of view.

Currently, the vast majority of researchers provide academic information on biology and medicine.

It also contains these scholarly niches:

  1. Computer science
  2. Engineering, and,
  3. Psychology 

For science-based researchers and students looking to pursue science subjects, Research Gate is the best search engine.

Microsoft Academic

This search engine has one of the best if not the best user experience among scholar search engines. Microsoft Academic identifies contents of searches as entities. These entities include

  1. Publications
  2. Authors
  3. Topics
  4. Journals, and
  5. Institutions
  6. Conferences

The above are subdivided into different categories making sorting out information easy. 

The Conferences entity offers info about publication venues and indexes conferences that publish proceedings and therefore have discoverable publications on the web. The search engine also gives live updates, meaning the academic resources on Microsoft Academic are kept up to date hence very relevant for research work and school reports.

Microsoft Academic boasts 264,286,492 publications, 273,645,368 authors, and 49,038 journals as of August 2021. You can access the search engine without having to sign up or sign in. However, for an optimized user experience signing up would be the best option as it stores recent searches and creates a better search environment for you.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

As the name suggests, ERIC is known for academic information for aspiring teachers and professionals in the education field. Dubbed online digital library of education research and information, it provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, searchable, internet-based bibliographic and full-text database of education research and information for teachers, researchers, and the general public. ERIC aims to improve teaching, learning, and educational decision-making. It offers access to 1.5 bibliographic records of journal articles and other education-related materials. The materials are available in Adobe PDF format.

From its foundation in 1966 up to its evolution into a search engine, it has built a vast collection of;

  1. Journal articles
  2. Books
  3. Research syntheses
  4. Conference papers
  5. Dissertations
  6. Technical reports
  7. Policy papers, and
  8. Other education-related materials.

 Semantic Scholar

This search engine uses AI and engineering to understand the semantics of scientific knowledge. Semantic Scholar eases the challenges of having an ocean of information online and sorting it to find the correct research relevant to you. It directs you to the most relevant information, helps overcome information overload. Semantic Scholar studies information overload and develops tools AI tools to overcome it. Such a tool is TLDR, which automatically generates single-sentence paper summaries. Such a tool lessens the time spent looking for relevant information and aids researchers and scholars narrow down what to read and use for research.

Using a combination of the above search engines, a student and or researcher can efficiently and effectively research, write and turn in papers that are high quality and good grade worthy.


UniqueWritersBay is an academic resource that offers a hands-on and interactive experience for learners and researchers. The platform provides research assistance for students and or researchers who are inexperienced in writing academic papers. It guides in finding relevant and correct content for academic papers, formatting, referencing, use of grammar, and any other academic tasks.

Additionally, UniqueWritersBay contains a wide variety of academic papers that fall under:

  1. Research papers
  2. Essays
  3. Movie and book reviews
  4. Dissertations
  5. Thesis and other
  6. Academic-related bibliography

The above list of contents gives the user direction on how various academic publications are written and formatted. Also, they guide on choosing content relevant for topics and subjects.

Moreover, UniqueWritersBay provides a user-friendly experience. It enables users to find relevant content among the vast information available through keywords. 

Also, UniqueWritersBay gives users access to professionals readily available 24/7 to assist with academic research work and other academic tasks.

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