Benefits Strategy Chart And A Narrative – Sample Paper

Every employer all over the world has the sole responsibility of ensuring that there are measures in place so that the employees work in a safe and healthful environment. In the United States of America, there is an agency that was put in place as per the requirements of the constitution so that it overlooks at the safety programs in all companies within America. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the agency that ensures health and safety programs are adhered to by all companies for the sake of the employees. The agency has the role of ensuring that there are standards to be followed by all stakeholders. Moreover, the agency offers training to Company officials on how to maintain the health measures and how to handle such situations in case they arise at their organizations. The education programs offered by the agency are free of charge since in most cases it (agency) aims at creating partnership programs with the Companies.    The formation of the partnerships is normally aimed at creating improvements on the health and safety programs that have already been put in place.

No one ever wants accidents to happen at their work places, but then accidents are just inevitable since they occur at the least expected time. Accidents such as fire break outs, death of employees and even permanent injuries can in result in massive loss of profits or even lead to the termination of a business (Mondy, 2010). In order for any business to avoid such losses, they do not spend so much money or even turn their businesses upside down. The only thing that such businesses to do are to have well choreographed prevention principles. Additionally, benefit to the employees should also be stated so that the employees do not suffer once they get in such accidents. Some of the benefits are listed in the benefits strategy chart below:

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