Barriers to attaining gender equity in Canada regarding sports system

Introduction: Participation in sports provide a wide rang eof physical, psychological and social benefits for women. Studies of women experience and can contribute to a sense of empowerment and sense of ownership of their bodies. Women’s participation in sports challenges and changes social norms with regards to their roles and capabilities within the society (World Health organization, 2005).This paper takes the social conflict perspective of sociological study. Conflict perspective assumes that social life is shaped by groups and individuals who struggle or compete with one another over various resources and rewards, resulting in particular distributions of power, wealth, and prestige in societies and social systems. These shape the patterns of everyday life as well as things such as racial, ethnic, and class inequality and relations among nations and regions of the world. This paper will examine the perceived barriers to attaining gender equity within Canadian interuniversity Sport system. 

Women and girls, who account for more than 50 percent of the population of Canada, continue to be underrepresented in the sport and physical activity system. Women and girls typically report more barriers to sport and physical activity participation across the lifespan than men and boys, affecting their involvement as participants, athletes, coaches, officials and leaders (Tucker Center, 2007; Werthner, Culver & Mercier, 2010). There are a variety of barriers including: physical, psychological, time based barrier, interpersonal, accesses and opportunity barrier and programming barrier.

Conclusion :This paper will provide recommendations to address those barriers to enhance and promote women participation in Canadian sports.

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