Emergency Department Overcrowding Problem Analysis

Emergency department overcrowding is a serious problem. Overcrowding is associated with inferior clinical outcomes (such as mortality), as well as in quality and timeliness of therapy . In this semester you will be looking at analysing processes in an emergency department. The basic model for a patient moving across the Emergency Department is as follows:
Business understanding
Write a brief justification of a project measuring times of arrival, triage, clinical care, and departure. This will require for you to find a few resources and get a basic idea how an emergency department operates.
Your work will serve as Introduction/Background section.

Analysis of data
You will be given a dataset of realistic data measuring the time points of ED processes in an institution in NSW. Your task will be to have a look at the data (with your understanding of ED processes from your previous reading) and:
• Extract a data dictionary from the NSW document (will be provided) and add description of any data you construct.
• Select which data you will be using for your analysis (and justify your choice)
• Construct data (e.g. duration between “triage” and “seen by clinician”) – justify why you need this data, and describe in detail (in data dictionary) how you are going to construct the data point (formulas, …)
• Explore the data (e.g. basic statistics, graphs…)
• Comment on data quality
• Make your choices on analytic methods (basic stats, process mining [Disco] etc.) and justify your choices (you are asked to use process mining – think about why it is useful – other methods are up to you).
• Formatting/re-formatting data – what changes need to be done for methods you apply (different input is expected for statistical packages, and different for Disco).
• Write an analysis plan
• Perform the analysis as you propose it taking into account any comments you may have got.


Final report
In the final report you will take the results of your analysis, interpret what you have found (comments on what the results may mean in context of what you learned about the Emergency Department; design visualisation of your results), and write conclusions and recommendations for action, future analytic project or both.
Your final document will contain ALL sections form all previous parts – you copy the material over, re-organise it, and – I suggest – improve.
Your document is supposed to be aimed to senior management of a hospital – adjust your style accordingly. While you have to do 2 assignments, these are stepping stones towards writing one document at the end – write individual parts in a way you can recycle them in later stages
Please do not write lengthy introductions (your audience is senior management of a hospital !).
Use references only if you need them (no merit in “backfilling” references). Preferred format is Harvard, but you can use any other format if you use it consistently throughout the entire document.
Word count – you use any amount of words you need. No penalty will be for exceeding the word count.

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