ECON 2280 Assignment 3: Create a Blog Entry – Instructions

Economics for Everyone, a popular feminist economics blog, has asked you to be a guest blogger and create a blog entry presenting a gendered analysis of a national or global economic issue and related policy.  Examples of potential topics: 
  • the labor market
  • consumerism
  • anti-poverty programs
  • sex trafficking
  • globalization
  • microfinance

Your entry should be 500-750 words. A good blog entry is concise (within the page limit), grabs the reader’s attention (hopefully, enough to generate comments), reference sources by creating hyperlinks, and is well written for a popular audience.   This is your opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned on your selected topic.

Your blog entry must have at least four links, which will include reference to 2 class sources.  All links must be appropriate for classroom discussion and usage.  This portion of the assignment is worth 150 points.

Check out Nancy Folbre’s blog for examples of blog entries from a feminist economic perspective:
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