communication failures

  • Examine your case study for communication failures. To do this, you will need to work from the theory presented in the course. Three different approaches to change are presented. Work from all of the readings, and on your own
    • List the specific failures you looked for and what you found
    • Also include evidence that the communication has failed
    • Summarize your findings
    • Also explain how the theory and readings helped you accomplish this task
  • Address how you might repair or rebuild communication channels to facilitate change
    • Prioritize the important communication failures you found in the case study in order of importance (most important to least important).
    • Explain why you selected this prioritization i.e. why do you think a particular failure is more important than the others
    • For the three most important failures, describe a specific strategy for improvement that you might implement to repair or rebuild communication channels to facilitate change
    • Describe the implications of implementing these strategies on stakeholders
  • Write a 4–5 page paper on this aspect

Just remember to focus on (a) the implications of the post Great Recession, and (b) making sure each assignment is a contribution (stepping stone) for your course project.


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