Avoiding Unauthorized Practice of Law By Paralegals


Paralegal refers to a person qualified via different combinations of education, work experience, or training, who is engaged or employed by a lawyer, governmental agency law office or any other entity in a function or capacity that entails the performance, under the definitive supervision and direction of a licensed attorney. Paralegals are specifically entrusted to substantive legal work. Their work normally needs enough legal procedures and principles knowledge, such that it can be performed by attorneys in their absence. This paper focuses on analysis paralegals and their role in the law enactment.

Characteristic of an Effective Paralegal

To be an effective paralegal, one needs to be organized, flexible and precise. Paralegal are basically the legal system detail specialists. To be successful, a paralegal require to be highly efficient with his time and organized. Their key duties include organizing files of with essential legal document and researching cases. According to Bevans (2008), lawyers must present a case in a courtroom in a systematic way to give a story of what transpired. To achieve this, lawyers depend on paralegals to keep evidence documents, files and notes cataloged sequentially for easy use and retrieval.

Good and effective paralegals are quick and flexible enough to adapt to changing clients’ needs and tasks. Lawyers continuously put the burden of establishing new information and resources on paralegals as court cases continue. In some cases, a paralegal may have limited time which includes days or hours to get and produce the required resources and case document for the lawyer. Paralegals work in a stressful environment frequently filled with demanding individuals. Therefore, they should have the ability to remain calm even in the most stressful and demanding situation.

Together with working effectively under pressure, a paralegal require a strong aptitude to deliver accurate details and information. Lawyers normally have to move faster to utilize all the research and evidence given by paralegals and they frequently expect the paralegal to check on the facts. Paralegals’ failure to double-check the documents and findings for accurate grammar and format makes the lawyers they assist to make fatal mistakes, a situation that can destroy the case. The need for accuracy is accompanied by good writing skills as one created legal contracts and documents used in official arrangement (Bevans, 2008).

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