Financial Health Analysis – Krystine’s Coffee Shop

Assignment Instructions

An analysis of 250 words that addresses the overall financial health of the coffee shop. We already know the coffee shop is doing “well”—it is planning to expand, after all. How do you know it is doing “well”? What does that mean? Your analysis must include calculations and an interpretation of the current ratio, days in accounts receivable, total asset turnover, interest coverage, profit margin, and return on equity.

An explanation of 250 words that addresses expansion:

  • Using your analysis and the relevant industry information, articulate your plan for expanding the coffee shop’s operations. Quantify and justify your plan.
  • A summary of 250 words that addresses your 2015 projections:
  • Prepare a 2015 budget for the coffee shop’s future operations based on the growth you perceive in the industry and your plans for expansion. Use any relevant information that was provided to you as part of this assignment. Explain a budget based on your recommendations.
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