Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Requirements that Impact a Federal Subcontractor

Federal contractors and subcontractors are required to observe primary requirement of equal employment opportunity (EEO) of executive order 11246. This Executive order outlaws employment discrimination by federal subcontractors and contractors as well as federally-supported construction subcontractors. and contractors to obtain affirmative action to guarantee that all persons have equal employment opportunity without consideration to national origin, race, gender identity, color, sexual orientation, religion, and sex. Federal subcontractors should ensure that no employee or job applicant is treated differently in unfavorable manner due to any of the above named factors. The subcontractor should also not have neutral practice or policy with advance effect on members of any ethnic group, sex, or race or practice or policy is not  associated by business necessity or job related (U.S. Department of Labor OFCCP, n.d.c).

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Other primary requirements for Federal contractors and subcontractors include filling a yearly EEO-1 report, keeping records, adding the tag line of EEO to employment advertising, posting Equal Employment Opportunity posters and allowing access of OFCCP to records and books during a compliance evaluation or complaint investigation. Posters of EEO should be posted in a visible place such as lunchroom or in an area where workers can take breaks. Federal subcontractors are also needed to not in all advertisementsor solicitations for employment which all competent applicants will receive employment consideration without regard to national origin, race,color, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, sex or religion. Federal subcontractors are also needed to uphold any employment or personnel records kept or made by the contractor. Such records include personnel files, job descriptions, written employment procedures and policies, job advertisements and postings, tests results and test, job offers records, interview notes, and resumes and applications. This is all done to ensure that a subcontractor observes equal opportunity laws that prohibit any form of discrimination in all employment processes (Department of Labor OFCCP, n.d.a).  ]

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Equal Employment Opportunity also demands that a federal contractor should not discriminate the workers or job applicants based on their disabilities. Based on this requirement, Federal subcontractor should provide advancement and employment of qualified persons with disability. Based on this requirement, in case any person with disability has a reason to believe that any subcontractor has refused or failed to comply with the U.S. contract provisions, associating to employment of persons with disability, or any other form of discrimination addressed by Title VII of Civil Right Act the that person might file a complaints to the labor Department (U.S. Department of Labor OFCCP, n.d.c).

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