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Outline the goals and indicators for measuring development progress for a nation in which your selected corporation does business. Which ones are most important? How do they relate to the business of your corporation? Is the corporation working with integrity in this environment? Research the value adds the corporation is creating for the community and itself. What are the community reactions? How does this affect the corporation’s success? Cite at least two sources.

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The standards of living are difficult to measure. However, indicators of social development are available. The basic measure of GDP per capita is one such measure of development (Assadourian et al., 2012). However, a more advanced metric, the HDI is used to measure development and assesses factors such as education, life expectancy and the GDP. The standards of living, water and sanitation, food, healthcare and disease, education and employment as well as the environment are some of the most indicators that are used in measuring the development of a country(Assadourian et al., 2012).

The most important indicators include education and employment, healthcare and disease, water and sanitation and food. These indicators are the most important as they relate to the healthcare and well-being of the entire population. What is more, these indicators are related to Starbucks as it is in the food business.

Starbucks is working with integrity in its environment. The company has always believed that is should have a positive impact on the communities that it serves. The slogan by the company is, “One person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time (Starbucks, 2015a).”Each store is part of a community and the company takes responsibility in being a good neighbor. The company also offers high quality and ethically purchased and produced products. In regard to the environment, the company is always minimizing its environmental footprint and inspiring other companies to do the same.

Starbucks has invested in coffee farmers and their communities(Starbucks, 2015b). The new approach has resulted to the ethical sourcing of coffee. This has ensured a long term supply of high quality coffee for the company’s customers. For the coffee farmers and their communities, their livelihoods have and lives have been positively impacted(Starbucks, 2015b).The farmers have been equipped with knowledge of growing coffee in environmentally responsible ways. Addressing the issues of fair pay and working conditions is also a positive impact of the business to the community. All these measures have all led to the increasing success of the company and increasing global dominance in the coffee business.


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