Alaska Airlines Strategic Plan – Sample Paper

Alaska airline is one of the several Airlines that are based in The United States. The airline is owned by Alaska air groups, and it has its headquarters based in the suburb regions of Washington. Te first time the airline launched its service under the name Alaska airlines was way back in the year 1944. The airline has been able to grow far and wide over the years. Moreover, it currently covers areas such as Mexico, United States, Hawaiian Islands and Mexico. Statistics show that the Alaska airline has been responsible for the ferrying of passengers between the United States and Alaska more than any other airline has ever done so (Alaska Airlines). The current base of operation is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The airline has a sister airline known as Horizon air that is also owned by the Alaska Air groups and the two share a lot of common flight destinations. One year ago, the airline was ranked as the best airline when it comes to the satisfaction derived by the customers who use the flight services.


Being one of the leading airlines in the United States, has several objectives that it aims at achieving both in the short and the long run. For instance, it has an objective of generating revenue of upto 50 percent of the sponsorship it gets from its sponsors. One of the ways that it can generate such kind of money is through offering travelling services to the Seattle Mariners. Furthermore, any other teams that travel to attend away games normally do so via the use of Alaska airlines. The customers are able to get discounts from the company anytime they participate in their team web sites and other sites that are legally accepted by the airline.

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