Healthy Lifestyle Journal Example

Healthy Lifestyle Journal

Of the four major health models (biomedical, bio psychological, wellness and social ecological), health psychologist prefer social ecological model(which include aspects on individual, the social and physical environment, health systems and health policy) as the best assessment of health (Ragin, 2015). However, none of the five people defining health in the questionnaire in 25 words was able to answer health in reference to the social ecological model. They instead focus on illness, relating health to physical well-being. None focused on the emotional aspect of health.In addition, public in general does not, therefore, get full understanding of the health issues arguing the information they get concerning the health is limited(Ragin, 2015).

In the questionnaire, the surprising issue is that people only associate health to physical well-being but do not focus on social ecological aspect of health that is recommended. In the questionnaire, social ecological aspect model of health scored the least (almost zero) whereaswellness and biomedical scored highest in that order, hence, people lack additional information regarding health. The need to be physically well is the motivating factor behind maintain the above health behaviours. Finally, social ecological health dimension will be the hardest to improve whereas wellness will be the easiest.

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In this week’s journal entry, the focus will be on stress management both at workplace and at home. Stress can be due to financial as well as social reasons among others(Emotions, Stress & Health) but through focusing on healthy lifestyle practices, the stress at the end after 30 days should have reduced to almost zero-level. To achieve this, one has to engage actively in healthy lifestyle practices, which will ensure free stress and keep me happy throughout including doing exercises, eating healthy foods and drinks, socializing most of the times with family and friends, having someone to discuss my issues with (Emotions, Stress & Health) throughout the 30-day period.

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