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The 1920 Farrow’s Bank Failure – Case of Managerial Hubris Case Study

For this assignment, read the case study, “The 1920 Farrow’s Bank Failure: A Case of Managerial Hubris.”

Hollow, M. (2014). The 1920 Farrow’s bank failure: A case of managerial hubris? Journal of Management History, 20(2), 164-178.

Regulators evaluated Thomas Farrow as being inflicted by managerial hubris at the time of the bank’s collapse in 1920. With this scenario in mind, address the following questions, with thorough explanations and well-supported rationale.

  1. How did corporate culture, leadership, power, and motivation affect Thomas’ level of managerial hubris?
  2. Relate managerial hubris to ethical decision making and the overall impact on the business environment.
  3. Explain the pressures associated with ethical decision making at Farrow’s Bank.
  4. Do you think that if Farrow’s Bank had a truly ethical business culture, the level of managerial hubris would have been decreased? Could this have affected the final outcome of Farrow’s Bank? Explain your position.

Your response must be a minimum of three double-spaced pages. You are required to use at least one scholarly source in your response. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying in-text citations, and be cited per APA guidelines.

Company that markets unhealthy products research paper

Research a company that markets unhealthy products Like Tobacco , alcohol etc.

Establishing a culture of sound business ethics within an organization is challenging, to say the least. Companies that market products which are not considered to be healthy for consumers have additional challenges. Research a company that markets unhealthy products. Examples might include tobacco or alcohol companies, but these examples are not exclusive. Respond to the following questions.

  1. Briefly describe the company and its product and the ethical dilemma associated with the production and distribution of its products.
  2. Examine how the perception of the product differs within cultures—both within the United States and globally.
  3. How has this company handled the ethical implications of its product with a focus on social responsibility, integrity, and business ethics?
  4. Explain how leadership within the organization can instill a culture of ethics within the marketing department as they strive to advertise a product that is not healthy for the customer

Corporate network proposal – EIGRP, OSPF, RIPv2 , BGP

The above network has RIPv2, OSPF, and EIGRP protocols in Intranet and is connected to two ISPs thru BGP protocol. As a consultant write a technical proposal to implement the following solutions.


  1. Create a multiprotocol operational network using EIGRP, OSPF, and RIPv2 protocol.
  2. Implement a secure update of OSPF and EIGRP protocol.
  3. Implement virtual link in one segment of the network
  4. Implement a redistribution solution
  5. Implement BGP connection to ISPs
  6. Implement a solution which avoids your network becoming a transit hub for BGP external routes


Your paper must have a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 7 pages of text, excluding the required title page, bibliography and optional tables. Text must be Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1″ margin on all sides, and double spaced.


Students must follow “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition (APA- 5)”, also known as APA style or format. Only a Microsoft Word file will be accepted as the final submission; no HTML or PDF files allowed.


All sources must be properly cited and must be credible. At least two sources must be Internet sources.

Stem Cells Recommendation For Zika Virus Treatment

Company ABC has produced a gene therapy technique that will reduce the development of microcephaly in the unborn babies of pregnant woman who have become infected with the Zika virus. The therapy requires the use of stem cells and company ABC will need a large supply of them to treat the wider community. Clinical trials have shown that when adult stem cells are used there is a 15% reduction in microcephaly. When embryo stem cells under 14 days old are used there is a reduction in microcephaly of 50%. When embryo stem cells over 14 days old are used there is a reduction in microcephaly of 100%.

Company ABC need a large supply of stem cells for their gene therapy technique but they are unsure of what type of stem cells to use. All they know at this stage is that they want to acquire the stem cells legally and ethically. Company ABC is a huge multinational company and can set up their laboratory anywhere in the world.
They have asked you to do some preliminary research and write a Report to help them decide what type of stem cells to use. In your Report you need to address the legal and ethical issues related to the use of stem cells, the unborn babies, the pregnant women and the potential for further international spread of the Zika virus.
Based on your Report Company ABC will be carrying out some further research to acquire the stem cells that you recommended. Before they can do that research they will need to get approval from the Ethics Committee. So, they need to be aware of the ethical issues when they are designing their research. They want you to briefly outline the steps that they should undertake to ensure that their research is ethical. They will also need to know the essential ethical components that they would have to consider. So, you need to address that in your report.
You do not have enough words in this assignment to cover all of the possible steps and components for all the different types of research available. As you do not know what type of research that Company ABC might decide to use (to acquire the stem cells) you will need to choose one type of research and address the ethical issues related to the steps and components of that particular type of research.
Format of the Assignment
This assignment is to be presented as a full formal report

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Stem Cells Therapy Assignment Instructions

Your friend had a spinal cord injury after a bad car accident. The medical team has decided that he is a good candidate for a clinical trial using stem cell therapy. Your friend has not had a biology course since high school, so you decide to write him a letter sharing your knowledge of stem cells. Include in your letter a description of the biology of stem cells and how these cells are unique from other cells. Contrast the different types of stem cells, including pros and cons of each. Explain how stems cells are can be used to treat diseases and injury, with special focus on spinal cord injuries. Conclude with your own opinion. The following website from NIH regarding stem cell research will be very helpful:


Write a 750-1500 word paper, excluding references and title page. You must read the information sources that you find and summarize the information in your own words, addressing each of the questions and expectations for your chosen topic. Extensive quotes from the article are discouraged. Use APA style for citing references.

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Comparison of Two Religions – Assignment

Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, you will select two (2) religions from those studied thus far in the course (i.e., Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism). Next, compare and contrast them based on the criteria provided. Preferably, the two (2) religions you select are not any that you practice now or have practiced in the past.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. Select two (2) religions from those that we have studied so far. Identify and describe the cultural and geographical origin of each religion.
  2. Identify and describe three (3) specific religious practices of each religion.
  3. Provide a specific example of how each religion is practiced in different parts of the world today.
  4. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources. Document your sources using APA Style for in-text citations and references.
  5. Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.

Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s
name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in
the required assignment page length.

Domino’s supply chain management Case Study

Read and analyze a case study about Domino’s supply chain management. In a 6-8 page paper, you’ll identify how Domino’s uses its supply chain to gain a competitive advantage. You’ll examine how the supply chain creates value and how it is impacted when a company changes it focus. Lastly, you’ll provide a recommendation on whether Domino’s should apply its U.S. supply chain model to an expanding international operation. Answer the following questions about the Domino’s case study:

  1. Describe how Domino’s supply chain creates value to provide a competitive advantage.
  2. What did increased transparency do for Domino’s? Were the risks worthwhile?
  3. How did the centralized supply chain model enable Domino’s to roll out new pizza recipes in the U.S.?
  4. Should John Macksood apply Domino’s domestic supply chain model to its expanding international operations? Explain and justify your recommendation, including its financial impact.

Supply chain management enables companies to work with suppliers to obtain materials needed to produce their own goods and services. Effectively managing supply chains helps companies streamline processes, cut costs, and maximize profits.

Prison Suicide And Inmate Suicide Prevention Policy – Assignment Instructions

Suicide is recognized as a critical problem within the jail environment for inmates faced with the issue of initial incarceration, but the issue of prison suicide has not received comparable attention. Although the rate of suicide in prisons is lower than in jails, it remains disproportionately high.

Your job is to conduct research on prison suicide and develop a policy to be implemented at your respective prison.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 12–15 pages:

Part 1:

  • The first section of your paper will be based on research.
    • How prevalent is the incidence of prisoner suicide? Explain in detail.
    • What factors seem to contribute the most to prisoner suicide? Explain in detail, and use scholarly and academic resources to fully support your arguments.
    • What are the characteristics and histories of victims of prisoner suicide? Explain.
    • Where and under what circumstances is prisoner suicide likely to occur? Be detailed in your response, and provide examples to support your arguments. ◦Why are prison officials obligated to address the problem of prisoner suicide?
    • You must research and identify studies of both state and federal inmates.

Part 2:

  • Develop a policy/program aimed at prevention of inmate suicide in your prison.
    • Identify and describe key correctional departments and others, such as line staff, who should be involved in implementation of the policy and the role they should play.
    • Be specific and detailed in your response when explaining the importance of line staff.
    • The policy should address major components such as:
      • Training
      • Identification
      • Referral
      • Assessment
      • Intervention
  • In your policy, identify the types of records that are to be maintained.
  • The policy should reference state and national standards. •The policy should also reflect staff and budget considerations.

You should research standards set by the American Correctional Association, American Medical Association, and American Public Health Association, National Commission on Correctional Health Care Standards.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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Which Renaissance philosopher do you think developed the greatest contribution to humanity?

Which Renaissance philosopher do you think developed the greatest contribution to humanity? Explain your answer.

It is easy to understand which philosopher under this category held the most influence. First, Descartes, although plagued by contradictions, was by far the most influential philosopher to have come out of that period. One had to look no further than a library to see that no other person during that time has had more literature written around their ideas than he did. He is the most hated and the most loved. Today he is look at as not so important by many, who have regretfully missed the point, and forgotten as the father of modern day science. He is the author of the law of inertia (read the world), although newton was credited. He is the reason (all you have to do is be alive today to know this) why our world has shifted towards a dependence on science and nothing else. In philosophy there are said to be only 3 great philosophers–namely, Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant. A great deal of modern philosophy and science is revolved around the problems that Descartes sought to solve, but in the process opened a pandora’s box. Thanks to Descartes for all of our modern day problems with the mind, and the unreliability of anything other than science. Cognitive science (as a science that is covered by various disciplines like psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, etc.) is focused around a simple problem that Descartes created–the mind/body problem. Today you still have theories that assert dualism (functionalism), and you have those who have tried to prove that the mind is nothing more than a complex version of a computer (connectionism, Strong AI, identity theory). It is true that Copernicus and Galileo were strong factors in the shift towards modernity, however, it was Descartes that mathematized the world. It is his legacy that we are living today with the secularization of tradition. Some take it as bad and some don’t. However, all you have to do is analyze the questions that science, and other philosophers, who have come after Descartes have asked. Hume presupposed Kant, but not before Descartes gave Hume reason to doubt. Kant also was given a task to critique reason by none other than our hero, and let’s not forget the whole of the analytic tradition that were devoted to the scientific method espoused by Descartes. It is also obvious that I have not even mentioned how he developed a theory of optics that was instrumental to the way we understand our interaction with the world. Let us not even discuss his theory of ideas that caused the greatest problem for his successors. And with all of that said I am not even a fan of cartesian thought. I actually hated my Descartes class, but one can’t get away from the issues he raised. The next time you see a movie, like the matrix, and even have a doubt in your mind that Descartes was the sole reason for that line of thinking, then you need to re-evaluate the question. Although, we must look at what is meant by the greatest contribution because he definitely contributed. However, is his contribution considered positive? One thing is for sure–he gave us newfound problems that we could of lived well enough without. One last thing, cartesian coordinate system. I think he did enough don’t you?
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Communication barriers within an interdisciplinary team – Presentation

Overview Of the Communication barriers within an interdisciplinary team – Presentation Assignment Instructions

Create a 6–8-slide PowerPoint presentation that describes communication barriers within an interdisciplinary team and how those barriers affect patient safety and health care outcomes. Offer a solution in which you recommend evidence-based strategies to improve communication within the team and explain how the strategies benefit the team and patients.

The ability to effectively communicate as part of interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for patient safety and successful health care delivery.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

Competency 1: Explain the principles and practices of highly effective interdisciplinary collaboration.

Describe communication barriers that can occur within an interdisciplinary team.

Recommend evidence-based strategies to improve communication within an interdisciplinary team.

Explain how specific communication strategies benefit both team members and patients.

Competency 3: Explain the internal and external factors that can affect the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Explain how communication barriers between members of an interdisciplinary team can affect patient safety and health care outcomes.

Competency 4: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with the expectations of a nursing professional.

Write content clearly and logically with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.

Correctly format citations and references using current APA style.



Effective communication is important in all organizations and is especially important in the area of health care. Communication can come in many forms, but the crucial factor is whether the communication is effective.

Collaboration among teams is important for the delivery of appropriate medical care and for providing the specialized skills necessary to meet the needs of patients and the public. Assessing the needs of a community may involve communication across several public service providers and private entities.

Maintaining open communication and collaboration among teams is essential to assess the needs of a community or those of patients and their families within a health care system. The same communication skills must be evident within the interdisciplinary health care team, or across the public and private sectors in a community, in order to promote collaboration and understanding and to provide the utmost quality service.

Questions to Consider

To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community.

How might communication styles and perceptions influence clinical-practice decisions?

What types of patient issues might require interdisciplinary collaboration, both within a health care delivery domain and within a community setting?

Strategic Components of State Healthcare Management Company Review

The State Healthcare Management Company (a fictitious company) has been established to provide coordinated healthcare to state workers.  You are a new manager in this company.  Your supervisor has asked you to review your company’s mission, vision, goals and strategies.  She/he posed the following questions and has asked you to provide a report (5 – 8 pages) answering each question.  Your report should follow APA guidelines and include at least four outside resources.


The mission of the State Healthcare Management Company is to improve access to cost-effective, quality health care services for state workers.


Our vision for the next three years includes:


  • The public and government agencies are confident that our customers are being treated fairly in the determination of eligibility and benefits.
  • Healthcare providers see us as proactive partners to provide preventative care to our customers.
  • Turnover of key personnel is minimal, with sufficient staff education to insure compliance with new regulations.

Our values are:


  •  Provide prevention and early intervention information to help customers make good health care choices.
  • Negotiate with suppliers, including service providers, to achieve value for customers
  • Assess, evaluate and continuously improve the quality of our work.

Our strategic goals for this year are:


  • Increase the number of state workers covered to 70% of the population of state workers
  • Improve Health Outcomes by linking provider payments to decreasing occurrences of the customer’s disease outbreaks
  • Contain Health Care Costs by asking for specific evidence from physicians when they request payment for customer care
  • Improve the long-term care service delivery system by identifying a baseline for nursing homes.



  1. Do you believe our company’s mission, vision and values statements align well?   Why or why not?
  2. I noticed that the vision statement does not address diversity.  How would you change it to include diversity in hiring?
  3. Understanding that the employees must actively work towards the strategic goals established, describe an activity that each of the members of the following teams should work on that are supportive of one of the strategic goals.
    1. Finance
    2. Marketing
    3. Human Resources
  4. Do our company strategic goals relate directly to our vision and values?  Why or why not?
  5. What should be added to the values to address the ethics of the business?

Your supervisor also asked you to use the internet and/or the Argosy online library to research a recent (within the last year) article that describes the current difficulties faced by healthcare companies regarding new or impending government regulations.


  1. Summarize the article you found in 1-2 paragraphs and explain how the concepts presented in the article could affect our company.
  2. Explain how the management of our company, using the mission, vision and/or values to provide guidance, should react to this issue.
  3. Why is it important for healthcare companies to keep current with the competition’s strategies and new regulations?
  4. Should a healthcare company rely solely on competitive research in developing their strategies? Why or why not?  Provide sufficient detail.

Publicly Traded Company Financial Analysis Assignment

Financial Analysis Assignment

Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research one (1) publicly traded company and review its last annual report. Use an investor’s view to perform financial analysis and discuss various non-financial factors impacting investment decision.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

  1. From an investor’s view, review the last annual report for chosen company. Use financial analysis tools of liquidity, profitability, and solvency to evaluate the company’s performance and reasons for investing or not investing. Include the company’s ranking in the industry, and its major competitors.
  2. From an investor’s views, discuss at least three (3) non-financial factors that suggest investing in this company. These may include environmental responsibility (sustainability), corporate governance, etc.
  3. Explain the main reasons why these are important to an investor.
  4. Use at least 4 quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:


Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.


About 34% of primary Fortune 500 companies are blogging, and researchers note an increase in corporations with active blogs. The companies and the CEOs who do blog can impart valuable lessons. TWO purposes of this assignment: FIRST, read and evaluate a corporate blog for its content, purpose, tone, style, and target audience. Then, summarize your observations about the business blog, its purpose, tone, style, content, and its target audience. SECONDLY, use quotations from each of the corporate blog posts to support any claims you might make about this corporate blog as you write your review of it. Include in-text citations with your quotations to indicate which blog post you were quoting. Include reference entries for each of the blog posts at the end of your review. Use the APA style guide to format the in-text citations and references.


Conduct an internet search with the key words: CEO blogs, index of corporate blogs, index of CEO blogs etc., or use one of the following links below to access a corporate blog of interest to you.

• The 10 Best Company Blogs in the World

• 15 Excellent Blogs to Learn From

• Top 40 Corporate Blogs


STEP 2: READ AT LEAST FIVE BLOGPOSTS Read five blogposts from the same corporate blogsite. This will help you sense who the target audience is, what tone and style of writing is typical for this corporate blog, and the type of content addressed.


STEP 3: RECORD OBSERVATIONS & LOOK FOR PATTERNS As you read the five posts, record carefully (in a Word or Google Doc) the following information and look for patterns:

• Who is/are the target audience(s) of this type of workplace communication?

• What is the purpose of this type of workplace communication?

• What content does it include?

• What is the tone of writing?

• What style of writing is used? Formal? Informal? Eloquent? Casual? Use of jargon?

• What is the timing/context/situation (usually blog posts are in response to a current situation or problem)?

• What sorts of evidence (data, statistics), or reasoning is used to back up the claims made?

• How does the timing/context/situation affect the evidence and reasoning included in this type of workplace communication?

• How familiar is the audience with the topic?

• What assumptions about the audience do the writers make?

• What is the medium of delivery (type of blogging software, design of blog etc.)?

STEP 4: CREATE AN OUTLINE Using the information that you have gathered, create an outline that provides clear statements about the chosen, corporate blog site. 3


STEP 5: USE QUOTATIONS FROM THE BLOG POSTS Use quotations from the five blogposts to back up the claims you make about this particular corporate blog’s audience, purpose, style, tone, and content. Incorporate them into your outline as supporting points for your main points.


Plan Based or Scrum based Software Development Strategies

Assignment 1: Compare and contrast Plan-Based and Scrum Software Development Strategies

You are the lead software engineer at a large educational institution consisting of twenty three (23) campuses located across the Midwestern United States. Your team has been asked to spearhead an effort to implement a new software program that will serve as a centralized student information center for all of your online students. This system is being designed to reduce the cost of managing students’ information and to automate the processes associated with this information. The total online enrollment currently stands at 10,000 students. As the project manager you will need to decide whether to utilize the Scrum approach to project management or a more conventional, plan-based approach.


Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:

  1. Describe your approach in managing this project through both a Scrum-based approach and a plan-based software engineering approach.
  2. Identify how to address the most challenging aspects of this software development project under both approaches and describe how to address such challenges to ensure a successful outcome.
  3. Develop a visual rendering of each approach using Microsoft Visio or its open source alternative, Dia. Note:The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of a Scrum approach compared to a plan-based approach based on the following factors:
    1. Planning the allocation of people to projects
    2. Estimating the cost of projects
    3. Maintaining team cohesion
    4. Managing changes in project team membership

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.
  • Include charts or diagrams created in Visio or an equivalent such as Dia. The completed diagrams / charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted.


The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Summarize the competitive advantages software engineering presents to organizations.
  • Evaluate the issues and challenges associated with software engineering.
  • Describe the role of Agile methods in software engineering projects.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in software engineering.
  • Write clearly and concisely about software engineering using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

how corporations and individuals in positions of power and authority have acted unethically by actions or inactions

Unfortunately, over the last several years, there have been many examples of illegal and unethical business dealings; some involved practicing unethical accounting processes, as well as situations that involved public figures from various genres caught performing various questionable activities. From a philosophical and theoretical point of view, do you feel that individuals holding positions of power or influence should be held to higher levels of accountability for their unethical actions or inactions?

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:
•Using the Internet and library, provide at least 2 examples of how corporations and individuals in positions of power and authority have acted unethically either by their actions or inactions.
•Regarding the incidences you found, do you feel the individuals should be held to a higher level of accountability based upon their real or perceived power and influence over others? Explain.

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Beverage SWOT Analysis – BUS 599 Project

In this assignment, you will conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis for the type of beverage you have selected, and for your company overall. As you work on the assignment, consider why you have chosen one type of non-alcoholic beverage over another and the reasons for that choice. As you complete your SWOT analysis, be sure to include external factors such as industry / market trends and competition, and internal factors such as your capabilities or abilities to reach certain market segments.

Write a three to five (3-5) page paper, in which you:

  1. Describe the trends in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, especially the specific type of beverage category you have chosen. Justify at least three (3) reasons why you have chosen this type of non-alcoholic beverage.
    • Hints: Research and outline beverage industry trends. Consider the size and growth rate of the industry overall and the specific beverage type you have chosen. Use the worksheet in the course text (p. 88 | Past and Future Growth of Your Industry) to help you project the future growth rate. Consider the use of industry associations and search engines to find reliable, recent data.
  1. Choose one (1) strategic position from the course text (pp. 142–143) that you believe is the best strategic position for your company. Explain the approach you will use to implement this strategic position in order to distinguish your beverage from other non-alcoholic beverages.

Texas Constitution Analysis Assignment

In Chapter 2, “The Constitutional Setting,” the authors describe the various state constitutions of Texas, with particular attention to the current state constitution. Complete the following:

  • Describe the features of the current Texas constitution.
  • Explain the influences that were critical in the structure and powers of the government created in the final document.
  • Identify similarities and differences between the Texas Constitution and the U.S. constitution.
  • Illustrate your points with specific examples from each of the legislative, executive, and judicial articles.

The assignment should be formatted according to MLA style for papers with no title page. (500-750 words in length)

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Talent Management Proposal

  1. Develop a Talent Management Proposal to the senior management of a company in the arts industry.
  2. The Talent Management Proposal should clearly state the following:
    • -The impact of the external environment on human resource management in

      South-East Asia region (any 2 countries in SE Asia country)

    • Assessment of the organisation needs, including job analysis of 2 key roles
    • Talent Management Strategy for the organisation which includes:
      • – Manpower planning and recruitment to align with employment law
      • – Overview of a retention strategy for key personnel in the company.
    • In-depth discussion of topic, relevant and accurate with appropriate examples and other supports.
    • Discussion of topic with analysis of both internal and external factors that impact the Human Resource Plan
      • -Trends in human resource in South-East Asia Region
      • -Employment Law impact and compliance
      • -Human Resource Planning Analysis
      • -Organisation requirement vs. talent pool availability
      • -Employees’ motivations vs. retention plan

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Harley Davidson’s Operation Management – Case Study

After reading Harley Davidson’s Operation Management – Case Study bellow respond to the following question.


Questions: 1. What are the 10 strategic decisions in Operations Management? Briefly explain each. (15points)

2. Discuss how Harley Davidson addresses each of these 10 strategic decisions? (20points)


Harley-Davidson, Inc. is the fifth biggest player in the global motorcycle market. Established in 1903, the company is known for manufacturing heavyweight motorcycles. For example, the company focused on motorcycle enthusiasts, especially those who are interested in the chopper biking culture. However, as its mission statement now indicates, Harley-Davidson now offers more products. The mission statement shows the company’s aims and approaches to develop its business. Also, Harley-Davidson’s vision statement emphasizes leadership in stakeholder management. Harley-Davidson’s vision statement is as follows: “Harley-Davidson, Inc. is an action-oriented, international company, a leader in its commitment to continuously improve our mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, government, and society). Harley-Davidson believes the key to success is to balance stakeholders’ interests through the empowerment of all employees to focus on value-added activities.” Harley-Davidson’s operations management (OM) ensures that the company maintains effective and efficient business activities to support resilience and competitiveness. Harley-Davidson’s managers must determine the best options for the 10 strategic decision areas of operations management. These 10 decisions cover the key business areas that involve suitable operations management approaches. To optimize the productivity of its facilities, Harley-Davidson continues to develop its operations management practices to suit evolving business needs. For instance, motorcycle designs are regularly tested to determine satisfaction of customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their unique and handcrafted designs. In this strategic decision area of operations management, the company’s objective is to support its brand image based on available resources. This brand image emphasizes Harley-Davidson motorcycles’ quality and high-end chopper design. The company aims to maximize output quality that matches the Harley-Davidson brand image and customers’ expectations. The company has strict requirements for suppliers to ensure high quality motorcycles. The strategic decision always involves high quality and new technologies. Optimal production process is an objective in this decision area. At Harley-Davidson, operations managers automate processes for maximum efficiency in producing motorcycles and related products. Also, the company’s production Av. Blanc 53, 1202 Geneva, SwitzerlandT: +41 22 906 94 94 F: +41 22 906 94 90 E: W: Accredited by: IACBE ECBE EDUQUA Member of: CCIG FEDE FSEP AGEP ACICS facilities address demand and cost considerations in the global market. Most of Harley-Davidson’s authorized dealers are located in town and city centers. Many of these dealers are involved in deciding the location of the dealerships. Thus, Harley-Davidson’s operations management addresses this strategic decision area through partially decentralized decision-making for dealership locations. In addition, the locations of the company’s warehouses are based on the locations of authorized dealers to optimize the transportation efficiency of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and related products. For company-owned facilities like motorcycle production buildings, Harley-Davidson’s operations management approach for this decision area involves traditional models adjusted to suit the facility’s purpose. Also, a standardized set of layout design requirements are implemented for authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships. HarleyDavidson maintains a Supplier Diversity policy and ensures optimal productivity and capacity of its supply chain based on the availability of a wide variety of suppliers. operations managers focus on inventory adequacy and timeliness. Harley-Davidson addresses these concerns through automated inventory monitoring in company-owned facilities. The company also has an online system for orders and requests involving authorized dealers. Harley-Davidson has streamlined schedules for its business activities. Harley-Davidson addresses such concern through automated schedules for the supply chain and orders involving authorized H-D motorcycle dealers. Traditional operations management approaches are also used for scheduling employees’ activities at Harley-Davidson’s offices. HarleyDavidson’s motorcycle production processes are standardized with redundancy measures. For example, the company coordinates the activities of production facilities, which minimize stock-outs by supporting each other during demand peaks. Harley-Davidson also has maintenance teams for buildings and equipment

Macroeconomic Performance Analysis – Australia and United States of America

Task Details:  Each student will complete a research-based analysis and evaluation of the macroeconomic performance of Australia and the United States of America (USA) from 1990 to 2015.

Students will follow the following procedure:

  • Obtain data on key macroeconomic indicators: real GDP, interest rates, unemployment rate, CPI, exchange rate, exports and imports (NX) [Note: All raw data are to be presented in Appendix only].
  • Produce graphs and tables of summary statistics of real GDP growth rates, inflation rates, unemployment rates, exchange rates, interest rates and the growth rate of NX. [Note: Downloaded graphs are not acceptable]
  • Use the information obtained in (1) and (2) above to answer the following question:
    • How is real GDP growth related to the other indicators in Australia and the USA? Explain.
    • Briefly comment on the correlation between interest rate and inflation and interest rate and unemployment?
    • Are the macroeconomic indicators in Australia and the United States correlated? Explain
    • In which country has monetary policy been tighter in the past decade? Critically Explain.
  • Write a short prediction of the macroeconomic outlook each country. Which of the two countries, Australia or USA, is more likely to  experience a recession or expansion soon? Critically explain.

Five Accounts of the Assassination of Malcolm X

Assignment Details:

  1. Read “Five Accounts of the Assassination of Malcolm X” p. 141 in your textbook.
  2. Take note of the different ways they event is presented, noting details and the focus unique to each.
  3. Analyze each article and discuss why each one’s author might have chosen to include or exclude some facts and why some were presented in the fashion they were. Make sure to include specific examples from each article to support your opinion.


Five Accounts of the Assassination of Malcolm X

The New York Times (February 22, 1965)

Malcolm X, the 39-year-old leader of a militant Black Nationalist movement, was shot to death yesterday afternoon at a rally of his followers in a ballroom in Washington Heights. The bearded Negro extremist had said only a few words of greeting when a fusillade rang out. The bullets knocked him over backwards.

A 22-year-old Negro, Thomas Hagan, was charged with the killing. The police rescued him from the ballroom crowd after he had been shot and beaten.


Pandemonium broke out among the 400 Negroes in the Audubon Ballroom at 160th Street and Broadway. As men, women and children ducked under tables and flattened themselves on the floor, more shots were fired. The police said seven bullets struck Malcolm. Three other Negroes were shot. Witnesses reported that as many as 30 shots had been fired. About two hours later the police said the shooting had apparently been a result of a feud between followers of Malcolm and members of the extremist group he broke with last year, the Black Muslims.

Nutritional needs for a specific stage of life – presentation

Consider the following scenario: The General Secretary of the FDA has tasked you with developing an educational PowerPoint on the nutritional needs for a specific stage of life.

Research your topic using online sources, such as the Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture; and local sources, such as farmers’ markets, for content and nutrition suggestion for the presentation.

Create a public service PowerPoint presentation, with appropriate images, to be shown to a group of couples at a local hospital that are expecting their first child. Include the following points:

  • Identify the nutritional needs for a developing embryo and fetus and how to obtain them.
  • Identify health concerns or disease associated with poor nutrition during the gestation period.
  • Provide examples of good and bad nutritional choices for baby and mom.
  • Once the baby is born, address the pros and cons of breastfeeding versus formula-feeding.
  • Make recommendations for where readers might search for more information regarding nutrition.  Remember to determine and choose credible sources of nutritional information.

Use a standard PowerPoint format, with detailed speaker notes,  to complete this assignment.   Both text and images are important to this assignment.

Format the PowerPoint, including the images, consistent with APA guidelines.

Include at least two references.

Lease accounting – Final Research Paper

Many companies use leases to acquire higher priced assets. Leasing is an important activity for many entities. Presently some leases are capitalized and some are treated as operating leases. Opponents of this method criticize the accounting treatment because the present models do not meet the needs of users of financial statements because they do not always provide a faithful representation of leasing transactions. One reason is that operating leases are not capitalized. The International Accounting Board has issued a Proposed Accounting Standards Update (topic 842) which proposes significate changes to lease accounting.

Write a five- to seven-page paper, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your paper should also cite five of the research links below and include an in text citation, a quote from the article. Section heading titles should be centered and in bold.

Address the following questions:

  • Introduction
  • Explain the present rules for evaluating a lease and whether it is capitalized or not.
  • Explain the new lease accounting rules.
  • What affect will these new rules have on the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash flow statement?
  • What industries would be affected more than others?
  • Explain the proposed new Type A and B lease and the differences.
  • Explain the effects of the proposed lease standards would have on the following:
    • Presentation on the financial statements.
    • How assets and liabilities would be computed.
    • The effect to lease expense due to “Front Loading.”
    • Interest charges.
    • Year-end reporting.
    • Financial disclosure notes.
    • Income taxes.
  •  Conclusion

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Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Case Study

If you have a very sick child and were referred to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, you may feel reassured that U.S. News and World Report rated this the third best pediatric hospital in the country. Your next question might be to ask: What makes this hospital great? How did it achieve better outcomes than its peer institutions? In 1994, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center refocused its efforts to aim to be a leader in improving children’s health. Throughout the hospital, specialist teams and departments devised quality initiatives that resulted in measurable improvements (Tucker & Edmondson, 2011).

The hospital’s senior managers are trying to determine how the hospital can maintain this excellence. As you review the case study “Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center,” (located in this week’s resources) take note of examples, or lack of examples, of systems thinking within the organization.

Imagine that you are a consultant who has been hired by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to advise them on their plans to sustain and further improve quality at the hospital. Using the case study, analyze where they have applied key principles of systems thinking and where this thinking appears to be lacking.

By Day 3, post the following:

  • Your analysis of where Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has applied key principles of systems thinking and where it appears to be lacking in their application of systems thinking.
  • Explain the value of systems thinking to the leadership of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as they aim for new levels of quality. Justify your response.

General Guidance: Your initial Discussion post will typically be 2–3 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate.

Lehman Brothers Bank Collapse Paper

After 158 years in business as a major New York investment bank, Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008. Investors had lost confidence after the company revealed enormous losses in its mortgage banking unit. Attempts to rescue the company failed, and it filed for bankruptcy. The economy was already distressed, but Lehman’s failure helped trigger the steep and prolonged decline that has been called the “Great Recession” (Davidson, 2012).

How did poor results in one unit, mortgage banking, bring down a major, diversified bank? How did the collapse of one bank bring down the global economy? Lehman’s misfortune illustrates the interconnectedness of banking, which is a system, as well as how failures in the banking system can spread through a larger system, the economy. As Meadows states in Thinking in Systems, a “system is more than the sum of its parts” (2008, p. 12).

As you review Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization, consider his premise that “today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions” (2006, p. 57). Think back through your own work history to identify a situation that illustrates poor systems thinking. Consider whether managers were applying yesterday’s solutions to a current problem.