Effects of Parental Incarceration on Young Children

Paper instructions:
Powerpoint presentation on policy brief paper that is already written. Two papers provided. Audio not required I will do the audio part just write the presentation based on the papers.

CCJ 4497 – Criminal Justice and Public Policy
Dr. Tim Goddard
Discussion Board Policy Presentation
The type of oral presentation required for Professor Goddard’s capstone course Criminal Justice and
Public Policy is a discussion board policy presentation. The assignment simulates real-world
policymaking debates that routinely take place in the criminal and juvenile justice systems. It is
commonly produced in response to a request directly from a decision-maker or within an
organization that intends to change a position or strategy. As soon-to-be graduates, you need to
practice researching policies, analyzing their efficacy, and summarizing this research in a brief oral
presentation. Thus, everyone will prepare a PowerPoint presentation on a topic covered in the
course and post the presentation on the discussion board forum.
The topic of your presentation will be the same topic that you select to write about for your policy
brief. Thus, if you have not reviewed the policy brief overview and instructions stop here and go
review the policy brief prompt and complete the first two writing assignments. Please take enough
time to look over the course material and chapters, and decide on a “good” topic. This is not always
easy. A good topic is very important to your success in both the writing assignment and the
presentation assignment.
For the week that you post your presentation, you will be in charge of monitoring the discussion
board forum for the entire week and replying to at least two (2) comments by the end of the week.
You will also need to view the presentations posted by your colleagues that week and post at least
two (2) substantive comments to two different presentation threads. It is important that you post
these comments because it models a real-world policy debate that occurs in the crime policy field
and is an element of your presentation grade. You need to post these two comments by Thursday
at 11:59pm of the relevant week so that your colleagues will have the time to respond to them.
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