Best Free Forex Trading Signal Providers Traders Should Try in 2017

For Forex traders who simply do not have the time (or skill) to practice lone trading in the currency market, subscribing to a Forex signal provider can be an easy way to ensure that one makes money. Finding these providers is not a hard task as they are literally a search button away. If you search and scour the internet, you will come across a considerable number of Forex signal providers ready to offer their services to traders. A challenge that most Forex traders have been facing is finding a Forex signal that is consistently profitable. Many providers are known to mislead their clients with profit results from previous months, only for the trader’s to find out later when they miss their desired results.

It is common for some of these providers to provide Forex signals which they themselves do not even trade with, which is often a tell-tale sign that they are not legitimate. The purpose of this article is to review two of the best Forex signal providers that traders might consider using in 2017 owing to the decent returns that they have always generated for their subscribers.

  1. Marketclub

This subscription service provides Forex traders with daily, weekly and monthly trading signals round the clock. It makes Forex trading signals available for about 320,000 diverse markets which includes commodities, futures, options, stocks and Forex pairs. Additionally, they also provide traders with live charts for all the aforementioned markets together with a smart scan feature. This feature allows Forex traders to search for trading opportunities by use of various technical patterns that are at their disposal. It is therefore ideal for short, intermediate and long-term Forex traders due to the comprehensive signals that it provides.

Marketclub provides Forex traders with signals known as trade triangles. These signals appear on price charts and are produced automatically using proprietary algorithm in real-time. The triangles will either be green or red at any given stage. A red triangle indicates an off-putting bearish trend while the green one indicates an affirmative bullish trend. Traders can make use of these automated Forex signals by entering a long position when a new green trade signal is produced on a weekly basis and exiting the position during the next sell signal on a daily time frame.  Traders can take a two week free trial or better still subscribe to Marketclub to test out various strategies until they find one that works for them.

  1. ZuluTrade

As a next-generation signal service, ZuluTrade allows Forex traders to simultaneously subscribe to around 100,000 diverse signal providers. After subscription, the signals provided are automatically duplicated in the trader’s account in real-time. As a free service, ZuluTrade has really outdone its self by providing accurate forecasts which have enabled traders to make consistent profits. Using it is also a win-win situation as signal providers earn handsome commissions when they are consistently profitable while the subscribers earn additional funds for simply being subscribed to the service.

What Forex traders simply have to do is to open a live account, deposit trading capital, analyze performance data in order to pin-point the most profitable traders, subscribe to their selected signal providers, set their stop losses, watch the duplication of trades their accounts in real-time and make money by following profitable signals. Additionally, traders have an opportunity to manage their Forex account ensuring that they have total control of their trading affairs. This is because different traders decide which Forex signal provider they would want to employ and the amount of money they would be willing to risk at any given time.

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