Blogging: Enhancing Team Communication In Companies

Blogging: Enhancing Team Communication In Companies

Companies, including McDonald’s, are using blogs to improve internal communications with employees. “Blogs are a way to bring knowledge together,” said Dave Weick, chief information officer at McDonald’s, who distributes blog access to thousands of employees. Employee communication blogs are gaining popularity because they are easy to set up and inexpensive to run. They generate honest communication, enhance collaboration, and help nurture team building. Assume you have started a blog to share and distribute information about a team project with ten team members.

Your Task.

In class teams, discuss how you would you respond to each of the following situations:
a. Adam uses the blog to share personal information instead of communicating information about the team project.
b. Tamika is not participating and has not posted any comments.
c. Jon’s comments include insults to other team members.
d. Several team members do not understand how to use the blog.

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