Consulting Report Assignment Instructions – Planning And Implementation


Rooftop Cinema has decided to become more active in using a marketing-oriented database to benefit their business. Given the competitive environment, the company realises that it is important for them to have a good understanding of their customers’ needs and in particular, they want to be able to identify and build a relationship with their best customers. Rooftop Cinema would like your team to provide some recommendations with regard to creating an effective marketing database.

  • Explain to Rooftop how database marketing can benefit their business and benefit their customers (providing specific examples).
  • Provide advice to Rooftop on the relevant information that should be collected (and from whom), briefly explaining why/how each piece of information might be useful.
  • Provide two examples to Rooftop as to how they might use their database: one example should focus on retaining a particular segment of existing customers and the other example should focus on attracting new customers (consider ideas that might be appropriate for development in Consulting Assignment #7 which involves developing a direct marketing campaign).


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