How Cell Phone Usage Affect College Students Learning

Research Question: “How does cell phone usage affect college students’ learning?”

The Objectives: Objectives: The objectives of doing this research paper are 1) to use communication research skills to investigate one or more communication issues, 2) to use empirical data to test your hypotheses, and 3) to write a research paper on the data you collected and present the paper at a public forum.

This is an extensive and thoroughly investigated research paper that requires FIVE pages of detailed literature review section. The literature review should include introduction (which should discuss justification and objectives of the study), review literature and your research question or hypotheses based on the review. I will attach 5-6 journal articles that you will use for the literature review section. The literature is the first part of the paper and is required to be at least 5 pages long.
You can find more journal articles if you like.

You may take more than 7 days to complete the paper but please send me a rough draft of the abstract, introduction and literature review and methods section of the paper in 3 to 4 days. I need these first 5-6 pages to show my professor on Monday or Tuesday.

Please follow instructions closely to complete the paper. The paper should have the following components: cover page, abstract, introduction, literature review, research question, method, results, discussion and reference.The final research paper should be 12 pages long with at least 10 references. The textbooks and students’ journal report can be used as references in the final paper.

I have provided you specifically my research question in which I want you to base the entire paper on. You may have to use the book titled, “Investigating the Social World” by Russel Schutt. This book is provides useful guidelines for the entire research process. I might scan and send you a few pages from the book for your references.
In reviewing literature, you should first find high quality journal articles related to your topic. If you could not find enough journal articles, books, magazines, newspapers can be used depending on the topic. I will suggest you use subheading to guide your review. For example, if I review the relationship between social media and self-esteem, I will use at may use subheading, which is an efficient way to organize the review. The first subheading is Social media dependence, and I will put those articles with findings on social media dependence onto this section, showing how social media is powerful, informative, educational… so that we depend on it. Please do not list articles, but integrate findings or results to make a bigger concept and main idea to help you advance your thesis. The second subheading can be Self-esteem and the third subheading can be the relationship between social media dependence and self-esteem.

It is critical to use the following principles to guide you in completing your review:

1) The paper should be well organized in writing.
2) The topic is well researched.
3) The language use is proper and expression is clear.
4) The research question or hypothesis is developed well based on the review of literature.
5) The research topic is significant with a focus on communication issues.

You are encouraged to use quantitative method to investigate their hypotheses.


“Journal Article Sources for Literature Review”

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