About 34% of primary Fortune 500 companies are blogging, and researchers note an increase in corporations with active blogs. The companies and the CEOs who do blog can impart valuable lessons. TWO purposes of this assignment: FIRST, read and evaluate a corporate blog for its content, purpose, tone, style, and target audience. Then, summarize your observations about the business blog, its purpose, tone, style, content, and its target audience. SECONDLY, use quotations from each of the corporate blog posts to support any claims you might make about this corporate blog as you write your review of it. Include in-text citations with your quotations to indicate which blog post you were quoting. Include reference entries for each of the blog posts at the end of your review. Use the APA style guide to format the in-text citations and references.


Conduct an internet search with the key words: CEO blogs, index of corporate blogs, index of CEO blogs etc., or use one of the following links below to access a corporate blog of interest to you.

• The 10 Best Company Blogs in the World

• 15 Excellent Blogs to Learn From

• Top 40 Corporate Blogs


STEP 2: READ AT LEAST FIVE BLOGPOSTS Read five blogposts from the same corporate blogsite. This will help you sense who the target audience is, what tone and style of writing is typical for this corporate blog, and the type of content addressed.


STEP 3: RECORD OBSERVATIONS & LOOK FOR PATTERNS As you read the five posts, record carefully (in a Word or Google Doc) the following information and look for patterns:

• Who is/are the target audience(s) of this type of workplace communication?

• What is the purpose of this type of workplace communication?

• What content does it include?

• What is the tone of writing?

• What style of writing is used? Formal? Informal? Eloquent? Casual? Use of jargon?

• What is the timing/context/situation (usually blog posts are in response to a current situation or problem)?

• What sorts of evidence (data, statistics), or reasoning is used to back up the claims made?

• How does the timing/context/situation affect the evidence and reasoning included in this type of workplace communication?

• How familiar is the audience with the topic?

• What assumptions about the audience do the writers make?

• What is the medium of delivery (type of blogging software, design of blog etc.)?

STEP 4: CREATE AN OUTLINE Using the information that you have gathered, create an outline that provides clear statements about the chosen, corporate blog site. 3


STEP 5: USE QUOTATIONS FROM THE BLOG POSTS Use quotations from the five blogposts to back up the claims you make about this particular corporate blog’s audience, purpose, style, tone, and content. Incorporate them into your outline as supporting points for your main points.


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