Essentials of Public Health

Module 1 Achievement in Public Health

Public health issues in the United States of America is nothing new and is a very hot and happening issue that prevails in the country. Public health in the US is a very large field that includes qualitative and quantitative analysis in various trades like environmental health, biostatistics, social and behavioral science, epidemiology and various others. Erin DeFriesBouldin along with some of his colleagues performed a research with his colleagues regarding public health in the United States of America and revealed various statistics regarding the issue (Chapman, 2007).
There have been major achievements in public health in the last decade according to Bouldin and these achievements are not small instead these achievements involve hard work of not only the government but also the people who fought against it. Tobacco control is one of the major achievements that occurred few years back and is still in progress to reduce the consumption to less (Burnett, 2004).
The first report regarding the consumption in US was published in the year 1964 and it was noticed that tobacco consumption is more than the consumption of some cereals and therefore the local, state and federal authorities came forward to reduce the consumption of tobacco and till date they are considerably successful (Moyer, 2005). The reduction is noticed in every report, in the year 1965 adult smokers constituted around 42.5% of the total population and according to the latest report in 2009 it has come down to around 20.5%. The reduction rate has fluctuated in every decade but at the end of the day reduction has occurred and that too considerably (Proctor, 2001).
The success has a more value compared to other issues because no state in the United States of America had a state law and with the latest report in 2009 the state excise duties in cigarettes started increasing and from 41.96 cents per pack in 2000 it became 1.44 dollars per pack in the year 2009. The average increase in the federal excise taxes was also noticed and it increased from0.76 dollars to 2.21 dollars per pack.2010 was the year in which the Federal authority went a step forward and formulated various anti-tobacco law which included ban of flavored cigarettes, prohibition of smoking in schools and institutions, youth access reduced and some more (Jha, 2000).
This achievement is a success and achievement of all the local, state and federal authorities in charge of public health in the United States of America. The tobacco issue was not taken seriously in the past but because of mass awareness programs from the government people has started taking seriously and are thinking of reducing the consumption. The government is also trying to eradicate the menace by various ways and imposing excise duty is one. Therefore if taken seriously fighting against a public health issue is no big deal.

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