Incident Action Plan – Final Paper

Prepare an Incident Action Plan for the Scenario below


As the newly appointed safety manager at a large plastics manufacturing company, you are called to the loading dock to find that a large truck, full of cartons of pellets used in the manufacturing process, is engulfed in flames. The truck slid on ice in the parking area and crashed into empty trailers. A call to the city emergency services indicated that they will be delayed indefinitely due to roads made impassible by the ice storm. The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the pellets indicates that burning releases toxic smoke. Note that larger companies are likely to have their own emergency response teams equipped and trained to handle the most likely hazards found at the site.



Incident Action Plan


The main mission of the Incident Action Plan Unit (IAP) is to reduce the loss of property and life and protect the employees and visitors from all associated hazards. The plan certifies that all efforts of all teams involved are synchronized accurately and coordinated to realize the best outcome. This action plan documents a stepwise platform for synchronizing operations at all incident sub-level and ensuring that incident processes focus on the incident goals (Molino, 2006). The incident action plan developed is an iterative and disciplined process that necessitates a planning and collaborative sessions that nurture partnerships while tactically focusing incident operation.

Thesis statement: Proper planning, robust command center, synchronized operation, coordinate logistics system, and a collaborative administration are critical components to the effectiveness and success of an incident action plan process.

The incident action plan is envisioned to promote the company’s effectiveness in incident operations and management by standardizing the process of incident action (Molino, 2006).  It highlights the incident exercise planning process, describes the incident implementation process, defines the responsibilities and roles of different teams, and institutes standards for incident action planning in events of an emergencies.

Incident Action Planning Process

The incident action plan process started with the coordination the Incident Command Systems to obtain the required output of the process. With major focus based on ensuring that all partners engaged in the incident exercise realize unity of purpose through the established coordinated processes. Through the incident action plan the company safety manager communicates their expectations and provide indistinct guidance to the incident management team (Molino, 2006).

Situation Understanding

The first action is focusing on trying to understand the situation within the loading dock and establishing initial main concern.  At this point in time information is gathered on the level of severity and damage already afflicted, the main causes, recording what is going on, analyzing the whole situation, and relaying the information as regards the scale, complexity, scope, and impacts of the incident (Molino, 2006).

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