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The employees and leaders who adhere to the code of ethics in an organization ensure that employees complete work with integrity and honesty. Adhering to the code of ethics is responsible for the creation of an ethical culture. It is pertinent to note that the leaders of an organization can create an ethical culture by exhibiting the type of behavior that they desire to see in their employees. Reinforcement of the ethical behavior and organizational culture can be done through the rewarding of employees who exhibit the integrity and values that coincide with the company’s code of ethics. The employees who make the wrong choices are disciplined to ensure further that the organizational culture and ethical code of conduct are refined (Sikula, Sikula & Koocher, 2001).


Description of the organization

The organization that will be provided with the consultation services is Solve Force Telecom Providers. The company is comprised of a team of consultants who are dedicated to helping other companies get the most out of data and voice communication. Since its inception in 2004, the company works with only the best telecoms providers in the industry to ensure clients have access to cutting edge and state of the art services. At Solve Force, the company prides itself in creating customized technology solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Recommended Steps in Creating a Strong Culture

The organization can create a strong ethical culture in number of ways. For instance, the organization can ensure that leadership ethics is put into place (Kantola Productions, & LLC, 2012). Leadership ethics determines the acceptable behavior for the workers in an organization as well as the discipline procedures that are accepted within the organization. When the leaders in the company have high ethical standards, the workers in the company will also be encouraged to meet the same levels.

Ensuring that there is ethical behavior among the workers in the organization is also a recommended step for creating a strong organizational culture (Kantola Productions, & LLC, 2012). When the employees in the company are encouraged to adhere to ethics in guiding their behavior, the employee policies and rules are followed while meeting the goals of the organization (Kantola Productions, & LLC, 2012).

Groups Taking the Survey

The groups that will take place in the survey will be comprised of technicians and network administrators. The technicians were chosen to take place in the survey as they comprise that largest number of employees within the company. What is more, the technicians’ roles are dynamic and most of the time these individuals are in the field interacting with both clients and the equipment. The network administrators were chosen as the second group to participate in the survey. This choice is justified by the fact that the network admins handle client’s accounts and may access sensitive or even confidential information. In addition, the network admins are tasked with ensuring that the network is always working which is quite a great responsibility.

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