AAllen 3 IFSM 300 Final Exam Fall 2015 Questions And Answers

Question 2 

Identify which of Porter’s Generic Strategies is most appropriate to Virginia Bikes and explain why you selected it in light of your Five Forces Analysis. 

The most appropriate generic strategy for Virginia Bikes to use is Cost Leadership because Bill wants to provide the customers with the lowest price possible and still wants to give them a great value. He offers bikes from all price ranges and accessories, as well as repair and maintenance services and does so while striving to keep prices the lowest possible while still earning a good profit.

Question 3  

Bill  uses the three business processes listed below, and each of them could be improved using technology.  Explain in general how an information technology system solution could improve each one of the processes without naming a specific solution.

Selling bicycles – how technology could improve the process:

Bill could use an IT solution by selling bicycles by selling his inventory online through his own website. This is a good increase in sales, as he will now be competing against those companies that sale bikes online.

Repairing bicycles – how technology could improve the process:

A simple step-by-step guide through his website could help customers fix their own bikes but for the customers that are uncomfortable using tools or don’t want to get their hands dirty, they could schedule a drop-off for in-house service. This could all be added to his basic website, making it more valuable to his business and his customers.


Managing inventory – how technology could improve the process:

Having his products on a UPC scan able system would improve his control over his inventory.  This IT solution would let him know when products need to be ordered or if there is possible theft of his products and supplies, cutting loss of profits.

Question 6 

List and briefly explain three specific quantifiable (measurable) business benefits that Virginia Bikes would get from using a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Your explanations should include references to the Virginia Bikes business in the case study.

Business Benefit #1 Virginia Bikes is among the busiest and most involving stores, thus one benefit of using SAAS is that it will easy the process of keeping and analyzing manual data that could be excess based on vast of activities that take place there.


Business Benefit #2 SAAS will also reduce the cost of operation in Virginia, being the most busy store, Virginia requires a number of employees to assist in keeping records, managing sales and making financial accountings. However, with SAAS bill will manage to do all this using a few employees who will only be required to update the database based on the situation and the system will generate the reports automatically.


Business Benefit #3 Cloud computing reduces the cost of hosting the company won database. In this case individual hosting would increase the need for server space, IT personnel and other expensive requirements. Thus using SAAS will cut on the cost of running effective automated database in the Virginia store.

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