Child Labour


Child Labour

Child labour is said to be the involvement of young boys and girls at their tender for hire to work; or be subjected to jobs that does not fit them and not safe for them of their ages.  In the developing countries the economy tends to be that those families make children work to increase their incomes.

When it is not labour does not fit that of a slave, they are paid peanuts with an expectations to do the work equivalent to other workers. On the other hand, these children are subjected to areas of work that are prone to diseases and they are dangerous. The labour in question takes away their childhood thus making it unwanted by them.

They lack a chance for getting education at their childhood. Due to this hard labour, they are always away from school working and a chance of social life is lost.They are not supposed to handle responsibility of their families to a great extent. Parents and guardians are supposed to care for their kids well enough to avoid them being subjected to hard labour. Children are to have freedom till adulthood, a point they can be responsible for anything. Mature roles should not be given to them at tender age.

The main point mostly being checked on, even in developing countries, is that children are supposed to work in that it will not influence their way to education. Several articles have interviewed these children and the results werethat they need to study while still working.

Lack of work takes away ones income. Most of these children’s are involved in hard labour in support of their families.  Every individual engage in work for survive. Lack of this source of having their income, living becomes hard.

When the society is so poor, most of the children’s lack any other choice other than to work. To feed their families children have to work hard. This is mainly caused by economic meltdown in their countries making their parents lack the ability to earn good amount for survival. Survival is so vital to them than gaining education. They choose to assist their families in sacrifice of education life. Much cannot be accomplished unless the level of economy improves.

A developing country has no privileges as developed countries do. The children in question happen to be living in very poor countries in terms of standard of living thus taking different course of life at a different focus points. To us, family’s responsibilities should not be directed to children, but due to a harsher environment there must be such scenarios, because of the countries they live in.

The research outcomes are shocking.  More so, the age is demanding of the children in question working in the third world nations. And, even rich the same children are doing hard labour in these wealthy nations under very prone areas and most of us would not prefer. However, to totally ignore the take on economic problems of almost all families throughout the world of which their kids work so hard. If there were choices for all guardians and parents, surely most of them would prefer the same of what happens to those rich families and how they handle their youngsters.

In addition, most of the companies do this for profit motives. In particular, a firm that is involved in child labour to raise their margins in term of profit will risk an outcome if many discover that the whole work was done through child labour

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