Capstone Project : Apple Vs Samsung – Sample Paper

Capstone Project: Apple and Samsung


The international smartphone industry is one of the strongest and quickest developing commercial ventures today. There is no indication of it softening at whatever time soon. The expanding demand and growth for smartphones is influenced by the huge numbers of developing nations that are coming online. Cell phones have experienced real changes since they were introduced in 1994. Organizations like Apple, Samsung, and numerous others, are occupied with a ceaseless rivalry to see who will be the most imaginative and prevalent with clients around the globe, in different markets and social settings. These items are continually advancing to meet client desires. The worldwide smartphone industry is best characterized by general market share and cost based upon item types. The business can be further characterized into three separate portions: low-end, middle, and top-line. In the worldwide cell phone industry, market share and scale are everything. The capacity to extend comprehensively is crucial as developing markets emerge and new potential clients approach. Notwithstanding, it is still conceivable to be productive in the business sector without extending quickly against wild rivalry by targeting a particular market segment. This is possible because cell phone substitutes are low, and rivalry is high with large Corporations like Apple and Samsung struggling to dominate the market.

  1. The existing business strategies, domestic and global environments, industry, and internal capabilities for both Apple and Samsung, and assessment of the significant manner in which each company’s mission and vision align with the long-terms goals and strategic direction of the organization. 

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