Benefits of a project-managed group:

Groups will be assigned no later than the end of Unit 1. If you wish to be involved in a project-managed group, please email your instructor to confirm by Friday of Unit 1. A project-managed group is one where you and your team members have each committed to creating and following a specific schedule by the end of week 2. You and your team will then have committed to submitting deliverables based on that schedule. Your participation grade will be assessed based on your meeting the agreed upon schedule. Placement in a project-managed group is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there are an insufficient number of students who wish to be part of a project-managed group, then the instructor will assign groups and all groups will be self-managed.

Benefits of a project-managed group:

In the IT field group projects often have strict deadlines where one component of the project depends upon the prior components. This project is managed in a similar and therefore this process will assist you in preparing for your future career in IT. Working in a project-managed group will also ensure that you are working with like-minded students regarding deadlines and commitment to the group project plan.

If you do not wish to be part of a project-managed group, then you will be assigned to a self-managed group, where your group may define its own schedule but are only responsible for active participation and submitting the final assignment deliverables each week to the instructor. While schedules are an important project tool, the self-managed team will not be held to the team schedule. Therefore, your participation grade will be assessed by your active participation in the group deliverables, but not by the internal group deadlines.


  • Send an email to your instructor specifying your preference for a (1) Project-Managed, or (2) Self-Managed group.
  • Save a copy of your email as a Word document, upload the copy of your email in the submissions area.
  • Email must be sent and copy uploaded by Friday, 11:59pm CT. If email and file are not received by Friday deadline, your preference may not be able to be accommodated.
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