Christianity And Other Religions View of Good and Evil

The selected aspect is Christianity view of good and evil. My choice for this aspect has been influenced by the fact that, many people suffer following direct confrontations with evil while some proper if they continue to do good. There are different conclusions about how world religions view good and evil. Since time immemorial, human beings have struggled to find the actual meanings of good and evil, but they have not arrived into a universal conclusion. The presence of evil and good has caused much debate among philosophers, scholars, and theologians. Christian beliefs, as well as those of other religions, act as sources of determining what is evil and what is good. This explains why it is important to look at how other religions view good and evil along Christianity views on the same (Valea, 2011).

According to Christianity, God’s inherent character is the source of all goodness, while evil is failure to love and serve God, and to submit to his authority. Many Christians believe that all that God does is good because He cannot go against his intrinsic nature. In Christianity worldview, all things that God created are good. Therefore, since evil is bad, it was not created by God. One question that may arise from this statement is why God cannot stop evil yet He is all-good (Valea, 2011). The view of good and evil has a great significance across different religion including; Islam, hinduism, indigenous sacred ways, buddhism, judaism, sikhism, Shinto.

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Islamic view of good and evil is very simple and different from that of other religions. According to Islam, all bad and good things were created by God (Allah) who later made them known to man via successive revelations. Allah however gave man the power of choosing between the two paths, and taking full responsibility of individual choices. The two sources that enable Muslims to understand good and evil are noble Quran and Prophet Muhammad’s teachings. Therefore, Muslims believe that good and bad are viewed in practical actions. People are expected to follow that which they feel is good and relinquish what they know is bad (BBC, 2014).

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