Lecture by Eric Osth

As an authority in matters Architecture and Urban design, Eric Osth has been known for working on architectural commissions with communities that live in the Atlantic Seaboard of the United States. Osth was of the opinion that every single area where human beings have decided to settle has its own uniqueness. The enduring qualities that they have spring from the culture, environment and heritage of the area they are situated. Osth opines that establishing design vocabularies and documenting the qualities of these regions, the sense of place will always develop into the near future. According to him, such a method is responsible for creating a diverse and rich environment that is malleable and flexible that creates a sense of sustainability to the various market uses and sectors over time. Osth also advices young designers to create compact designs in a mixed-use environment with a proper connection to the civic amenities that are required by the inhabitants. It should be the sole goal of a designer to create works that seem to evolve from regional traditions with the use of new technology that is meant to bolster the market requirements that come with having an urban setting. The designs should create essential sustainability from the city scale to the more complex human scale.

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