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Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

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  • Most of those considered effective at making decisions are the few individuals with the ability to choose the most appropriate option from an array of alternatives in consistence.
  • The decisions of such persons are well informed, imagined, defensible and reasoned.
  • Through the application of creative and critical thinking, one is usually able solve very complex problems as well as understand the implications of their thought process.


  • Though used alongside each other, there stands out a significant difference between the two terminologies.
  • Critical thinking is the persistent, careful and active consideration of any form of knowledge, belief, the logics supporting it and the eventual conclusions that follow.
  • Creative thinking, on the other hand, entails the generation of new ideas across or within realm of knowledge, deliberately breaking or drawing upon the established symbolic measures and rules.

Real-life scenario that required critical and creative thinking

  • client proposes a mansion to be designed for them.
  • Problem: getting the client satisfied.
  • Implications:

    having a design that could be workable with the capital available, while at the same time, seeing to it that the self esteem of the client was maintained.

    To advise for a smaller mansion would imply undermining the client’s ability.

    At the same time, recommending cheep unreliable materials would result in the long term negative                      portraiture of the company name.


Decision making process

  • At one point in life or the other, one has to be involved in a situation whereby they have to make a decision.
  • The choices of the decisions made, as posited by Mather and McCarthy (2009), have very heinous implications on the events that follow. 
  • Therefore, one has to take their time to see to it that they make only the most appropriate and effective decisions. As such, sufficient time had to be taken before advising the client accordingly.


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