Bioethics Article Response – Essay

Post a brief blog / response to ONE selected article from This response should be approximately 350-450 words, roughly 4 -6 paragraphs. You should be able to defend your viewpoint using one of the ethical approaches described in the “Framework for Ethical Decision Making” guide (attached in the Introduction to Bioethics link above).
Please follow the format and detailed rubric (below). Please post to the “Blogs” tab under “Tools”. This blog is worth 25 points.

Bioethics essay Rubric Point value

What is the issue or topic of concern and why is this issue controversial? 2
What is the procedure, activity, research or technology used for?
What is the goal?
What studies are being conducted? 3
What are the pros and cons? 3
What parties are affected?
What moral rights do the affected parties have?
How are these rights being violated? 3
What role has the media or education system played (if any) in reporting this issue and how has it affected the public?
Do you feel the reporting has been fair and unbiased? 2
What treatment (policy or decision) do you support?
Which method (below) will you use to arrive at this decision?
1. What leads to the best overall consequences? (Utilitarian approach)
2. Which course of action best respects all parties’ rights? (rights approach)
3. Which course of action treats everyone the same and does not show discrimination? (The fairness or justice approach)
4. Which course of action advances the common good (common good approach)
5. Which course of action develops moral virtues (The virtue approach) 5
Post the link to another article that discusses similar technology – Describe the similarities (or differences) in the research 2
Respectfully respond to one other student blog 5
Total points 25

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