Innovation in Traditional Media – PowerPoint Presentation


—Innovation in media involves changing various aspects of the media landscape.

—The aspects include new business models developing new media platforms, and new ways of producing media texts.

—Innovation requires the freedom to connect to technical images (Galloway, 2011).

—Therefore, traditional media is moving fast to embrace and monetize digital channels.

—Innovation in traditional media will entail optimizing the use of disruptive technologies, for example, social media and cloud solutions and big data analytics to withstand the change in the media (Storsul & Krumsvik, 2013).

—Traditional media can incorporate social media channels and tools to keep them in their consideration mix.

—Media players may integrate social media tools, such as Instagram to share photographs and thus tell stories.

—Traditional media players should adopt a holistic digital strategy across the enterprise.

—It is critical to understand the target audience and customize the content to provide innovative and personalized content (Storsul & Krumsvik, 2013).


—Galloway, A. R. (2011). What Is New Media?   Ten Years   after the Language of New   Media.  Criticism, 53(3), pp.   377.

—Storsul, T. and Krumsvik, A. H. (2013). What   is Media   Innovation? Nordicom.

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