Forensic Scenario Two- Not Guilty Plea

The test results may be summarized in one paragraph as follows; Seven MMPI-2-RF scales–Suicidal/Death Ideation (SUI), Helplessness/Hopelessness (HLP), Anxiety (AXY), Ideas of Persecution (RC6), Aberrant Experiences (RC8), Substance Abuse (SUB), and Aggression (AGG)–have been designated by the test authors as having critical item content that may require immediate attention and follow-up. Items answered by the individual in the keyed direction (True or False) on a critical scale are listed below if his T score on that scale is 65 or higher. The percentage of the MMPI-2-RF normative sample (NS) and of the Forensic, Pre-trial Criminal (Men) comparison group (CG) that answered each item in the keyed direction are provided in parentheses following the item content.

Mr. M had been noted to have been undergoing psychological issues prior to the arrest. He had been hallucinating about being followed by the people purportedly hired by his rival music group to kill him. Forensic evaluation showed that indeed he had a mental breakdown and his brain was not functioning normally. The lab findings showed that he might have been sick and this is shown by the events that preceded the arrest. The rival group had used materials he had developed to create their own product and this angered the 21 year old Mr. M. who became antisocial and could spend a lot of time in solitary. This behavior had continued to the extent that he was imagining a lot of things, a clear sign of hallucination. On the day of arrest, he had thought that the gang had hired people to pursue him. When he heard the siren, he assumed that it was a stolen police car and hence did not stop. The claim was that he ran towards his parents’ home for rescue. This shows that he was clearly out of his senses at the time.


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