Benefits of using a Qualitative Research Approach in Organizations

Answer the question in section 1 and 1 of the 3 questions from section 2.

Section 1 (Word limit 1,000 words):

Review two research based journal articles on a topic of your choice, comparing and contrasting them in relation to how the research has been carried out and reported. What learning do you draw from them?
NB The two papers reviewed should be fully referenced under the heading. Further references which you may have drawn on to help the review process should be placed at the end as usual.

Both articles should address the same issue and be drawn from business and management journals. The topic and articles may be relevant for the business, public, voluntary or not for profit sectors but they should focus on a management issue. Draw on evidence from the articles to support your argument, such as quotes demonstrating
style, wording and data offered in the articles.

Section 2 (Word limit 1,000 words):

  • Discuss the key benefits of using a qualitative research approach in organizations. Draw on one or more examples to illustrate your arguments.
  • Describe the key features of non-probability sampling and provide examples of where different approaches might be useful.
  • The wording of questions can be a challenge when developing a survey instrument. What strategies and principles can be used to support the development of effective questions?
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