Have modern presidents exceeded their constitutionally granted powers


Students are required to write a research report on a topic relating to the subject of this course. You can write about an individual president, the presidency as an institution, the relationship between the president and other national institutions, an event or crisis that the president had to handle, etc. Most of all, you should write about something that interests you.
This paper must answer a question – not just be an informational essay. Some examples of research questions appear below:
1• Have modern presidents exceeded their constitutionally granted powers?
2• How did LBJ use JFK’s legacy to forward his Great Society programs?
3• How do interest groups lobby the president and how successful are they?
3• What impact do signing statements have on the bureaucracy and policy implementation?
Papers will be graded based on the following:
4• Organized and well written
o Coherence of the argument and the quality of evidence used to support it
o Consistent focus on the topic/question

• 8 pages
• Typed, double spaced, one inch margins in Ariel or Times new Roman with a 12 point font.
• Left justified
• Spellchecked
• Page numbers at the bottom center of the page
• Correct use of sources and full citations
o 7-8 academic sources (not Wikipedia!!)
• Papers should employ the Chicago Manual of Style method of in text parenthetical citations. Do not use endnotes.
• Bibliography and Cover page (not part of the 8 pages)
• Quotations should be used sparingly – only when a statement is so eloquent that it bears repeating verbatim. For the most part, paraphrase.
o Quotations of more than three lines should be single-spaced and indented on the left and right side of the quotation
• Plagiarism will not be tolerated
• Hand in a hard copy of the paper in class and via Safe assign
• Late papers will receive a five point deduction for every day late.