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Decision Making Essay – Sample Paper


Decision making is an important leadership skill. When one learn how to make well-regarded, timely decisions, and then one can lead an organization to well-deserved success. There are a number of tools and techniques employed to assist in decision-making. These tools and techniques assist managers to enhance the overall process quality. They are commonly employed in the logical or rational decision making, though they can also be used in any decision making environment (Bacon & Arsham, 1997). This paper discusses two most effective decisions making tools or techniques based on personal evaluation.

Decision Making Tools

In an attempt to evaluate the best strategies to better the organization competitive advantage I employed two decisions making techniques that include SWOT analysis technique and cost-benefit analysis techniques. SWOT analysis is a tactical planning tool which assesses the weaknesses and strengths of a business as well as the opportunities and threats a business faces. This tool can assist managers to take advantages of their firms’ strengths and apply various

strategies to lower weaknesses or modify them into strengths. Evaluating external opportunities and threats can assist in tactical process of decision-making as it permits managers to schedule for things such as new competitors’ presence or the effect of new government regulations. This technique gave an overall picture of the company in the market. With this strategy, was easier to know where the company has loopholes, where it is stronger, where it can take advantage, and where to put more effort. This general picture gave me an opportunity to identify various possible and reliable solutions to the company’s problems in which, the company can easily defeat its competitors in the market and rise to glory after a short period of time (Alptekin, 2013).

Cost-benefit analysis technique is a form of tactical decision-making tool which involves evaluating the costs as well as the possible benefits related with various courses of actions and selecting the most beneficial coat of action. In this case, I applied the cost-benefit technique to evaluate the best strategy to employ to increase the competitive advantage of a company. Among the evaluated aspects include marketing, product differentiation, research and development, lowering of production cost by employing new production technology, and outsourcing some of the most highly paid employee but with minimal work. In this evaluation, I was comparing the cost of applying each solution and the possible benefits this may have on the company. The strategy that demonstrated higher level of benefits at a lower cost was marketing. Although this will not be a complete solution to the company’s competitive advantage, it will boost the company’s position in the market and bring more benefits to the company after a short period of time than all other strategies (Bacon & Arsham, 1997).


Decision making tools are very important in assisting managers to make the right and reliable decision regarding the company’s problems and development issues. To improve competitive advantage of a company, managers need to understand a number of factors that influence the competitiveness of a company. This can make it easy to understand what is not done right, where to take advantage and strategies to employ to outshine competitors. In this regard, to make effective decision regarding competitive advantage of a company, SWOT analysis decision making technique is more reliable than cost-benefit analysis decision making technique.

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Socio Economic Lifestyles for Groups from 1920s-1950s

The White Middle class

During the 1920s, the white middle class children were privileged to have the best education, during these periods, there was racial segregation an unlike the minority black Americans, the whit- middleclass had the best education. Their parents were a working class and they also lived in the suburbs ad some in the cities (McManus, Ruth and Hethington 2007, 320). During the 1930s, these children were finishing the early education levels and they joined the colleges for the middle and first class rich Americans. They had good college education and well defined careers in different areas. During the 1930s, the white middle class youths were almost through with their college education and they got white collar jobs in the cities. During the1940s and 50s, dwelling in the cities, the white middle young people who left schools and were now in the job market started families with the man being the head of the house and women being house keepers.


In the 1920s the minorities in America comprised the African Americans and the people from the Asian continent. Children from this social class did not have the opportunity to attend good schools, good colleges in the 1930s and 40s due to the humble economic ability of their parents. They ended up starting families that were average both socially and economically in the 1950s (Maram and Linda 2013, 4)


The farmers (rural dwellers) mostly taught their children farming skills an early age in the 1920s as only a few of the children went to school. In the 1930s and 40s the teenager rural dwellers started joining their parents in the farm businesses. Economically, the rural dwellers were fairly well as they sold firm produce to the cities. During the 1950s, agriculture developed and the rural dwellers went to schools in order to gain advanced agricultural skills. Parents in the rural areas took their children to schools to improve their skills in the 1950s.

Urban working class

The urban working class had the privilege of education since they were in the urban centers in the 1920s. In the 1930s, there life involved acquisition of skills in preparation for employment. Employment was very informal in the 1930s but during the 1940s, skills were developed and in the 1950s, white collar formal jobs emerged as industries expanded (both manufacturing and service industries) and young parents gave their children the best education as they were economically capable.

Human Resource Professionals And Management – Trends in the Workplace

Human Resource professionals play a key role in helping organizations respond to evolving trends, comply with federal and state regulations, and manage workplace flexibility. As an HR professional it is important for you to demonstrate your understanding of the ever changing global environment.

Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you:
1. Specify the key functional areas of Human Resources Management. Explore the manner in which each function contributes to the overall performance of an organization. Support your response with specific examples of the activities for which HRM is typically responsible.
2. Examine four (4) federal equal employment opportunity laws. Suggest the primary manner in which each law influences fair employment practices within the organization where you currently work or an organization for which you have worked in the past. Support your response with specific examples of the chosen organization’s employment practices.
3. According to the text, there are three (3) significant trends affecting organizations today: the aging workforce, diversity, and skills deficiencies in the workplace. Analyze the primary manner in which each of these three (3) trends has impacted the organization where you currently work or one (1) where you have worked in the past. Support your response with specific examples of said impact.
4. According to the text, workplace flexibility is essential for organizational success in the rapidly changing world. Explore two (2) ways that the organization where you currently work, or one (1) where you have worked in the past, might respond to the need to be flexible. Provide a rationale for your response.
5. Use at least four (4) quality academic (peer-reviewed) resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

Implementing Materials Resource Planning – Trends in the Workplace

Imagine that you are the human resource manager for a small manufacturing company. You decide to invest in a materials resource planning (MRP) system. This is a computerized information system that improves efficiency by automating such work as planning needs for resources, ordering materials, and scheduling work on the shop floor. As the human resource manager you hope that with the new MRP system, the company can grow quickly and efficiently through the processing of small orders for a variety of products. You are also aware of the challenges to hire individuals with the technical skills needed to perform the job. Consider how the organization will address the skills deficiencies.

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

1. Predict three (3) human resource functions that are likely to be affected by the implementation of an materials resource planning system. Propose two (2) ways in which you as a human resource manager can help the organization carry out this change successfully.

2. Determine three (3) human resource skills that would be important for success in leveraging the new materials resource planning system.

3. Based on the planned growth of the organization, predict three (3) factors that might impact the organization’s ability to hire new employees that possess the technical skills needed to perform a job.

4. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  •  Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Examine the theoretical constructs of human resource management.
  • Analyze the external environmental factors that impact human resource policies and procedures.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in human resource management foundations.
  • Write clearly and concisely about human resource management foundations using proper writing mechanics.


Market Structures Analysis Paper

You have been hired as a consultant by your local mayor to look at the various market structures. Your role is to provide analysis and answers to these important questions that will help the mayor understand the structures of many of the businesses in his city:

  1. Describe each of the market structures discussed in the course (perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly) and discuss two of the market characteristics of each market structure.
  2. Identify one real-life example of a market structure in your local city and relate your example to each of the characteristics of the market.
  3. Describe how high entry barriers into a market will influence long-run profitability of the firms.
  4. Explain the competitive pressures that are present in markets with high barriers to entry.
  5. Explain the price elasticity of demand in each market structure and its effect on pricing of its products in each market.
  6. Describe how the role of the government affects each market structures ability to price its products.
  7. Discuss the effect of international trade on each market structure.

Your paper will need to include a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations properly formatted according to the APA style guide. Also, your content should be eight to ten pages, which does not include your reference or title page. You will need to include at least five scholarly sources from the Ashford Library in your paper as part of your research to support your analysis.

American Psychological Association Vs American Counseling Association

Clinical supervisors are expected to be familiar with and uphold the ethical codes, standards, and practices identified by the American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association when acting in the role as clinical supervisor. Being familiar with these codes and standards helps to ensure the welfare of the patient as well as the educational and training experience of the supervisee. This assignment will allow the learner to become familiar with the expectations of the American Psychological Association  and American Counseling Association. The learner will be able to compare the standards for each standards body and apply the standards to an ethical problem that, as a leader, they may find themselves facing when in the field.

General Requirements:


• This assignment requires that at least two additional scholarly research sources related to this topic, and at least one in-text citation from each source be included.


Write a 1,000–1,250-word paper that discusses an approach to take when faced with an ethical problem. Include the following in your paper:

  1.  Review the American Psychological Association  and American Counseling Association ethical standards for clinical supervision.
  2. Compare the philosophies of the two organizations and briefly discuss the history of the organization’s development of these guidelines.
  3. Identify which organization you tend to favor and why.
  4. Next, select two scholarly articles that discuss an ethical issue you consider important in one’s role as leader providing clinical supervision.
  5. Discuss what the research says regarding the chosen ethical issue.
  6. Discuss the nature of the ethical issue and how the organization you favor addresses the issue in their ethical guidelines.
  7. Be able to identify the specific guidelines the issue is addressed with by your chosen organization.

ASX Corporate Governance Principles – Research Paper

Research the ASX Corporate Governance principles (3rd edition) and select two (2) principles and associated recommendations that you believe if applied may have prevented your chosen company collapsing. Choose an Australian company that has collapsed from the following list: HIH Ltd, One Tel Ltd , Dick Smith Electronics Ltd or Vocation Ltd.

Write an essay on the topic described above which must include the sections mentioned below

  •  A brief introduction (including definitions) on Corporate Governance, ASX Corporate Governance Principles ( 3rd edition) (ASX CGC) and Business Sustainability
  • A brief introduction on your company of choice including reasons for failure and a timeline of events.
  • A discussion focusing on any two (2) ASX CGC Corporate Governance Principles and associated recommendations that may have increased corporate governance and business sustainability of your chosen organisation.

This discussion must include how a better application of your chosen two CGC Principles and recommendations may have increased an organisations corporate governance therefore reducing the chance of corporate collapse.d) Concluding remarks on how sound and ethical accounting practices and principles can lead to better business sustainability.Length of the essay is 750 words.

Social Class As Exibited By Objectified Cultural Capital

When sociologists talk about social class, they are referring to groups of individuals who occupy a similar position in the economic system. Within that system, your occupation is very important because it provides financial rewards, stability, and benefits like healthcare. In broad terms, people in similar positions are aware of each other and they can obtain information (cues) by type of job, neighborhood, clothing, cars, etc. They can also assess social class by the conversation they have with you – topics, style, grammar etc., but clearly depicts how social class can function in a society. Watching the video and thinking about how groups exhibit their social class will help you respond to the following assignment on Bourdieu’s theoretical work.

In Chapter 2 of the Social Theory Re-Wired text you should read Pierre Bourdieu’s work “The Forms of Capital.” In it, Bourdieu argues that all of the material things or “stuff” that people own and surround themselves with are primary examples of cultural capital in its objectified form. Indeed, almost any category of consumer products—like artwork, digital music players, cars, coffeemakers, cookware, computers, furniture, make-up, fashion, you name it—have what are often called “high-,” “low-,” and “middle-brow” versions of the exact same product.

For this assignment

  • Analyze one category of consumer products as an instance of objectified cultural capital and describe what it is meant to reflect about their owner’s social position.
  • Respond to the following question: Do you think something as seemingly simple as a painting or piece of furniture helps reproduce class inequalities, as Bourdieu argues? Explain why or why not.
  • Describe what social class you believe you belong to and how you exhibit it to others through your objectified cultural capital.
  • Finally, the video on social class presented that a member of the middle class can be accepted to a higher social class based on his profession and wealth, but in his home town amongst family and friends he will always be seen as the class he was born in to. Do you agree that this is still true in society today? Explain why or why not.

Parenting Styles Impact On Child Cognitive Development

Research problem:

Identify the level of impact that parenting styles have on a child’s cognitive development. The research will also focus on the different parenting styles, their strengths and weaknesses and their key components which help shape a child’s cognitive skills.

Research question:

The main research question would be: ‘What is the impact of parenting styles on a child’s cognitive development?’ Some sub-questions could be the following:

What are the different parenting styles: This section will explore the different parenting styles and look at how parents behave with their kids when they employ each of these styles. The differences in the parenting styles will be highlighted.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the styles? Each of the parenting styles will have some advantages and disadvantages since it will help shape different parts of the kid’s life. These strengths and weaknesses will be explored to understand how they can influence the kids and their behavior over a period of time.

What constitutes cognitive development and what are the key influencing factors? Cognitive development will be explored to understand how kids’ minds are developed over a period of time and which factors can inhibit or assist the development.

How can parents move from one style to another to help their children? Though each parent will be attuned to a particular style which takes years to evolve, there could be a scope for a parent to adopt better parenting styles.

Could different parenting styles be combined for better cognitive skill development? Sometimes a combination of two/more styles could help a person become a better parent. This section will explore the possibilities, feasibilities and approach towards the same.

Research topic:

Adolescents and teenagers go through a lot of changes in their formative years. A lot depends on the interactions that they have with the world around them. Parents are the ones with whom kids interact for a considerable amount of life throughout their lives, and their style forms an important part in shaping their personalities and attitudes towards life. Cognitive, which stands for cognition, is the mental process encompassing awareness, reasoning, perception and intuitive skills. Kids also learn to think like their parents and a lot of their IQ and EQ skills are based on the kind of activities and lessons planned by their parents.

Parenting styles have two important dimensions, namely responsiveness and control. These two factors lead to 4 types of parenting styles: Authoritative, Authoritarian, Indulgent/Permissive, Neglectful/Uninvolved. An authoritative parent is warm but very firm. They engage in discussions and encourage their children to think, do and learn from their mistakes. An authoritarian parent will try to exert control over their kids, leading to kids who are rebellious or totally dependent upon their parents. An indulgent parent will never say no to their kid. They are warm but undemanding and view themselves as a resource which could/could not be used by their kids. An uninvolved parent will be totally disconnected from their kids and are not warm towards them (Kopko, 2007).

The research paper will try to understand the linkages between parenting styles and the way it inhibits/assists in the cognitive development of their kids.

Cultures And Criminal Behavior

Explore a culture that has been linked to criminal behavior. At one time or another all cultures have had some link to criminal behavior, whether that’s organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, or civil disobedience. In a 12 – 15 PowerPoint slide presentation (excluding title and reference slides) complete the following:

  • Identify one culture or ethnicity that has ties to transnational crime, and describe its links to criminal behavior.
  • Evaluate its role in transnational crimes.
  • Analyze and explain how this culture or ethnicity has had an impact on systems of justice.

Be sure to discuss the role that socialization and religion play in shaping the beliefs of this culture. Provide examples determining why these beliefs are formed, and how culture and religion shaped these beliefs.

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International Dispute Settlement

International Dispute Settlement Paper

Develop a four- to five-page paper that describes the methods of international dispute settlement as described in Chapter Three of the textbook.

Your paper must include the following:

    1. Describe the methods of international dispute settlement including the use of both diplomacy (alternative dispute resolution) and international tribunals (ICJ, WTO).
    2. Compare these methods to litigation used in municipal courts (domestic courts of sovereign nation-states).
    3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each method of international dispute resolution.
    4. Provide an opinion as to how these methods affect international trade and business decisions.

You are encouraged to use Westlaw, which is available through the Ashford University Library. It is a research tool specific to the subject area of law. It contains legal articles, legal encyclopedias, journals, statutes, and written case law from the United States and Europe. Of course, other credible research sources will also be acceptable. Students should also consider using the websites listed as recommended reading for this course, as well as other credible sources from the Internet that may support their writing. The websites of the International Court of Justice ( and the World Trade Organization( are strongly suggested.

The particular Troubleshooter found Diesel powered Web store.

Assertive timepieces have been in most cases suggested simply by Women’s diesel watch regarding polo participants which started to be balked when their particular observe confronts would certainly break the rules of although market polo. This kind of observe will be claimed the particular Reverso, and also inside extra contempt media, this kind of observe continues to be designed together with fresh actualization for 2010. The particular components employed could be the finest and also this will surely present with time. In the event you acquire the chance to obtain a first-rate artificial Diesel powered that way, usually do not think twice. The amount of instances maybe you have looked at investing in a Men’s diesel powered Observe and also abruptly knew it really is very costly to suit your needs? Most of us experienced these kinds of tips arriving at our own heads and also, sadly, finished up simply by running after thinking apart. Diesel powered will be the california king of most timepieces, nonetheless it absolutely had not been created for every person. It’ll cost you that you simply hassle-free sum of money and also show to be a really trustworthy observe that may furthermore sense treasured spherical the hand. A tiny form of Diesel powered observe have the affirmaiton regarding Bratin Kew Observatory which usually by no means givent the particular prizes regarding some other watcehs brand name just before in1914. Knockoffs are located in plenty of areas. The particular Troubleshooter found Diesel powered Web store and also phony Mont Blanc pencils inside Mexico. In america, the particular Troubleshooter obtained phony Versace and also Chanel sun shades, along with look-a-like Mentor bags. Inside Tijuana, Mexico, buyer Teresa Trucchi acquired a couple of Diesel powered timepieces available for sale. Although go shopping masters shared with her the particular timepieces are not traditional, Trucchi publicly stated the lady could possibly be tricked. “They appear to be Diesel powered if you ask me, inches Trucchi mentioned. To find out when specialist jewelers can notify the particular variation among any artificial Diesel powered plus a genuine a single, the particular Troubleshooter went along to Unicorn Jewelers inside Rancho Bernardo. Jewelry salesman Sam Nasseri jeered any time this individual observed the particular reproductions, grouped together inside african american diesel watches. These kinds of, certainly not, are usually genuine, inches Nasseri mentioned. Watch for a person can be like the particular material to get a girl. The particular productive guys will have a solid disire for your high-quality timepieces for high quality and also specific layout. One of the most popular brand name on earth could be the europe observe which usually attrack thousands of of men and women pursue right after that. Diesel powered because the planet luxuary brand name which usually become adored simply by many individuals on earth. The particular comapny features a extended historical past and also popular every one of the planet along with his outstanding homemade projects and also specific emblem. In the present trend planet, everyone realize the particular model of Diesel powered.

iSLEEP – Accounting Problem

Large Mart_Financial Accounting

Large Mart has previously attempted to develop a “study pillow” which would have allowed students to upload study material into their brain whilst sleeping. However, Large Mart has recently discovered that an American company called Bpple already holds a patent forthis type of device. As a result, Large Mart has given up on its development attempts and decided to sell the Bpple product,which is called iSLEEP. ln order to sell the iSLEEP, Large Mart has rented a second store in Armidale. Large Mart signs a two year renting contract on 1st May 201x. The rentforthe store will be $5,000 per month and the renting contract requires Large Mart to prepay 18 month of rent through a banktransfer on the day the renting contract is signed. As soon as the renting contract for the new store is signed, Large Mart employs two UNE students (Chuck and Morgan) to manage a iSLEEP fan-site on Facebook. Chuck and Morgan are each employed for 2 hours every day ofthe week (7 days a week). Chuck and Morgan start theirjobs on 1st May 201x and will be paid $30 per hour. Chuck and Morgan will receive their first pay on the 15th June 201 x.

The furniture in the new store is designed and manufactured in Hong Kong. An important part of the store design is a big bed on which customers can lie to test the iSLEEP before purchasing the product. The bed is delivered on 1st June 201x. On that day, Larq1e Mart also receives an invoice of $40,000 from the Hong Kong designer/manufacturer ofthe bed. When the bed was produced in Hong Kong,t e director ofthe Large Mart sales department visited the design/manufacturing team to approve the final design ofthe bed before the start ofthe manufacturing process. The director decided to visit the design/manufacturing team because he was traveling to Beijing and his flight from Sydneyto Beijing stopped in Hong Kong. This allowed the directorto visit the design/manufacturing team without having to make a separate trip. lfthe directorwould not have travelled to Beijing, he would have approved the final design via email without a visit. The cost ofthe director’s trip to Beijing was $10,000, and the stop in Hong Kong to visitthe design/manufacturing team created $500 additional costs. All costs ofthe businesstrip will be paid on 3oth August 201x.

After the new store is completed, Large Mart orders 40 iSLEEPs from Bpple for a price of $600 per iSLEEP, and these iSLEEPs arrive on 1 st June 201 x, and are paid via bank transfer 10 days later.

  • On 3rd June 201x, UNE purchases 10 iSLEEPs forthe library for a price of $2,000 per i_SLEEP on credit. UNE then paysthe iSLEEPs on 1oth June 201x, after deducting an early payment discount of5%from the invoice.
  • On 5th June 201x, Large Mart purchases another60 iSLEEPs from Bpple for a special price of $550. Normally the iSLEEP would cost $800, but Large Mart was able to receive a volume discount of $50 for each iSLEEP. The iSLEEPs arrive on the same day and Large Mart pays this new delivery of iSLEEPs on the next day after deducting an early payment discount of 10%.
  • On 8th June 201x, Large Mart discoversthat2 ofthe iSLEEPsthat were purchased on 5th June 201x are damaged. Large Mart returns both iSLEEPsto Bpple and Bpple returns the moneythatwas spent on both iSLEEPsto the Large Mart bank account on the same ay.
  • On 12th June 201 x, Large Mart sells 10 iSLEEPs to Wright College for $1 ,800 per iSLEEP. Wright College pays via banktransfer on the same day WITHOUT deducting any early payment discounts.
  • On 1 st July 201 x, Large Mart leases a company car forthe service department ofthe new store (called the “Nerd Herd”). The duration ofthe lease is5 years, and the car has an expected useful life of8 years. The lease contract requires Large Mart to pg?! $2,000 at the time the lease is signed. This payment is made via a bank transfer. Afurther $8 .000 must be paid (also via bank tran er) on 3oth June of each year during the lease period. The lease contract statesthat Large Mart can cancel the lease at any time during the lease period after paying a penalty of $100. If Large Mart does not cancel the lease, Large Martwill return the car to the lessor at the end of the lease period. The interest rate in the lease is 12%. Large Mart decided to enter into the lease agreement instead of purchasing the car because the purchase price would have been $47,000 and Large Mart did not have sufficient cash resourcesto make such a purchase atthat time.

Please answer the following questions about the scenario outlined above:

  1.  Provide all journal entriesthat are necessary in the books of Large Martto account for the renting contract,the prepayment of rent on 1st May 201 x,the rent expense for the month of May 201x (as well as any changesto the amount of prepaid rent) AND explain your journal entries (2.5 marks).
  2. Provide all journal entriesthat are necessary in the books of Large Mart to account forthe wagesthat Chuck and Morgan have accrued between 1 st May 201x and 15 June 201x, as well asthe payment of wages to Chuck and Morgan on 15 June 201xAND explain yourjournal entries
  3. Explain whether or not the expenditures associated with the director’s visit to the design/manufacturing team in Hong Kong are part ofthe cost ofthe bed (0.5 marks) and provide all journal entriesthat are necessary in the books of Large Mart to accokL)int forthe purchase and delivery ofthe bed, assuming that all costs associated with the bed will be paid at a later date (1.0 mar
  4. Provide all journal entriesthat are necessary in the books of Large Mart to account for all inventory purchase and sales transactions (including the payment and receidat of funds) ofthe new store, assuming that Large Mart uses a perpetual inventory system and the weighted average costflow assumption (4. marks).
  5. Calculate the total Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) forthe financial year ended 30 June 201x (1.0 mark),the value of all iSLEEPs that remain in the inventory account atthe end ofthe year (the 30 June 201x) (1.0 mark), and the total amount of revenue that Large Mark collected through the sale ofthe iSLEEP during the year ended 30 June 201x (0.5 marks) AND outline all necessary calculations.
  6. Determine whetherthe lease ofthe company car is an operating lease or finance lease and provide a detailed explanation for your decision (2.5 marks).

Examine Concept of Organizational Development

Prepare a minimum 900-word paper in which you examine the concept of organizational development. Use the text and at least one outside source from the library that is credible to the topic.  All criterion sections should be supported with APA style cited readings.  Be sure to address the following items in your examination, using the text and another credible reading to support all three criterion sections:
•  Explain the process of organizational development.
•   Identify the theories associated with organizational development.  This is not organizational management – pay attention to the difference and answer the correct question.  Use the paper feedback form for more hints.
•  Describe the conditions necessary for successful organizational change and development.


NOTE:  Using the readings from Week 5 will make this paper have all the information necessary to earn your 15 points!  If you do not use the correct information, the content portion of your grade will be difficult to earn.  Again, papers without citations in each criterion will earn a 0 for the assignment.  Papers that do not make improvements to APA style and citation usage from previous feedback comments will earn a minimum effort grade but will not be graded.

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Biotechnology – Research Paper

Biotechnology refers to the technical applications of living organisms or their functions. These applications may be used in engineering, medicine, or agriculture, to name a few. Biotechnology processes and procedures are varied and range from the domestication of animals to genetic engineering. At its core, biotechnology involves the modification of a biological process for a human defined purpose.

Use the Internet, library resources, and your textbook to research the field of biotechnology.

Write a paper which includes the following:

  • Evaluate current or future applications of biotechnology in the fields of medicine or agriculture.
  • Provide at least three real-world examples of current or future applications of biotechnology in either of these fields. Present a minimum of three reliable references.

Responsible Entrepreneur Analysis – Assignment Instructions

Identify a single entrepreneur who you think is a ‘responsible entrepreneur’ (Recommend NOT the big names – e.g., Anita Roddick, Richard Branson, Muhammed Yunnus) You are encouraged to look to your own country/culture .Remember, responsibility can take many forms. Examples:

  • product/service
  • management style,
  • environmentally friendly,
  • religious,
  • private/public/charity/voluntary sector/ family business and/or social enterprise.
  • Employment generation
  • Social inclusion

Very brief introduction to the person, describing them and their work (250-500 words). Use the topics we have covered as a guide for your analysis. You do not have to apply every aspect: it is up to you to pick the most relevant ones. However: 1, 2 & 3 are expected in all cases.

  1. Introduction to Responsible Entrepreneurship
  2. Introduction to ethical theories
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility & stakeholder theory
  4. Sustainability, Eco-preneurship and innovation
  5. Fair trade and supply chains
  6. Philanthropic & social entrepreneurship
  7. Ethical and social issues in small firms
  8. Poverty alleviation & micro-finance
  9. Wider context of responsible entrepreneurship
  10. Case study presentations

Conclusion (approx. 250-500 words) on the WIDER IMPLICATIONS of your analysis beyond the individual entrepreneur you have studied.
Technical issues:

  • 3000-3500 words. Pictures and illustrations welcome, but the content of the written work is the most important aspect by far.
  • A PR, glossy overview is inadequate. Try to take a balanced, dispassionate approach. No one is perfect, each entrepreneur will have strengths and weaknesses, you need to acknowledge these.
  • You MUST do additional reading. You cannot rely only on the lecture slides. There are many recommendations on Moodle. These should be your minimum extra reading.
  • If you need to draw on your work in other courses, that is great, but make sure you acknowledge your sources.
  • If you are able to draw on the contributions of guest speakers from this or any other course you have taken, that would be a strength. Again, acknowledge your source(s).
  • If you have the opportunity to do some primary research (e.g. interview the entrepreneur or someone who knows them, this is welcome but is not a requirement). Again, be clear about the source of any data you have.
  • Some of your sources may not be peer reviewed. Take great care to acknowledge the type of medium you are drawing on and how that might influence the accounts of the person you are reading about
  • Referencing MUST be followed according to the student handbook
  • All sources MUST be clearly given, you will get credit for acknowledging your sources
  • Write as well as you can in English, but it MUST be your own words.

CSI Effect Article Reaction Paper

Assignment : The CSI Effect

Many scholars have examined through research the so-called CSI effect and its impact on the criminal justice system. Some scholars argue that popular media portrayals of the universality and use of forensic evidence on television shows such as Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) have caused jurors in actual trials to expect forensic evidence to prominently feature in a prosecution’s case. When such evidence isn’t available, jurors determine that there is reasonable doubt, regardless of the strength of other direct or circumstantial evidence.

Using the Argosy University online library, search for scholarly articles on the CSI effect. Select an article from a scholarly journal and write a 2- to 3-page reaction paper concerning the article.

In your paper:

  • Define the CSI effect for the purposes of the article.
  • Analyze and identify the research questions in the article.
  • Summarize the methods and findings of the chosen article.
  • Provide your opinion concerning the implications of the study for the use of or lack of forensic evidence in criminal trials.


Is Addiction a Moral Defect – Discussion

For thousands of years, human beings have experienced a variety of addictions; however, over the last few centuries, the assumed causes of an individual’s addiction have changed. In earlier centuries, “inebriates” were considered to have a moral defect or character flaw—the concept of addiction did not exist. Then, in the 18th century, the disease model emerged based on the belief that drugs themselves created addiction. Recent scientific research results support the disease model, with evidence that addictions have biological as well as psychological roots.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Consider how addiction is viewed in your culture.
  • Judge whether you believe an addiction is a moral defect.
  • Review the articles “Alcohol Research: Past, Present, and Future” and “Addiction as a Psychological Symptom” in this week’s Learning Resources, and reflect on whether or not these articles support your belief.
  • Analyze the models of addiction you explored this week, and select the one that most supports your belief.

Post a description of how addiction is socially perceived in your culture. Then, explain whether you think addicts have a moral and/or character defect. Provide an informed argument using the model that most supports your belief.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

History and Future of Problem-Solving

Assignment 1: History and Future of Problem-Solving

Problem-solving was first described by Professor Herman Goldstein. He authored the book Problem-Oriented Policing and has been at the forefront of this topic since its inception. Goldstein’s research concluded that police agencies generally respond only after something occurs.

He noticed that the police respond numerous times to the same crime or problem area and never ask questions as to why the crime or problem is reoccurring.

The need to look for the underlying cause, to analyze and respond in order to actually resolve the problem, and then to measure the success of the response became tenets of this problem-solving model. Goldstein, in a series of short interviews, describes the history and application of problem-solving in policing.

Visit the Center for Community-Oriented Policing website (the link is provided in the Webliography) and watch the eight video interviews of Goldstein.

Submission Details:

Post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following:

  • Describe the importance of problem solving as a key component of the community policing philosophy.
  • Provide an overview of the type of issues that can be addressed using the SARA problem-solving model.
  • Explain why you feel problem-solving emerged as a formalized method to resolve community problems.
  • By Wednesday, September 17, 2014, read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Comment on why a problem-solving approach would be more effective than a reactionary approach to the problem presented.


Assignment 2: Implementing Problem-Solving

Problem-solving is widely used as a formalized method of addressing community problems. Police agencies around the world have adopted the SARA problem-solving model or similar models.

The success of problem-solving, like any attempt to address a community issue or concern, falls upon the individuals responsible for solving the problem. As a police officer or as a member of the community, you can use the problem-solving method as a valuable tool.

This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to analyze a real problem to which the problem-solving method was applied.


Visit the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing website (the link is provided in the Webliography) and search for an actual problem solved in a community. Complete the attached questionnaire.


Click here to download the questionnaire.

In the questionnaire, respond to the following for each component:

  • Identify the actual responses that the agency performed during the problem-solving process.
  • Evaluate the actual response on the basis of what you have learned about problem-solving and suggest any improvements the agency could have considered in any area of the problem-solving process.

Note: Use proper APA formatted in-text citations. Include a separate page at the end of the questionnaire, in APA format style that links back to your in-text citations and supports your recommendations.




Impersonal Policing vs. Community Policing

The use of squad cars and preventive patrol strategies was associated with a move toward police professionalism and a rejection of favoritism and corruption. After all, if the officer simply patrols the city in his or her car and reacts or responds to crimes as they occur, then there is no opportunity for the officer to indulge in corruption or to develop relationships with the citizenry that could compromise his or her objectivity and impartiality. A police officer dispatched to a dispute between neighbors or neighboring shopkeepers, neither of whom the officer has met, will presumably be able to bring a sense of objectivity to the dispute that one would expect of a neutral, noninvested third party.

Then, the community policing model was introduced. Officers were told to get out of the cars and get to know shopkeepers and residents.

Proponents of community policing argue that the rapport established with friends and acquaintances will allow the officer to resolve a dispute in a quicker, more informal, and less dramatic ways then would be the case otherwise. However, a police officer dispatched to a dispute in which the officer knows one or more of the parties may have a difficult time being neutral and objective. It may be difficult for the officer to tell a citizen who happens to be a friendly acquaintance of the officer that he or she is wrong, or worse, that he or she is going to get a citation or is going to jail.

Using the Argosy University online library resources, find at least two articles on community policing. To read more about community policing refer to the title “Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)” in the Webliography. This is a premier federally funded research organization and think tank incorporated in 1977. Some of policing’s most significant empirical studies, such as the Kansas City preventive patrol experiment and the San Diego experiment on one- vs. two-officer squad cars, were sponsored by the PERF.

Submission Details:

In a minimum of 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your response to the following:

  • Is there a possibility of corruption when officers develop working or friendly relationships with members of the public as part of a community policing strategy? Why?
  • Are officers likely to treat citizens impartially when they’ve interacted informally with them on a regular basis? Or is the pursuit of an impartial, “just the facts, ma’am” kind of relationship with the public a mistake on the part of policing?
  • Do impartiality and barrier-of-police professionalism result in a lack of communication with the public, resulting in inefficient problem solving and effectiveness? On the other hand, are officers who have invested time and energy into building personal relationships with people better communicators and, therefore, more effective as police officers?

Be sure to support your positions by citing your research.





*A Response of 300-400 words to TWO OR THREE of the points that you summarize in the first part of this assignment; you should reflects on questions such as



: – How did the readings from the textbooks shed light on or raise questions about your readings of the Bible? – What questions did the reading raise for you? – With what did you agree or disagree and Why? – In what ways do the two textbooks make points that are similar or different? – The goal is to be thoughtful with your response.
* All works must be double space.

* Reading Response #1: The Bible: An Introduction, pp. 2-45
The Drama of Scripture, pp. 15-40( one of the key points here that you must understand and mention is the significance of “story”)
* Reading Response #2: The Bible: An Introduction, pp.49-102
The Drama of Scripture, pp.41-79



* Reading Response #3: The Bible: An Introduction, pp. 103-16-
The Drama of Scripture, pp. 79-112
* Reading Response #4: The Bible: An Introduction, pp197-224
The Drama of Scripture, pp. 113-127
* Reading Response #5: The Bible: An Introduction, pp. 227-270
The Drama of Scripture, pp. 129-170
* Reading Response #6: The Bible: An Introduction, pp. 281-334
The Drama of Scripture, pp. 171-206
* Reading Response#7: The Bible: An Introduction, pp. 371-393
The Drama of Scripture, pp. 207-213



international manufacturer that recently installed a new order entry software system.

(TCO A) ACME, Inc. is an international manufacturer that recently installed a new order entry software system. The system has been debugged, installed, and is being used on a regular basis. What phase of the SDLC is ACME’s order entry system in? Assess the reasoning that leads you to this conclusion.

Question 2. 2. (TCO B) In performing business process analysis, the analyst often finds that the way the business is being run does not match the documented processes. How does the system analyst deal with this situation?


Question 3. 3. (TCO C) Critique the following description of the modeling process: Data modeling starts with a high-level abstract view of the problem called the conceptual model. Then these elements are converted into a logical physical model where they can be easily converted to an actual database.


Question 4. 4. (TCO D) Evaluate the four categories of feasibility tests.


Question 5. 5. (TCO E) Describe the purposes of the three common types of data models (context, key-based, and fully attributed).


Question 6. 6. (TCO F) Read through the following dialog that shows a user trying to place an order with the ACME system. Critique the dialog in terms of important features you have learned about computer-human interfaces.User:       I would like to place an order.

System:  What is your customer ID?

User:       I don’t have a customer ID?

System:  Please enter your name and address.

User:       My name is Ima Student, 123 Anywhere St, Anywhere, AZ 12345

System:  Please enter your name and address.

User:       I just did.

System:  Thank you! One moment… What is your order?

User:       I would like one dozen gadgets.

System:  Error 366, request out of bounds.


Question 7. 7. (TCO G) What are the values of modeling techniques like UML?


Question 8. 8. (TCO H) eXtreme Programming is one example of an agile methodology. It has 12 practices. Pick one of the practices and describe why you think it is important and how it provides an overall benefit. (


Question 9. 9. (TCO I) A project manager updates his resume on completion of a major project with the following comment:”Completed Dallas project successfully; project was delivered on-time and only 10% over budget, while disruptions were minimal”

If you were reviewing the project manager’s resume, assess the impact of the above comment and your opinion about using the individual.

Book Review of Yuchi Ceremonial Life: Performance, Meaning, and Tradition in a Contemporary American Indian Community by Jason Baird Jackson

The review must be written in narrative form, without subheadings, or numbered sections.

In one paragraph, give a brief statement about the author including place and date of birth, educational background, place of employment, professional experience, and selected other works. Cite the source of this information in a footnote using the proper format.

In one paragraph identify the topic, scope, and thesis of the book.

In one paragraph, identify any possible or potential bias on the part of the author. Do not simply claim that the author is objective or unbiased. If you do not see the author as biased, discuss how another rational person might detect bias.

In one paragraph, describe sources used by the author in preparing the book, including three specific sources of information, where and how the author used it, and noting whether the source is a primary or a secondary source. In another paragraph, discuss the quality and quantity of the author’s sources and specifically address, with pertinent examples, whether the author’s sources are generally sufficient and proper to enable the author to prove his or her point. a. Primary sources are first-hand accounts. They include most diaries, letters, manuscript collections, newspapers, government documents, oral interviews and archaeological evidence b. Secondary Sources are produced by persons not participating in the actual events described. They include most magazine articles, journal articles, and books.

Write a 500-750 word summary of the book. Any page references to the actual work under review should be cited in parentheses in the body of your review. (A page is typically 250 words.)

In two paragraphs, evaluate the quality of the book. In one of these paragraphs, cite, footnote discuss and analyze two reviews of the book from scholarly journals. In the next paragraph, explain, using specific examples from the book, why you did or did not like the book. Photocopy these journal reviews and turn them in with your own review of the book.

Car loans and insurance

Assignment 1: Discussion Car Loans and Insurance

The most common methods for financing automobiles are through car loans or car leases. Car loans are personal loans provided by banks and credit unions and can be repaid over a period of years. However, with a car lease, a person never owns the car. The bank or credit union selected purchases the car and rents it to you for a fixed period. Once the fixed period of the lease expires, the financial institution takes back the car and sells it. In this assignment, you will compare the differences between car loans and car leases.

A car loan is one of the most significant investments made by a typical American family. An alternative to the traditional auto loan is the auto lease.

Using the readings for this module, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following:

  • Examine the differences between a car loan and a car lease. Consider the following factors:
    • Advantages and disadvantages of both leasing a vehicle and purchasing a vehicle
    • The process you will personally follow in making a decision on taking a car loan or leasing your next car
  • Explain how leasing versus financing a new automobile changes your insurance options/requirements for the automobile. Consider that auto insurance requirements differ by state.
  • Describe the requirements specific to your state and whether insurance requirements differ on a financed purchase over a lease.
  • Identify other variables that influence one s insurance premium.
  • Describe the actions one can take to ensure that auto insurance premiums are not unnecessarily high.

Write your initial response in 200 300 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

By Saturday, October 19, 2013, post your response to the appropriate Discussion Area. Through Wednesday, October 23, 2013, review and comment on at least two peers responses. Consider the following when posting your responses:

  • Different reasons for selecting leasing over financing an automobile
  • Differences in insurance rules in other states
  • Reasons why the rules differ across states

Media Influence On Peoples Attitudes Toward Alcohol And Other Drugs

The media have an important influence on peoples attitudes toward alcohol and other drugs. With this assignment, you are tasked with watching television to determine how drug and alcohol use is presented to viewers. For example, you might note the number of males and females in beer commercials, the ways in which sexual images are combined with drinking beer, or the extent to which stars or athletic figures promote drinking in beer and wine commercials. Areas to pay particular attention:

The extent to which drinking takes place as a normal part of daily life (e.g., how often people are seen drinking, offered a drink, have open bars in their homes, drink with a meal, or drink and drive).

Non-prescription drugs like analgesics, diet pills, sleeping aids, etc. are often presented in a fashion that encourages the viewer to solve personal problems through the use of a pill.

Describe the types of programing you observed and summarize your findings by drawing some conclusions about the ways in which the media supports social definitions of alcohol/drug use and abuse.

Your paper should consist of 4 pages following APA style.