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Historical and Philosophical Approaches to the Self – Assignment Instructions And A Sample Answer

Who Am I?

The purpose of this discussion assignment is to reflect upon your understanding of different historical and philosophical approaches to the self. After completing your readings, write a 2–3-page paper contrasting the avocado/essentialist idea of the self with the artichoke/protean view of the self. Remember to explain specific theories with supporting citations from the textbook and online lectures before contrasting them.

As you develop your response, you might find some of the following questions to be relevant:

  • What are some of the differences/similarities between the avocado and artichoke views of the self?
  • What do you make of the feminist, existential, and non-Western critiques of the essentialist/avocado self? Are there any other problems with the idea that human beings are fundamentally rational creatures?
  • What is the role of desire in the self? Is it really something separate from reason, as modernism, Christianity, and Islam assert? Can it be controlled? Should it be?

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Avocado Vs Artichoke Views Of Self – Compare And Contrast Essay


There are a number of theories developed to explain human nature. However, they can all be classified into two major groups that include avocado or artichoke. Human based on avocado view is a stable, enduring self, perceived as existing at a person’s core. However, according to artichoke view, an individual is perceived as a protean without enduring stable core. The two views can be used to define different individuals based on their value of life, with most religious based individuals portraying avocado nature while others demonstrating artichoke nature. This discussion focuses on reviewing the two existing nature of human being.

Similarities and Differences between Avocado and Artichoke Views of Self

According to avocado view, there is always an inner unchanging core in human being after peeling of the outer skin. This inner self is never changed by life experiences. It remains to be and it is the one that defines the human nature. According to most religious view, this is perceived as the soul. On the contrary, artichoke view perceives human beings as an onion which does not have any core. This demonstrates that human are changing in nature and their reaction are influenced joy different experiences at a certain moment. However, due to the power given to human, one can get hold of the situation and develop a character that does not change despite of the life challenges. This is what gives artichoke at least one similarity with avocado (Mitchell, 2014).

Feminist, Existential, and non-Western critiques of the essentialist/avocado self

Aristotle and Plato defined human nature by identifying men with more rational aspects and women with irrational aspects such as body and emotion. In addition Christians in the fourth century church discuss whether women were created with God’s or Man’s image. This perspective is just defined to undermine a certain group of people based on their inabilities or cultural degradation. Moreover, the idea of using one character to classify individuals or to generalize on their behavior is highly criticized. Based on non-western, existential and feminist critiques human being cannot be classified based on any irrational aspect. Despite of appearing very similar, every person has his or her own nature that makes that person unique and different from others. The grouping and generalization has highly resulted to undermining of a certain group of people in the society since according to essentialist view they have a certain inability that makes none of them to be able to handle a certain task or to behave in a certain manner. Therefore, essentialism is highly disregarded by feminist since is it is used to undermine women and their role in the society. It is also used to group others such as Africans as poor or individual with poor mental and financial ability. In this regard, existential utters that human being have freedom and diverse perspectives and meaning of life and despite of being marginalized in one way or another, they have the ability to make rational decisions (Phillips, 2010).

Role of Desire in Self

Desire when perceived with regard to our self-realization evolution is directly connected to the association between our transformation and awakening on the human level and the relation between our human self and the soul in general. The desire force is essentially positive since there would be no an inducement to live without the desire. Desire is associated to pursuit or survival pleasure and it touches all the measures of our existence that include our spiritual evolution, love, creativity, and learning. Desire has both negative and positive side and as advised by modernism, Islamic and Christianity, desire is separate from reason. Although people have desires, they tend to follow their reason. Desire may not always be viable and thus, it should be controlled since it is possible to do so by holding into the unique power possessed by humans to control their moves and life (Hsieh, 2003).

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Organizational Theories

Organizational theories are classified into three major categories: Classical, neoclassical, and modern.

Classical Organizational Theories

Classical theories identify an organization as a machine whose major components comprise of human workers (Gulick, 1937, p 87-92). Here, the efficiency of the organization hugely relies on the efficiency of the workers, and for this reason, the theory places emphasis on activity coordination and specialization. Subsequently, this theory includes the streams of administrative and scientific management. The foundation of classical theory is based on four main pillars: division of labor, scalar and functional processes, structure, and span of control (Bacharach, 1989, p 496-515).Common inadequacies of the theory, however, highlight the theory’s deficiency in decision-making processes, concentration on line and staff structures, the assumption of an organization being a closed system, and ignorance of human behavior.

Neoclassical Organizational Theories

Unlike classical organizational theories, neoclassical theories focus on mechanical and psychological variables that govern the functioning of an organization. Studies conducted by Mayo and Lombard (1944)demonstrated that human behavior was characterized by extra factorsother thanphysiological variables.As such, this theory existsunder control of two points. The first proclaims that the management should view the organizational situation in light of economic, social and technical terms, while the second declares that managers can understand group behavior in terms of clinical approach related to the physician’s analysis of ahumanorganism.The propositions that lie beneath the theory are: (1) an informal organization exists within a formal one, (2) the organization is comprised of a social system with various interacting fragments, (3) a worker’s behavior is predictable via social factors at work, and thus independent, (4) motivation is complex, (5) teamwork is essential in attaining higher productivity, (6) a human being’s approach is not always rational, and (6) communication is a necessary instrument for effective functioning.

Neo-classical theories of organizational management offer alterations and enhancements over classical theories in aspects of informal organizations, decentralization, and flat structure. Even so, they face major criticisms with regard to the assumptions of finding single solutions that are acceptable to all, the restriction of organization structure to a universal configuration, and the nature of being a mere modification of the classical theories.

 Modern Organizational Theory


Following the appraisal of classical and neoclassical theories, modern organizational theory materialized in early 1960’s. The theory attempted to overcome the deficiencies of former theories by adopting another philosophy. According to Scott (1961, p 7-26), the distinctive qualities of a contemporary organization encompass its dependence on pragmatic data, its conceptual, analytical base, as well as its nature of integration.This means that the only profound way of studying an organization is through an analysis that treats it as a system.Through this definition, modern organizational theory is pivoted on two approaches: contingency approachand systems approach.

Contingency approach does not provide models that are entirely universal to all organizations. Rather, it suggests a design that suits a specific organization on the grounding that “structure is most suitable if it is particularly shaped to fit the context of a certain organization.” While framing such an organizational design, managers should consider both internal and external factors, as well as the needs of a specific matter or concern.The main factors at play within an organization decision-making process,in this context,include the environment, technology, size of operations, and people.On the other hand, systems approach scrutinizes the organization based on its totality. Here, the normally-dependent variables, including external and internal ones, are appropriately analyzed to portray an organization in light of the sub-systems that characterize it. Each subsystem is then identified by distinctive standards, configuration, roles and processes of comportment. The main components of an organization, as laid out in this theory, are norms and social structure, as well as human, organizational, and technological inputs (Mehrotra, 2005).

Comic Strip by Beano About the World Greatest Superheroes

Comic strips are drawings arranged in a sequence to display humor or a form of a narrative that is pictorial usually serialized with captions. The essence of using a comic strip to convey information is to illustrate the nature of information to the reader. Most often, comic strips present humor using pictures that relate to the context of the information it entails. Readers find it not only interesting to read comic strips but also find it easy to understand the information being conveyed.

The comic strip about the world greatest superheroes done by Beano is a story about a superman. Three characters; Batman, Robin and Wonder woman come together as team and takes on a role to apprehend a thief that steals x-ray equipment for the health care facility. The writer of the comic uses a dramatic style of drawing. Shadows and lights are the key features of his drawings and this shows some sense of reality.

Additionally, there is a relationship between images and text which is explicitly illustrated by the comic strip. Whereas the texts explains the context of the comic strip, the images illustrates the same. For example, a close up image is use for the superhero to represent the Batman by focusing on the facial expression.

The narrator uses various techniques to do the comic strip. Speech bubbles have been use to illustrate conversation between the characters and textboxes for image captions. The speech bubbles have different colors and shape to denote emotion. For example, anger is depicted in a red speech bubble and a scream bubbles indicates shouting while a jagged speech bubbles depicts cold hostility. Thought bubbles are used to show the internal thoughts of character and these are usually cloud shaped with a connection to the character using small bubbles. These bubbles are instrumental in relaying the nature of the message being conveyed and the environment in which the character exist in.

Comic strips also employ figurative speech to convey information depending on the context it is supposed to elicit. For example onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the sound produced by an object. Comic strips use this figure of speech to illustrate sound effect such as the bang of a door. The comic strip by Beano bears a couple of onomatopoeia such as the use of “BOOM” to illustrate explosion.

Comic strips are critical elements of communication because they not only provide readable information but they also enhance the understanding if the reader by bringing into perspective illustrations of the same. The use of pictorial illustrations establishes meaning to the narratives with humor that appeals to the reader. It is important to appreciate the power of images, figures of speech, colors and lighting in understanding the comic strip because they inform the basis of comic strip analysis. More often than not when a reader reads, he rarely has an idea what the writer has in mind and a perspective the character in a narrative is never provided. That is why comic strips are important elements of communication.

Christian Worldview Capstone Paper – Assignment Instructions

Purpose of this Assignment

The purpose of the Christian Worldview Capstone Paper is to have all the students express how they intend to apply the Christian Worldview and the practice of the academic major to five areas of life:

  • Vocation, Academic Major, and Career
  • Church Membership
  • Singleness, Marriage, & Family
  • Community Service & Citizenship
  • Stewardship

Preparation for the Assignment

To prepare for this assignment, students should first read God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life by Gene Edward Veith, Jr.

Parameters of this Assignment

The Christian Worldview Capstone Paper is to be eight full pages in length, in APA format, with a minimum of five cited scholarly references from the Belhaven Virtual Library or one of the textbooks (no more than 2 references can come from a textbook). Be sure to include the appropriate cover page and reference page in addition to the eight pages, following APA style. When completed upload the assignment into Canvas. The assignment will be assessed according to the Worldview Paper Rubric.

To prepare to write this paper, we recommend that the student first read God at Work , take the Strength sFinder 2.0 assessment (from BUS280) , and take the free assessment at Reflect on what you discover in each and be prepared to integrate your discoveries, as well as the Christian Worldview, into each of the following areas:

The suggested format of your paper is as follows:

  • Introduction
    • Thoroughly introduce your entire paper.
  • Vocation, Academic Major, and Career
    • Reflect upon the 16personalities explanation of your potential careers and workplace habits, and strengths & weakness, as well as your StrengthsFinder results if competed in a previous course.
    • Taking into account your current or prospective workplace responsibilities, and your strengths and personality characteristics, seek to develop a plan to best maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Address the question of whether God has called and equipped you for your current work or for work under consideration, or whether you might better fit somewhere else.
    • Think about how the Christian Worldview impacts your academic major, your workplace and your response to various ethical questions that may arise in that setting. How will you integrate the Christian Worldview as you practice in your 20 academic field of specialization throughout your career? How will your practice of your major change in light of your Christian Worldview? Provide specific examples.
    • State your perspective on this area and provide a summary or paraphrase or quote from a scholarly source that backs up your perspective or provides counterpoint to it. Reinforce your perspective with any Scriptural references you think appropriate. Wrap up this section with a summary paragraph.
  • Church Membership
    • Focus on how important church membership is to you personally and how important it is in the Christian Worldview.
    • How do you describe the health of the church you attend?
    • How has the church aided in developing you spiritually and reinforcing your relationship with Jesus Christ?
    • State your perspective on this area and provide a summary or paraphrase or quote from a scholarly source that backs up your perspective or provides counterpoint to it. Reinforce your perspective with any Scriptural references you think appropriate. Wrap up this section with a summary paragraph.
  • Singleness, Marriage, & Family
    • Reflect on the 16personalities explanation or your personality in romantic relationships and parenting situations.
    • What is your personal view in light of the Christian worldview on singleness, marriage, and family? Describe your position.
    • State your perspective on this area and provide a summary or paraphrase or quote from a scholarly source that backs up your perspective or provides counterpoint to it. Reinforce your perspective with any Scriptural references you think appropriate. Wrap up this section with a summary paragraph.
  • Community Service & Citizenship
    • Reflect on the 16personalities overall explanation of your personality and how your personality relates to friendships.
    • Describe your duty as a citizen of your nation. Describe your commitment to community service and to being an agent of cultural transformation. How does your Christian Worldview impact your response in bothareas?
    • State your perspective on this area and provide a summary or paraphrase or quote from a scholarly source that backs up your perspective or provides counterpoint to it. Reinforce your perspective with any Scriptural references you think appropriate. Wrap up this section with a summary paragraph.
  • Stewardship
    • How does the Christian Worldview inform the stewardship of your time? Of your talent? Of your treasure? Of your testimony?
    • How does stewardship provide an accounting for every aspect of life (vocation)?
    • State your perspective on this area and provide a summary or paraphrase or quote from a scholarly source that backs up your perspective or provides counterpoint to it. Reinforce your perspective with any Scriptural references you think appropriate. Wrap up this section with a summary paragraph.
  • Conclusion
    • Thoroughly wrap up your entire paper.

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Disorders Of The Sensory Systems Analysis – Assignment Instructions

Select a disorder of the sensory system from this list.

  • Anton’s syndrome
  • blindsight
  • Balint’s syndrome
  • Gerstmann’s syndrome
  • akinetopsia
  • central achromatopsia
  • apperceptive agnosia
  • associative agnosia
  • prosopagnosia
  • object anomia
  • alexia without agraphia
  • hemispatial neglect
  • phantom limb pain
  • simultanagnosia
  • Capgras syndrome
  • tactile agnosia
  • cortical deafness
  • pure word deafness
  • receptive amusia

Conduct research and locate two peer-reviewed articles to support your statements. In your post

  • Explain the symptoms of the disorder.
  • Describe how the diagnosis is made (e.g., findings on brain imaging, laboratory testing, etc.).
  • Discuss the neurobiological basis for the disorder (e.g., CNS structures involved and neurotransmitters).
  • Describe the functional deficits associated with the disorder including how these may impact the patient’s ability to carry out activities of daily living (e.g., occupational, social, recreational).

Cite your sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center .

Personal Theology of Sexuality and Sex Assignment Instructions

Theology of Sexuality and Sex Scholarly Paper Guidelines

The Bible is replete with references and teachings about human sexuality and provides critical insights into what constitutes healthy sexuality. In order to biblically and effectively teach and counsel individuals around sexual issues, counselors need to have a firm scaffolding upon which to do their work. Accordingly, a theology of sex and sexuality is the foundation upon which counselors counsel.

This assignment requires each student to develop his or her own personal theology of sexuality and sex that interacts with Christian and theological sources as well as secular sources. Do not write about how to counsel nor offer a psychological perspective on the sexual issue(s). The focus on a biblical theology of sexuality or sex; in other words, to understand what the Bible teaches about sexuality and sex. Address the theology of sexuality and sex paper from a broad or whole counsel of God perspective. Think about it in terms of how God meant sexuality and sex to be and how the Fall (Original Sin & subsequent sins) impacted both.

The paper is to be scholarly in nature;  throughout the body of the paper students must interact with the theological as well as Christian-based literature on sexuality and sex. This is not an opinion paper. Content must be based in the literature and in an exegesis of God’s Word. Do not rely primarily on the textbooks of the course. Incorporate other Christian sources, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, word study books, as well as other scholarly sources. At least ten (10) scholarly references in the paper as well as the Bible, concordance, and commentaries. The paper should be no less than 8 pages and no more than 10 pages (not including title page, abstract, and references). It should be written in the current APA Style Manual (6th ed.), third person.

Using Information and Communication Technology in Secondary Schools in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects


Though it has been rightly said that what is wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology; there is
no doubt that modern life is dominated by technology. There is universal recognition of the need to use
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education as we enter the era of globalization where
the free flow of information via satellite and the internet hold sway in global information dissemination of
knowledge. Already, Nigeria is on he wrong side of the international digital divide, as it has not made
significant effort to integrate ICT into secondary school curriculum. A great deal of instructional and
administrative work in secondary school in Nigeria is still carried out manually. This paper, therefore,
examines the major obstacles militating against the use of ICT in secondary education in Nigeria. It
identifies he high cost of computer hardware and software; weak infrastructure; lack of human skills and
knowledge in ICT, and lack of relevant software appropriate and culturally suitable to Nigeria as the major
stumbling block o the adoption of ICT in secondary education in Nigeria. Also, secondary schools in
Nigeria are not given adequate funds to provide furniture, relevant textbooks and adequate classroom let
alone being given adequate fund for high-tech equipment. At present the cost of subscribing to the Internet
is too high for many of the impoverished secondary schools in Nigeria. In modern society, Nigeria needs
ICT to aid teaching and learning and educational management. ICT is an instrument for the economic and
technological development in the 21st century; therefore, Nigeria cannot afford to be on the wrong side of
the digital divide.

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The Adelphia Communications Scandal And Ethical Problems Raised By The Scandal

The Adelphia Communications Scandal

Adelphia was founded in 1952 when John Rigas made his first move of purchasing a cable company for $300 in Coudersport, PA. This cable television was steadily expanded into other communities, through the help of John’ s brother Gus and his two sons. In 1986, the company was taken public with the name Adelphia Communications Corporation. The founder John Rigas was known to be an aggressive man, not scared of taking risks when he really expected a big return. This is why the Adelphia Communications Corporation became the sixth largest cable operator, featuring 5.3 million subscribers. Unfortunately, the thirst for success led to a drastic change in John’s moral and ethical values, as he started manipulating financial records. Due to the public presence it offered, the act of manipulating and concealing financial information that were critical to the public and stakeholders soon became part of the company’s corporate culture. Before long, billions of company funds were missing, and there was no way to further conceal the situation.

The Adelphia Communications scandal took place in 2002 when a footnote obtained from the routine quarterly earnings statement revealed that over $2 billion had been borrowed by the Rigas family (Markon & Frank, 2002). This amount was not repaid, and this is what led to the creation of financial fraud suspicion. The amount of cash involved was huge ,and a peculiar arrangement with Adelphia that stated the company and family are responsible for either one’s debts further proved that there was an issue with finances. Eventually, it came to light that the father and son responsible for the company were thieves and fraudsters who routinely knew exactly how to make up numbers when they need to present them to stakeholders. This gave them an opportunity to lure more stakeholders, borrow cash from the company frequently and never pay back a cent (Markon & Frank, 2002). Eventually, the federal court jury convicted the father and son of fraud and conspiracy.

Two Key Ethical Problems Raised by the Adelphia Communications Scandal

            This scandal raised two key ethical problems. The first featured the earnings and liabilities misinterpretation. The Adelphia communications company went ahead to inflate earnings so it would meet the expectations set by Wall Street (Markon & Frank, 2002). For instance, the leaders of the company regularly misstated its press releases and Security Exchange Commission filings (Barlaup, Hanne & Stuart, 2009). Specific performance aspects were also manipulated to make it appear among the top cable companies. For instance, the total number of basic cable subscribers was increased, the extent of cable plant upgrade was exaggerated, and its corporate earnings were also played with to improve its image.

The second ethical problem arising from the scandal featured the personal loans being given to the Rigas family from the Adelphia Corporation. Ever since 1998, the Adelphia Communications company leaders have been using fraudulent misrepresentations and omissions to help cover up for their rampant abuse of company funds. This family frequently used company funds to pay for the vacation properties, apartments, and even to develop a golf course on a piece of land majorly owned by the Rigas family (Barlaup, Hanne & Stuart, 2009). Additionally, records show that this company has already issued over $ 772 million and $ 563 million of common stock and corporate notes respectively, to the family’s benefit  (Markon & Frank, 2002). Some member of this family have already managed to secretly divert approximately $ 174 million of company funds to help pay their personal margin loans (Markon & Frank, 2002).

Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory Application – Assignment Instructions

Erikson’s theory looks at development throughout life in a series of stages, and each stage identifies a crisis that occurs in life.

Based on your age, which stage of development does the theory predict you are currently facing? It is important to note that everyone’s development is unique and may not fall into this stage theory. You may feel that the previous stage or the next stage better explains your developmental process.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the stage of psychosocial development you are currently experiencing. Use the following questions to help direct you:

  • Where does the theory place you in the life stages?
  • Is this stage an accurate reflection of your current life stage? Do you believe that there is congruence between the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis and your current life circumstances?
  • If so, briefly discuss the developmental tasks and the psychosocial crisis with which you are currently engaged. If not, what stage better addresses your life stage? What is the crisis being worked through in this stage?
  • Looking at your own career development and job satisfaction at your current or previous places of employment, analyze elements that have contributed to your current status based on your gender and cultural background.

Value Of PROBOARD and IFSAC – PowerPoint Presentation

Within your state, a few fire chiefs (career and volunteer) have begun to question the value of PROBOARD and IFSAC. However, there are some fire chiefs who have expressed that the services provided by both organizations yield great benefits to all fire departments. You have been asked to deliver a 50 minute presentation at your state’s fire chief association conference.

The title of your presentation is “Understanding IFSAC and PROBOARD and their value to the fire service”.

Your presentation must:

  • Have 15-20 slides (not counting the title slide).
  • Have a title slide.
  • Include an introduction.
  • Address both organization’s approach to certification and issuing of certificates.
  • Explain both organization’s concept of accreditation.
  • Identify your state fire training agency’s accredited courses and levels (if any).
  • Identify at least five state agencies and their accredited PROBOARD courses and levels.
  • Identify at least five state agencies and their accredited IFSAC courses and levels.
  • Identify at least two non-state agencies and their accredited PROBOARD courses and levels.
  • Identify at least two non-state agencies and their accredited IFSAC courses and levels.
  • Explain the return on investments for organization which affiliate with PROBOARD and IFSAC.
  • Explain how career and volunteer fire department will likely be impacted by their state fire training agency’s affiliation with PROBOARD and IFSAC.
  • Also, identify which of the 16 life safety initiatives are applicable to this assignment.

How DNA Analysis Affects Procedure at the Crime Scene and Afterwards – MEMO

The new detective you are assisting is interested in finding out more about how the possibility of DNA analysis affects procedure at the crime scene and afterwards. Write a memo for his benefit, addressing the following issues:

  • Brief explanation of what DNA analysis is and how it can be used as evidence in criminal investigations.
  • Explain why extra caution must be exercised when collecting DNA analyzable evidence.
  • Discuss the precautions that must be followed to avoid contamination of evidence that may contain DNA evidence.
  • Describe the methods for collecting and storing DNA evidence.
  • Identify and discuss at least one controversial issue connected to the collection and/or use of DNA evidence.

Neighborworks America Organization Role In Regards to State and Local Relations

For the Unit VI assignment you are tasked with locating the web site of Neighborworks America and exploring the role of the organization in regards to state and local relations.

Specifically address the following:

  • Mission and vision of the organization
  • The collaboration required to help the organization meet its vision of “strong communities.” How the collaborations can assist with capacity building.
  • How does this collaboration relate to the concept of building local capacity by including non-government agencies in partnerships?
  • Which activities improve and enhance the organizations ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time?
  • How the partnership is impacting the community.

Your assignment must:

  • Be a minimum of 700 words.
  • Include an introduction which summarizes the main points of the essay and identifies the relevance of the assignment to the course topic(s).
  • Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format.

Counterintelligence Operation Case Study Assignment Instructions

In a 5-7 page paper (excluding cover page and bibliography), develop a case study of a counterintelligence operation. Your case study could be in any number of specialty areas:

  • Counter-terrorism
  • Counter Drug
  • Corporate Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Humanitarian Efforts

For your case study, assess the threats, the indicators, operation details, the role counterintelligence agents played, results and an assessment of the operation’s successes and failures. You must use Turabian-Chicago style. Include a cover sheet, running head, page numbers, section headings, and a bibliography. Also, you must use in-text parenthetic for all citations. Do NOT use first person language and avoid passive voice.

Some do’s and don’ts:


  • Use Turabian/Chicago format
  • Utilize a running head, section headings and page numbers
  • Proofread
  • Cite your sources (even if not a direct quote)
  • Have a separate bibliography
  • Use in-text parenthetic citations ONLY! No footnotes or endnotes!


  • Use passive voice or first person
  • Post your paper abstract to the Discussion Board
  • Use end notes

Here are some final tips:

  1. Make sure your paper follows Turabian style. This means to have a cover page, a running head and page numbers, section and subsection headings, proper citations, and a complete bibliography/resource page with citations formatted correctly.
  2. I prefer in-text parenthetic citations. However, if you hate them, use footnotes (make sure that you use Word’s insert reference function). Please, do not use end notes. They often get confused with the bibliography/resource page.
  3. Avoid the use of passive voice as much as possible. Some is okay, but don’t over use. If you need help with this, let me know.
  4. First person should only be used when referring to yourself specifically. Do not use “we”, “our”, or the like when referring to the United States or any component agency.
  5. Proofread!!!
  6. Please be concise and to the point. I don’t need you to sound “academic.” I like clarity. I’d rather have a paper that is a little short, but is direct, to the point, and very clear than a lengthy paper with a bunch of filler.
  7. Write about what you have interest in. Just make sure it ties to counterintelligence operations.

Public Agency’s Attempt to Ensure Public Involvement – Current Event / News Article

Locate a current events or news article via the Internet, detailing a public agency’s attempt to ensure public involvement. Examples could include the purchase of a large-scale item or real property, the hiring of additional officers, the building of new police station, or the purchase of tasers for all officers.

Write a 800- to 1,100-word paper which includes the following:

  • Describe the issue
  • What attempts by the agency were made to incorporate public involvement
  • Who from the public agency was involved with the project.
  • Over what time frame did this occur?
  • What barriers existed if any.
  • Any overall success or failure documented in the article.
  • Describe whether or not you agree with the agency and their approach.
  • Whether or not social media played a role in the involvement.
  • If you were the head of a public agency how formal would you have your public information personnel be?
  • Is there room for information communication in government?
  • When is the Internet and social media involvement a concern.

Cite at least one source other than the textbook.

Emergence of Ebola in Africa – What Caused the Disease?

According to experts, bats are the likely source of the deadly virus. The disease can be transmitted from wild animals such as bats to humans (Arthur, 2002). Ebola viral disease is a threat to global health which makes the topic relevant to research. In this regard, this research will be confined to evaluating factors that might have led to the emergence of Ebola in African particularly in West Africa. There are many available resources that point to this topic hence the research will shed light on what might have caused the disease.

According to Sullivan et al (2000), Ebola epidemic was first recognized in 2014 which led to public health responding by putting systems and capacities to detect and ultimately prevent the epidemic. In order to have a grasp of public health planning Ebola response was grouped into such areas like laboratory surveillance and workforce development among others. For instance in Liberia, MOH established a national IMS in 2014, in collaboration with other agencies such as the US Centers for Disease and Prevention and World Health Organization that is concerned for international public health.

With the growing media coverage about Ebola outbreak in Africa, EMS response has increasingly looked for policy together with operational guidance. Given the globalization of the world, for example, it is possible to have an individual who has traveled to the regions reported to have had similar symptoms. In such cases, EMS response to the emergency may be required to handle the situation. In other words, EMS trains personnel regarding Ebola response protocols. The idea is to ensure public safety for management of patients under investigation for EVD in the U.S.

In order to combat the disease, it requires cooperation from different stakeholders such as the community and health providers to mention a few. Due to intrinsic nature of the disease, it is somehow difficult to keep track of the disease in urban areas. This is because there are many contacts that occur in these environments. For example in West African shared cabs were a common way to transmit Ebola. In light of these problems, communities have taken initiatives based strategy of monitoring as well as travel limitations (Moon et al 2015). This meant that each member of a community would be screened daily and if they showed early symptoms, they were isolated. It is no doubt that the social and economic impact of the disease will be felt even long after the outbreak has ended.a

The Super Bug : A Possible Global Epidemic? – Assignment Instructions

An emerging concern in public health is the growing number of drug-resistant infectious bacteria, also known as “super bugs” and their evolving resistance to antibiotics. Commonly used antibiotics are quickly becoming ineffective against increasing infections. Drug resistance makes it significantly harder and more expensive to treat an infection and can lead to some of the worst outcomes for the patient. Alarmingly, the number of drug-resistant infections is increasing worldwide indicating the potential for a pandemic. For example, in Britain, the number of deaths from drug-resistant infections increased from 3,757 in 2005 to 8,324 in 2008 (Boseley, 2008).

One of the greatest concerns with regard to drug-resistant bacteria is tuberculosis, which can cause fatal lung infections. Almost every country is reported to have cases of tuberculosis that are resistant to standard first-line drugs. Fifty-eight countries have reported at least one case that is resistant to standard first- and second-line drugs (WHO, 2010).

Find at least two journal articles that address the issue of super bugs and respond to the following:

  • Select one type of drug-resistant infectious bacteria, for example, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Determine the countries that have the highest concentrations of this infection. Include the country and location. State how many new cases were reported within the last five years in the U.S.
  • Identify the bacteria that caused the highest number of drug-resistant infections in the U.S. How do these numbers differ from other countries?
  • Examine how public health officials are attempting to control and potentially eliminate drug-resistant bacteria.
  • Explain your opinion on the likelihood of drug-resistant bacteria causing a pandemic and the severity of this pandemic.

Support your statements with scholarly references and appropriate examples and write your initial response in approximately 350 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

Safety Plan For A Client Di agonized With Schizophrenia – Ted Case Study

Read the Topic 5 Ted Case Study then c reate a 1,200-1,500-word safety plan for a client similar to Ted, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia that addresses potential depression and suicidality.

The safety plan should include:

  • What symptoms would a client with schizophrenia exhibit? What symptoms did Ted display?
  • How would you have addressed Ted’s symptoms related to delusions, hallucinations, and depression?
  • What other diagnosis might Ted have been misdiagnosed with and why?
  • Describe which theories would have been most effective and which theories would have been least effective for treating Ted’s schizophrenia. Explain your rationale.
  • Describe treatment options for addressing all of Ted’s symptoms.
  • Explain how a client’s religious or spiritual beliefs come into play during the process of dealing with depression and suicide.

Include at least five scholarly references in addition to the textbook in your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Automation and its Effects on Industry : An Annotated Bibliography

Fortunati, Leopoldina, Anna Esposito, and Giuseppe Lugano. “Introduction to the Special Issue “Beyond Industrial Robotics: Social Robots Entering Public and Domestic Spheres”.” Information Society 31.3 (2015): 229-36. Education Research Complete. Web. 11 June 2017.

Fortunati in this article talks about Industrial and domestic robotics. He provides an interesting and insightful perspective into current and the possible future of automation in society. Fortunati goes on to compare the rise in industrial automation from the 1960’s to today. Moreover, he explains how domestic automation is still uncharted. He also gives a good overview on how social automation is changing the world and explains how industry has changed due to automation. This article is a great resource for people who wants to discuss how automation has changed the world in domestic and industrial terms.

This will be a great resource to use for the presentation because it gives a good overview of domestic and industrial automation and its impact on the world. It is a good source for information pertaining to how automation got its start in the 1960’s and how it is used today. Overall, this article pertains to the scope of the course and will provide answers to the required questions for the presentation. It will help answer how this technology is a solution to the workforce and how it can influence economic power.

Frank, Morgan R., et al. “Small Cities Face Greater Impact from Automation.” 16 May 2017. EBSCOhost,

Morgan explains in this article how automation is affecting small cities. Morgan provides a comparative picture of the impact of automation across U.S. urban areas and how these areas will have to undertake greater adjustments as far as worker employment and job displacements. Morgan does a good job of providing statistics and figures to help explain the impact of automation in small cities compared to major employment hubs such as state capitals or major population centers. This article is a good source for people interested in exploring how automation is affecting small cities specifically.

This resource will provide a good amount of useful material for the presentation. Morgan provides answers to some of the required questions that will be answered. More specifically Morgan helps explain how automation is creating new problems and how it is affecting people in small cities in terms of employment. Moreover, this article will provide a good source of additional information to add into the presentation. More specifically it will provide information on a small city outlook on automation compared to major employment hubs.

Tyagi, Amit. “Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?.” IUP Journal of Computer Sciences, vol. 11, no. 2, Apr. 2017, pp. 43-56. EBSCOhost,

Tyagi provides good research on how automation is transforming the nature of almost everything that is connected to human life. Furthermore, Tyagi talks about both the advantages and disadvantages of using automation. He also talks about how it is changing the world around us and the impacts on the workforce. Moreover, Tyagi explains how he feels that automation will help shape the world in the future and what he sees as the outcome of the workforce in many years after automation is further developed. This article in is a great source for general audiences looking for information on the definition of automation.

This article will be useful in providing general information on automation and will help answer most of the questions required for the presentation. Tyagi uses his point of view to explain the advantages and disadvantages of automation which will be incredibly useful to the project. Moreover, it will help give a good definition of automation and how it is changing the world around us. Overall this article is a great resource for the presentation and also a great resource for the overall scope of the course itself.

Ebel, Karl-H. “The Impact of Industrial Robots on the World of Work.” International Labour Review, vol. 125, no. 1, Jan. 1986, p. 39. EBSCOhost,

Ebel makes great points in this article which talks about the impact of industrial robots on work environment in manufacturing industries. To add on to that, Ebel goes on to talk about the barriers of automation in industries and how it will impact employment overall. Ebel uses reliable sources and talks about how is impacting other countries as well. Furthermore, Ebel explains the robot to human ratio in the industrial workforce which will be crucial information to know for the presentation. This article is a great resource for students or people interested in researching the statistics involving human to robot employment and how automation as a whole is affecting employment for humans.

Overall this article will be a great resource for the presentation. Ebel makes good comparisons between the human to robot ratio when talking about industries. This article will be great in explaining how humans will have to adapt to the automated workforce. The article specifically provides useful figures and research that will help explain the new problems that can arise from the use of automation. Ebel also uses trusted sources for his research.

Davis, Keith. “Individual Needs and Automation.” Academy of Management Journal, vol. 6, no. 4, Dec. 1963, pp. 278-283. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2307/255153.

The article discusses the impact of automation on the fulfillment of human dignity, creativity and potential of a free man. Davis also defines what automation means and talks about how important it is for skilled human workers to maintain the automated systems. Davis also talks about the expanded role of humans when working with automated systems. Furthermore, Davis talks about the relationship between automation and unemployment, and the moral and ethical aspects of implementing automation into an industrial organization. The article is a good source of information for engineers and students learning how to interact with automated machines.

This article will be helpful in discussing how automation is impacting the work force as a whole and how humans will play an expanded role in maintaining the automated systems. This will be helpful when answering the required questions for the project presentation. More specifically this article will help answer the question about whose problem it is and what people might be harmed by this technology. Overall Davis makes great points and this article contains many great points that will be used in my presentation.

Winthrop, Henry. “Some Psychological and Economic Assumptions Underlying Automation, I.” American Journal of Economics & Sociology, vol. 17, no. 4, July 1958, pp. 399-412. EBSCOhost,

The article focuses on psychological and economic aspects of automation. First and perhaps the most potent of the current beliefs used to allay the fears of industrial workers that automation threatens their job security and future, is the emphasis on the opportunity for upgrading. Winthrop goes on to explain how automation will impact the use of humans in technological societies. Furthermore, Winthrop goes on to discuss how automation will positively affect the work force by requiring upgraded labor needs that are performed by industrial engineers and managers. The author shows bias toward automation, but overall is a great resource for students interested in learning about the future of the world with automation and how jobs will be impacted.

This article will be very useful for the upcoming project as it contains a wealth of research and information that pertain to the required questions. The article also contains information that can help facilitate possible discussion or any follow on questions regarding the project. The author also does a great job comparing the negative effects of automation on low-skilled workers to the likes of industrial engineers and managers.

Journal Article Review Instructions

Article Selection

Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article related to the provided topic. The article you select must have been published within the last 5 years. Read the article several times. Be sure you have demonstrated a good understanding of the article by the key points, the research findings, and future research considerations, before you begin writing.

Writing Guidelines

Write a 250–300-word review of the article . You must clearly focus on the context of the article including key points, research findings, and future research considerations. Include these as headings to ensure that you cover each one. The key points section should provide an overall summary for what the article is about. The reseach findings sections should provide an overall description as well as details for what the study was about (ie purpose of the study, who participants were, what the study revealed/showed through the findings). The future research considerations section should share what future studies the article thinks should occur or plans to conduct and/or ideas you may have for future studies that are needed.

Do not copy or quote from the article; you must paraphrase the article in your own words, using in-text citations. For example, if you include figures or demographics in the review, be sure to cite the information properly. Do not submit the actual journal article.

Begin the review with a strong introduction regarding the overall purpose or objectives of the article and the research. Write clear and appropriate transitions from one key point to the next. End with a strong conclusion. You must demonstrate excellent sentence fluency, coherent and unified sentences, correct spelling, correct punctuation, and good word choice. The review must be written in third person. Only one journal article may be referred to, cited, and referenced.

APA Format

The reviews must be in current APA format. Take special note of the following guidelines:

  • Double spacing,
  • 1-inch margins on all sides,
  • 12-point Times New Roman font,
  • At least one in-text citation, and
  • References listed on a separate reference page with hanging indents and double-spacing.
  • Include three headings (key points, research findings, future research considerations).

Importance of Preparing The Necessary Documents Related to Death and Dying

Plan for the end of life

After viewing  Planning for the End of Life   and  Death Isn’t What It Used To Be, discuss in 250-300 words, the importance of preparing the necessary documents related to death and dying.

Consider the following documents and their significance not only to your death but to family:

  • Life Insurance,
  • Death Certificate,
  • Advance Directives,
  • Living Will,
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care,
  • Will (testate versus intestate),
  • Trusts
  • Pour-over will.

Techniques and Tools for Managing the Data In An Organization – Assignment Instructions

Assignment Instructions

You have explored many options for managing data as well as its importance to the overall health of an organization in making well-informed decisions. Many organizations feel that they have to utilize powerful and expensive solutions, but there are also cheaper alternatives. For example, MS Excel can be a great tool to manage data and identify answers to any questions. Thus, whether your organization is big or small, all the tools need to be evaluated to determine the one that will work best, not only in managing the data but also in lowering the overall cost. Managing cost is important, as you do not want to implement a solution that will bankrupt the organization; that, in itself, is an ill-informed decision.

Respond to the following:

  • What would be some of the mistakes or consequences of not investigating the costs associated with the organization’s information systems (data collection) choice? Besides going bankrupt, what other effects could it have on the organization? Could it lead to bad decision making? Explain.
  • What systems does your organization utilize, either as a whole or per department? Is this solution effective? Why or why not? Is there a solution that would be more effective? If not, explain why.
  • With the various solutions available today, which one do you think would work best for you? Meaning, which of these solutions (such as MS Excel or a decision-support system)  would work best on the following criteria:
    • Ease of use
    • Interpretation of data
    • Sharing of data
  • Often, we think of business analytics as only for businesses. However, can any of these tools be used for personal decision making? Provide some examples of how you could utilize these tools.

Write your initial response in 300–500 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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MMG740 – HR Management Guidelines for Short Analytical Paper

You are required to write a paper (3 pg. minimum) that describes your “company of choice” selected from the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list from Ulrich’s Employer of Choice perspective from the perspective of Ulrich’s Employee Champion frame, the Katz/Miller Worthy Organization reading and the Great Place to Work perspective. These companies are considered to have “best practices” for managing its human resources. In this short paper you will demonstrate your ability to apply the criteria to a specific company. This paper is not simply a list of the benefits offered by your company of choice; your paper must demonstrate your understanding of the theory and integrate content from readings and in-class activities and presentations.

  • Define why you selected this organization and how human resource management functions are key to the organizations success.
  • How do these HR practices ensure the organizations commitment to mission, values and goals?
  • Answer the question: Is this a place where you would like to work, why or why not? For example, discuss the how the qualities present in “your company of choice” enhanced employee contribution, and/or foster the “worthy organization.”

This is NOT a cut and paste paper, but a paper that reflects your understanding of what it means to be an employer of choice/great place to work and how the criteria applies specifically to your

How Ethics and Social Responsibilities Influence Strategic Planning Process

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand the influence that ethics and social responsibilities have on the strategic planning process.

Assignment Steps

Write a 700-word report in which you address the following:

  • Define and explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan while considering stakeholder needs and agendas.
  • Include at least one example of a company overstepping ethical boundaries for stakeholder agendas, and identify what types of preventative measures could be taken to avoid this type of situation.

Cite 3 scholarly references, including at least one peer-reviewed reference from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Traditional Annual Evaluation Vs New Real-Time Feedback Coaching Methods Of Performance Appraisals

Imagine that you are a director of performance management. With this role in mind, briefly compare and contrast the traditional annual evaluation method of performance appraisals with the new real-time feedback coaching format.

  • State which method you support, and explain why.
  • How do you think Frederick W. Taylor would respond to the real-time feedback coaching system? Explain.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below.

  • Your paper should be at least three pages in length (not counting the title page and reference page). Writing should include proper grammar, sentence structure, and writing mechanics.
  • Organization should be logical, clear, and appropriate.
  • You should provide strong evidence of critical thinking.
  • Paragraphs should contain strong topic sentences.
  • The essay should begin with an introduction to the topic.
  • You should make use of logical transitions.
  • You must find at least two additional references in addition to any of the required readings that you use for a total of five


  • All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations in APA


  • Your paper should be formatted in accordance to APA format.
  • Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.