Assignment 4: Evaluating E-commerce Hosting Services

You wold lie to set up a website to sell towels, linens, pottery amnd tableware from portugal and are examining services for hosting small business Internet storefronts. Your web site should be able to take secure credit card payments and to calculate shipping costs and taxes. Initially you would like to display photos and descriptions of 40 different products. Visit Yahoo!Small Business, GoDaddy and Volusion and compare the range of e-commerce hosting services they offer to small business, their capabilities and e-commerce site. Compare these services and decide which you would use if you were actually establishing a Web store. Write a brief report indicating your choice and explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each.

To submit the complete assignment, you must:
•create a spreadsheet to compare the three identified e-commerce hosting sites and the e-commerce hosting site that you find
•prepare a PowerPoint presentation that represents the presentation you would give to management explaining your selection. It should explain all the criteria that you included in your spreadsheet evaluation and the strengths and weaknesses of each choice, and it should identify your choice and the reasons why you made this choice. For each slide, include “notes” that would represent what you would say if you were giving the presentation.
For this assignment you must hand in:
•an Excel spreadsheet
•a PowerPoint presentation


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