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Children living with hiv and aids

Poverty and lack of education medical assistance have contributed to the spread of the aids virus in Africa. There are other important cultural factors that have a seeming irreversible grip on the continent. Lack of education and contraceptives are contributing factors which leads to infectious disease.though there is no cure for HiV there are many medication that can help to improve their lives.

HR consultant employed by Nordens

HR consultant employed by Nordens

The task
Your task in this case study is to assume the role of an HR consultant employed by Nordens, the company discussed in the case study below.
Your task is to evaluate the key issues that may affect the organization’s ability to successfully implement appropriate equality and diversity practices for the company.
You are required to produce a set of recommendations that will enable the firm to improve its existing practices in this area.
You will do this by using your knowledge of HR theory and practice. Your report must be a balanced report identifying the priorities for the firm. You must consider the positive and negative

aspects of any theory and practice that you recommend.
You may wish to consider such issues as discrimination, recruitment, staff turnover and human resource development in your discussion. You are not restricted to discussing these issues, but

can, if you wish, also consider other areas that you think are relevant to the case study.
Assessment criteria
•?Identification of theory and practice associated with the issues identified in the case study.
•?Demonstration of depth of understanding of theory and practice. 1
•?Evidence of wider reading, drawing upon appropriate material to support and illustrate the analysis that is being put forward.
Your answer should be written in a report style. Additional guidance on how to write a report will be given in class.
Please note the word count of 1500 shown in the MIP is an indicative figure and students should concentrate on the quality of the work produced rather than worry unduly over the amount of

words written.

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Nordens Confectionaries Ltd

Nordens is a family owned company based in a medium-sized town in the North West of England. Established in the 1920’s, the company has a reputation for producing quality cakes and biscuits

and has successfully developed its market in the UK and, more latterly, in some parts of the European Union. Its home market customers include a number of well-known high street retailers for

whom its produces both own brand and Nordens products.
The company is quite paternalistic in its outlook and is perceived by its workforce as a good employer. The managing director is very ‘hands on’ and likes to see the workforce almost as an

extended family. It has been a significant source of employment for many people in the town, very often employing two or three generations of the same family. In recent decades, the town has

also seen a significant rise in residents from minority ethnic groups, particularly from an Indian or Pakistan heritage. This has also become a potential source of recruitment for the firm.
The board is made up of four members of the Norden family. Jack Norden is the managing director, Simon, the company accountant, Philip, the production director and Susan who heads sales and

marketing. In addition, Richard Smith recently joined the board as the HR director. The board is currently considering its medium and long-term strategy for expanding its market.
The workforce
The company operates a two-shift system, 6 a.m. till 2 p.m. and 2 p.m. till 10 p.m., to allow downtime during the night for maintenance. It currently employs a full-time production workforce of

five hundred people, which is supplemented by a temporary workforce of over three hundred people employed in the three months leading up to Christmas in order to deal with extra demand

for its products. Of the five hundred permanent staff, two hundred are part-time staff and predominantly women. Full-time staff are also in the main women engaged predominantly in production

or in the packing and dispatch department.The full-time male workers tend to be involved in the more technical aspects of production. In addition, the company employs a sales team of fifty,

mostly men, who are generally ‘out on the road’ supporting customers and seeking new business. A further mainly female team of 30 employees work on administration and clerical duties. There

are ten supervisors in the factory overseeing various tasks, all bar two of whom are currently men. There are two women managers who manage the clerical and accounts team. The bulk of the

is represented by the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Trade Union, with the team of ten engineers, who maintain the plant, and the office staff represented by the trade union, Unite. It is of note

that, having such a large number of women workers, the company has tried to be sympathetic about, for instance, child caring responsibilities. Management seeks to be flexible about holiday

cover or if a child falls ill. However, it has no firm policies for this and it is left largely to the team supervisors to sort out.
Current issues
In order to continue to grow the business, the board has been considering a number of options. Its current lines are popular with established clients but are what Susan Norden has increasingly

reported as being seen as ‘very traditional’ by potentially new customers. The board in consequence feel that a diversification into more unusual specialist confectionary may be an option to

market both in the UK and abroad. In particular, satisfying the taste in cakes and biscuits of Britain’s increasingly multicultural population, it is agreed, is a potentially untapped market.

Conversely, it is felt that marketing its ‘traditional’ British confectionary in the growing EU market still offers real potential.

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Such a strategy presents a number of production and, consequently, HRM issues for the board to consider. Employee relations have been generally good at Nordens. Although the board was

initially sceptical of recognising the unions, after negotiating representation rights, they have found them to be generally supportive of the company’s ‘way of doing things’ and useful as a

medium for interacting collectively with the staff. Pay rates at Nordens are above the industry average. There is also a generous pension scheme and a well established health and safety regime,

jointly organised by management and the unions.
The establishment of a new product line, however, will mean investment in new machinery and also starting up a new shift pattern, including some night work. Furthermore, recent work with the

unions to raise skills levels amongst all the staff has highlighted a significant need for numeracy and literacy training. The new machinery will undoubtedly also require many staff to develop

greater IT skills.
At a recent management-union consultation meeting, the union representatives reported that a number of women members had complained that they were being overlooked when it came to

new job opportunities and promotion. Of equal concern were a couple of grievances that had been taken out against one of the supervisors. The grievance was that his language and manner

were often offensive to women, and to other people from minority groups. The grievance is currently being addressed by management through the normal grievance and discipline channels.
A further urgent issue for the board to deal with is the high turnover in certain groups of staff. Young people remain a hard group of employees to retain. Also the turnover
of temporary staff continues to be high even though the company sees this as a potential long term source for filling full and part-time staff vacancies after the seasonal demand for production

has passed. Similarly, Nordens has tried to recruit staff from minority ethnic communities in the area but they often leave after a number of weeks.
At the last board meeting, the HR director, Richard Smith, gave his colleagues an overview of current and proposed equal opportunities legislation that the company would need to take

account of in its current strategic planning. In the discussion that followed, Philip Norden, the production manager, commented that he had not received any adverse reports back from his team

of supervisors regarding equality issues. Simon Norden, head of accounts, was worried about the cost issues involved in what seemed to him to be ‘this obsession’ of the Government of wanting

to legislate on everything and make it harder for companies to contribute to the economic well being of the country. In contrast, Richard, supported by Susan Norden the sales director,

explained that many organisations were increasingly seeing the adoption of a diversity strategy as a means of adding value. He commented that as a new comer, the lack of people with a

disability within the workforce, for instance, was quite noticeable in comparison to other companies he had worked for. Similarly, he added that Nordens might be missing an opportunity, and

not just as a responsible employer, in not being more truly representative of the diversity in society today by failing to proactively recruit and develop employees from minority groups.

Listening to this discussion, Jack Norden, the MD, felt that this issue of diversity warranted more attention. After further debate, it was agreed that they would seek the advice of a consultancy

group on how they were to approach the issue of ‘managing diversity,’ and in the context of HRM/HRD more generally, in the company.
End of case study

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Business Communication  

Written Responses:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, there is a 250 word minimum response required.
  • Credible reference materials, including your course textbook(s), may be used to complete the assessment.
    • If you have questions regarding the credibility of your reference, please contact your professor.
  • APA Information
    • In-text and reference citations are required for all written responses.
    • REQUIRED FOR UPLOADED ASSIGNMENTS ONLY:    title page, margins, header, double spacing, and hanging indentation
    • For questions concerning APA formatting, please refer to the APA Guidelines found at the Student Resources link on your Course Menu.


Please do not copy and pasta from the internet. make sure list question with answers and each question is 250 words or more.


1. Explain what it means to choose “words that communicate well,” and then list four techniques for selecting the best words when writing business messages, providing one example for each technique.


  1. Describe the process of proofreading, and explain its importance. Why does it matter, and what should you look for?


a)  A business that is just starting up is asking you for ways they can advertise that will not cost too much money.  They know that they can use Facebook.  What other sources are available online and offline?

b)  A business in a small town in rural America that has been open for several years is now barely surviving.  They have already tried using various social media, email, and podcasts but business has not picked up again.  How can you help them?

Discuss the common measures and best practices in measuring leadership success. Propose one additional theory that you would utilize to

Discuss the common measures and best practices in measuring leadership success. Propose one additional theory that you would utilize to evaluate the success or competence of a leader.


Discuss the role of values, ethics and morals in leadership. Research for a specific example of a true leader (someone who “does the right thing”) and give examples of behaviors exhibiting high values, ethics and morals.


“The Minimum Wage.”

Discussion Forum: “The Minimum Wage.” This discussion question is available for student posting for bonus points until March 26, 2014. After that date, posts will be ungraded.

President Obama recently proposed increasing the minimum wage to $9 an hour. Some liberals believe that $9 is not enough; they want a $15 an hour minimum. In contrast, most conservatives oppose the increase. Some conservatives even want to repeal minimum wage laws entirely. What do you think? What, if any, minimum wage do you favor? What is the reasoning behind your position?

  • …….

Before responding to this question, do your homework by reading the essays or watching the videos posted under the discussion forum tab that supports this discussion question located on the course homepage. Your post should demonstrate a good understanding of the topic. Be sure to use good English grammar and composition skills.

Remember: To receive full credit (a maximum of three bonus points), your post should specifically mention the title, author, or source of at least one of the articles or videos posted or linked online under the tab located on the homepage that supports this discussion topic. (For more information on discussion forums, click on the Information on the Discussion Forums tab located on the course homepage.)

  • …….

Unsolicited Application Letter For A Job

Use the Internet to identify a prospective employer for which you would like to work after you complete your degree. Using a block format, write an unsolicited application letter for the job of your dreams within this organization. Use the Library, Internet, and all available resources to research writing tips and format guidelines for business communication of this purpose. Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and signatures.

must be 1 page letter

Please submit your assignment.

The following grading criteria will apply to this assignment:

112–125 Student fully understood assignment, answered all portions, and met minimum length requirements. Knowledge of the mechanics of writing business messages fully supported. Grammar, spelling, and format are correct.
100–111 Student demonstrated partial completion of the knowledge of the mechanics of writing business messages. Student listed the pros and cons without support. Student met minimum length requirements.
87–99 Grammar, typos, and sentence structure are of concern. Student demonstrated partial completion of the readings. Student’s understandings of the mechanics of writing business messages are not exactly aligned. Student met minimum length requirements.
75–86 Grammar, typos, and sentence structure are of concern. Student demonstrated partial completion of the readings. Student’s understandings of the mechanics of writing business messages are not exactly aligned. Student did not meet minimum length requirements.
<75 Grammar, typos, and sentence structure are of concern. Student did not demonstrate completion of the readings. Student did not understand the mechanics of writing business messages. Student did not meet minimum length requirements.


Decision Making Essay – Sample Paper


Decision making is an important leadership skill. When one learn how to make well-regarded, timely decisions, and then one can lead an organization to well-deserved success. There are a number of tools and techniques employed to assist in decision-making. These tools and techniques assist managers to enhance the overall process quality. They are commonly employed in the logical or rational decision making, though they can also be used in any decision making environment (Bacon & Arsham, 1997). This paper discusses two most effective decisions making tools or techniques based on personal evaluation.

Decision Making Tools

In an attempt to evaluate the best strategies to better the organization competitive advantage I employed two decisions making techniques that include SWOT analysis technique and cost-benefit analysis techniques. SWOT analysis is a tactical planning tool which assesses the weaknesses and strengths of a business as well as the opportunities and threats a business faces. This tool can assist managers to take advantages of their firms’ strengths and apply various

strategies to lower weaknesses or modify them into strengths. Evaluating external opportunities and threats can assist in tactical process of decision-making as it permits managers to schedule for things such as new competitors’ presence or the effect of new government regulations. This technique gave an overall picture of the company in the market. With this strategy, was easier to know where the company has loopholes, where it is stronger, where it can take advantage, and where to put more effort. This general picture gave me an opportunity to identify various possible and reliable solutions to the company’s problems in which, the company can easily defeat its competitors in the market and rise to glory after a short period of time (Alptekin, 2013).

Cost-benefit analysis technique is a form of tactical decision-making tool which involves evaluating the costs as well as the possible benefits related with various courses of actions and selecting the most beneficial coat of action. In this case, I applied the cost-benefit technique to evaluate the best strategy to employ to increase the competitive advantage of a company. Among the evaluated aspects include marketing, product differentiation, research and development, lowering of production cost by employing new production technology, and outsourcing some of the most highly paid employee but with minimal work. In this evaluation, I was comparing the cost of applying each solution and the possible benefits this may have on the company. The strategy that demonstrated higher level of benefits at a lower cost was marketing. Although this will not be a complete solution to the company’s competitive advantage, it will boost the company’s position in the market and bring more benefits to the company after a short period of time than all other strategies (Bacon & Arsham, 1997).


Decision making tools are very important in assisting managers to make the right and reliable decision regarding the company’s problems and development issues. To improve competitive advantage of a company, managers need to understand a number of factors that influence the competitiveness of a company. This can make it easy to understand what is not done right, where to take advantage and strategies to employ to outshine competitors. In this regard, to make effective decision regarding competitive advantage of a company, SWOT analysis decision making technique is more reliable than cost-benefit analysis decision making technique.

Download Decision Making Sample Paper


Paper critique

Part A: Briefly identify the key contributions of the paper
–What research problem does it try to solve?
1- To satisfy the environmental energy demand.
2- Requirements to improve this system by increasing weather forecast accuracy
3- Usage of the sensors to provide information
–Why is it an important problem?
1- The energy demand of the system is challenging based on the elasticity and the hardware of it.
2- The energy demand and the predictions must be match to prevent battery depletion.
3- The system must be sustainable to continue its regular operations.
–What’s the proposed approach?
A model is created by using weather forecast and energy harvesting data.  Solar and wind powered sensor systems are used to evaluate this model.


Part B: Try to find if there is any problem in the paper
–Any problems in the assumptions?
A simple approximation is used to assume the change in position of the sun related to specific the location. This assumption might not be accurate because the maximum possible solar power is related to multiple factors like time of the day, day of the month, month of the year and geographical location. In the paper, a single sunny day with no cloud is selected but at least the time wasn’t be taken into account.
–Any technical shortcomings or drawbacks?
The solar panel deployment has not been active for whole year. I think that it is a technical drawback because the data, which collected from it, will be used to construct the model.
–Do the experimental results support the original claim?
Yes. The experimental results satisfy the expected results.
•Part C: Any idea for improvement?
–Any improvement in the assumption?
A higher accurate model can be used to assume the computing the maximum possible solar power.
–Any new techniques? design?
Hardware design might be changed to improve the accuracy rate of the predictions.
–Any new evaluation method?
Different data mining algorithms can be used the test the accuracy of the model.


Walters Co. purchased raw materials with a catalog price of $70,000 on March 2, 2010.


1. Walters Co. purchased raw materials with a
catalog price of $70,000 on March 2, 2010. Credit terms of 4/20, n/60
applied. Walters uses a perpetual inventory system and the net price
method. If Walters pays for the purchase on March 18, 2010, what amount
is recorded for inventory on March 2, 2010? (Points: 4)

2. Which one of the following types of costs is most likely to be included in determining the cost of inventory? (Points: 4)

Phillips Corp. purchased raw materials with a catalog price of
$60,000. Credit terms of 3/15, n/60 apply. If Phillips uses the net
price method, the purchase should be recorded at (Points: 4)

4. Which of the following is not a disadvantage of using the FIFO cost flow assumption? (Points: 4)

5. Which one of the following statements is true with regard to the lower of cost or market rule? (Points: 4)

6. The major criticism of the lower of cost or market rule for valuation of inventory is that (Points: 4)

7. The gross profit method is most commonly used to (Points: 4)

8. Which one of the following statements regarding the gross profit method is not true? (Points: 4)

9. According to GAAP, interest must be capitalized for (Points: 4)

10. When exchanging nonmonetary assets (Points: 4)

Which of the following costs incurred subsequent to the acquisition of
a machine would be appropriately accounted for by debiting the
accumulated depreciation account related to the machine? (Points: 4)

12. At the end of the year, any balance in Allowance for Repairs should be (Points: 4)

13. Which of the following is not a factor in selecting a depreciation method? (Points: 4)

When the expected cost to dismantle and remove an asset exceeds the
expected selling price of a depreciable asset, the difference is
(Points: 4)

15. Which depreciation method ignores residual value when computing the depreciable base of an asset? (Points: 4)

16. What effect does depreciation have on the calculation of the rate of return on total assets? (Points: 4)

17. Which of the following characteristics is not common to both tangible and intangible assets? (Points: 4)

18. Which of the following statements regarding intangible assets is true? (Points: 4)

19. Which of the following costs should always be expensed as incurred? (Points: 4)

20. Which of the following methods is used to amortize intangible assets over their useful lives? (Points: 4)

21. All of the following are examples of legal liabilities except (Points: 4)

22. On the balance sheet, liabilities are generally classified as (Points: 4)

Current liabilities are obligations whose liquidation is reasonably
expected to require the use of existing current assets or the creation
of other current liabilities within (Points: 4)

24. The operating cycle is typically defined as the time it requires to convert (Points: 4)

25. With regard to liabilities, liquidity refers to (Points: 4)

26. If a company sells its bonds at face value, the effective interest rate is (Points: 4)

27. When the market rate of interest is greater than the contract rate of interest, the bonds should sell at (Points: 4)

28. An unsecured bond is called a (Points: 4)

29. Discount on Bonds Payable is a(n) (Points: 4)

30. Which of the following bonds pay no interest until maturity? (Points: 4)

Investments that are typically held for short periods of time and sold
by the company in the expectation of a profit on the short-term
differences in price are classified as (Points: 4)

32. Which of
the following methods of accounting for investments is appropriate when
the investor has significant influence over the investee? (Points: 4)

33. Unrealized gains and losses on investments in trading securities are reported (Points: 4)

34. The carrying value of held-to-maturity debt securities is the (Points: 4)

35. Permanent value declines in available-for-sale securities should be (Points: 4)

Financing Decision

Z ltd produces a special kind of cement which is packed and sold in bags of 20kgs.During th e year the cost of the revenue patterns were as under:- 1.Selling price per bag is Rs.30; 2.Variable cost per bag is Rs.15; 3.Fixed cost is Rs.10,000.; Quantity produced and sold is 3,000 bags assuming a 10% increase in production volume.Calculate the percentage change in profits and also calculate the price the company sold per bag and per kg of cement if the variable cost increases to Rs.1 per kg and the fixed cost becomes Rs.16,000 in order to maintain the same level of operating profit,poduction volume remains unchanged.

Estimate the smaller firm’s cost of equity (5)

A small firm has a capital structure consisting of $300,000 in debt and $300,000 in equity. The company’s debt carries a 5% coupon and is selling at par. The firm’s tax rate is 30%. A publicly-traded competitor has a capital structure of $300,000,000 debt and $500,000,000 of common stock….

Refer again to Exhibits 9-5 and 9-6. Show how you

Refer again to Exhibits 9-5 and 9-6. Show how you would modify the consolidated funds statement appearing in Exhibit 9-5 to enable an investor to get a better feel for the actual investing and financing activities of the Norwegian subsidiary.

Apollo and Daphne.

In a paper at least 750 to 1000 words, discuss the possible connections between John Keat’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn” and Gianlorenzo Bernini’s sculpture Apollo and Daphne. Consult at least two sources that explain the mythological background of the event depicted in the sculpture. These two sources must have an .edu URL. Please also provide a Works Cited Page. That page will contain three sources (the poem is one of them). Please follow MLA format. Please include direct quotations as well as paraphrased references. In either case, be sure to include the line numbers of the poem in the parenthetical reference. You must use the Dover text for this paper as other versions of this poem have different spelling and punctuation.

Competitive Advantage Memo

Use the link on the course page to access the virtual organizations. Select one of the organizations that you think needs an efficient supply chain to promote its competitive advantage.

a. Assume that you have been hired as a consultant to evaluate the supply chain for your selected organization. Prepare a 350-word memo to the president of your chosen organization in which you explain the way the supply chain can impact their competitive advantage. (APA Format)

b. In your memo be sure to also provide at least three suggestions for improvements to the organization’s supply chain.



security planning policies

Assigned to Christiana

Write a 4- to 6-page discussion of how policies are used to implement a security plan.

Include the following:

Description of security planning policies Description of how human resources security is included in security planning Description of how cryptographic tools may be included in security planning Application of security planning policies to manage security Evaluation of how specific policies are used to implement security plans

A counselor has been treating a client, Jay, who was recently in a bad accident that left him bedridden and partially paralyzed.

A counselor has been treating a client, Jay, who was recently in a bad accident that left him bedridden and partially paralyzed. With sustained physiotherapy and medication, the paralytic effect has gone, but motor movements are still affected.

Jay’s steady girlfriend left him when she could not cope with the demands of a paralytic partner. Jay lost his job too. These left a heavy dent on his self-esteem, and he was slowly letting his life slip past. He began attending therapy at the insistence of friends.

One day, he discloses to his counselor that he is contemplating suicide because there is nothing he looks forward to in life. He announces that he has had enough of living and plans to shoot himself that evening. The counselor knows he has access to an old hunting rifle and that he has attempted suicide in the past. He has been under treatment for major clinical depression for the past three months.

Discuss the ethical issues presented in this scenario; identify the ethical code number and definition. Describe the limits of confidentiality that must be considered. Justify whether or not the counselor would need to break confidentiality. Describe the steps the counselor should follow if he or she finds it necessary to break confidentiality. Compare the ethical issues presented in this scenario to the APA’s ethical standards and describe the similarities or differences in the ethical codes using the following website:

Harvey City Comprehensive Case

Please turn in at least a two (2) page paper following APA formatting.





The fiduciary fund used in the case is a Pension Trust Fund. Compare the primary forms of accountability as among (1) the General Fund and Special Revenue Funds, (2) Capital Projects Funds, and (3) Trust and Agency Funds.



Is it possible and/or permissible to account for more than one type of trust or agency relationship within a single Trust Fund or Agency Fund? Explain.



How could internal (interfund or intragovernmental) Agency Funds be used to facilitate a governmental unit’s financial management and accounting processes?

Which of the four factors that affect Canadian society – the economy, politics, the media, and health & beauty – will most greatly affect the next 10 years of your life

Opinion Essay – Which of the four factors that affect Canadian society – the economy, politics, the media, and health & beauty – will most greatly affect the next 10 years of your life

Unit 2 Assignment: Opinion Essay

You will write an opinion essay in response to the following question:

Which of the four factors that affect Canadian society – the economy, politics, the media, and health & beauty – will most greatly affect the next 10 years of your life?

Although your thesis will be based on your own opinion, you must provide evidence for support. Please use articles from reputable newspapers, reputable magazines, or scholarly journals as sources of evidence. An example of a piece of evidence would be the newspaper article I mentioned in class describing the Oxford study on the increasing mechanization of the American workforce. You may use direct quotations from the sources, or you may paraphrase; either way, please provide citations whenever you include material in your essay that is not your own idea.

  • …….

***It is not enough to provide a parenthetical citation at the end of a paragraph full of information. You must provide citation in every sentence that contains borrowed material (you must decide whether the citation belongs immediately after the borrowed idea, or at the end of the sentence).***

You may discuss up to two of the four factors in your essay. You do not have to use two, but you can if you wish.

The completed essay must:

· contain at least two pieces of supporting evidence per paragraph (quotations or paraphrases);

· have as many sources as there are body paragraphs;

· have at least as many source types as there are body paragraphs;

· have at least SIX paragraphs in total;

· be in APA format;

· use the active voice whenever possible;

· be as concise as you and your editor can make it;

· be a formal piece of writing (no I, me, my, we, us, our, you, or your; also, no contractions);

· avoid the use of idioms and other forms of figurative language; and

· avoid ending sentences with prepositions.

  • …….

Show the impact emotional labor has on employees. 2. Describe affective events theory and

1. Show the impact emotional labor has on employees.
2. Describe affective events theory and identify its applications.


3. Contrast the evidence for and against the existence of emotional intelligence.
4. Contrast the three components of an attitude.
5. Summarize the relationship between attitudes and behavior.
6. Summarize the main causes of job satisfaction.
7. Describe the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality framework and assess its strengths and weaknesses.


8. Identify the key traits in the Big Five personality model.
9. Understand the implications of employee engagement for management.
10. Compare and contrast goal-setting theory and management by objectives.
11. Describe the job characteristics model and evaluate the way it motivates by changing the work environment.
13. Show how flexible benefits turn benefits into motivators.
14. Identify the motivational benefits of intrinsic rewards.


Socio Economic Lifestyles for Groups from 1920s-1950s

The White Middle class

During the 1920s, the white middle class children were privileged to have the best education, during these periods, there was racial segregation an unlike the minority black Americans, the whit- middleclass had the best education. Their parents were a working class and they also lived in the suburbs ad some in the cities (McManus, Ruth and Hethington 2007, 320). During the 1930s, these children were finishing the early education levels and they joined the colleges for the middle and first class rich Americans. They had good college education and well defined careers in different areas. During the 1930s, the white middle class youths were almost through with their college education and they got white collar jobs in the cities. During the1940s and 50s, dwelling in the cities, the white middle young people who …..

Download Socio Economic Lifestyles for Groups from 1920s-1950s Sample Paper



Navy pilots use special terms to aid communication among themselves and with the crew of the aircraft carrier. A pilot who is told to “make it dirty” is being instructed to lower the wheels and the flaps of his or her aircraft before landing. “Call the ball” is another part of this special language that tells the pilot to line up the aircraft using a series of lights called the ball. The carrier crew will also tell the pilot “bolter, bolter, bolter” if a hook on the aircraft fails to catch any of the wires on the carrier deck designed to stop the plane. In this way, the pilot knows to accelerate, climb, and come back and try again. Answer these questions.

  1. What is another term for specialized language or terminology?
  2. Why is it used?
  3. Does it help or hurt communication?
  4. Would it be beneficial if individuals in your respective organizations used terms such as “make it dirty”, “call the ball,” or “bolter” when speaking? Why or why not?
  5. What are some specialized language used in your respective organization?


What budget items might the Westons consider reducing to cope with their financial difficulties

Ed Weston recently lost his
job. Before unemployment occurred, the Weston household (Ed; wife, Alice; two
children, ages 12 and 9) had a monthly take-home income of $3,165. Each month,
the money went for the following items: $880 for rent, $180 for utilities, $560
for food, $480 for automobile expenses, $300 for clothing, $280 for insurance,
$250 for savings, and $235 for personal and other items. After the loss of Ed’s
job, the household’s monthly income is $1,550, from his wife’s wages and his
unemployment benefits. The Westons also have savings accounts, investments, and
retirement funds of $28,000.

What budget items might the Westons consider reducing to cope with their
financial difficulties?

Common cutbacks occur in the areas of food, clothing, savings,
and personal spending.

How should the Westons use their savings and retirement funds during this
financial crisis? What additional sources of funds might be available to them
during this period of unemployment?

Savings funds should be used to pay fixed expenses and
necessities. Retirement funds should only be used if a lengthy unemployment
time is encountered or if large, expected expenses occur. Other sources of
funds may include loans, sale of investments, or sale of no longer needed
household items.

How will business intelligence software help a business; hardware required, vendors.

How will business intelligence software help a business; hardware required, vendors

My business partner has expressed interest in purchasing a business intelligence system for our computer and electronics business and asked me to research and prepare a report on the following topics:
1. How will business intelligence software help the business
2. What sort of information and analysis capabilities does it provide
3. What hardware and system software are required to run the application?
4. List some of the major vendors and your evaluation of their products.
He specifically expresses interest in IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle. Can someone assist me with this problem?

Calculation of real and nominal wages, changes on real and nominal wages, comparison of wages at…

Calculation of real and nominal wages, changes on real and nominal wages, comparison of wages at different years and decision making on employment options.

Real Changes in Wages

Pam, having recently graduated from college, is looking to work for 2 years before she enters

graduate school. She has received 2 job offers with the following salary structures:

JOB A: Pays $30,000 in 2003 and $40,000 in 2004

JOB B: Pays $30,000 in 2003 and 2004\’s salary will be equal to $30,000 plus a cost of living adjustment equal to the inflation rate.

Suppose the increase in the price level (i.e. the inflation rate) is 35% from 2003 to 2004.

Suppose Pam has no preference for either job, other than the highest salary.

What is the percentage increase in nominal salary from 2003 to 2004 for JOB A?

For this particular order, no variable selling and administrative costs would be incurred. This…

Adamyan Co. manufactures and sells medals for winners of athletic and other events. Its manufacturing plant has the capacity to produce 15,000 medals
each month; current monthly production is 12,750 medals. The company normally charges $120 per medal. Cost data for the current level of production are
shown below:

Variable costs:

Direct materials


Direct labor


Selling and administrative


Fixed costs:



Selling and administrative


The company has just received a special one-time order for 700 medals at $83 each.

For this particular order, no variable selling and administrative costs would be incurred. This order would also have no effect on fixed costs.


Should the company accept this special order? Why?