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The selected Middle East organization is the Union of Arab Banks. The organization was founded in 1974 March with main objective of righteously defending the members’ interests towards third parties. The organization’s main vision is to be able to lead banking and financial organization at the level of Arab world, and to uplift the Arab industry of financial and banking to an advance professional level. The organization main mission is to act as the Arab banking and financial community center, to create ties among its members, to develop sustainable and sound Arab financial and banking thoughts, and to connect Arab banks with other international banking business. It also focus on offering technical assistance, advise, training, and capacity building to the organization members, assist in resolving conflicts, and playing a guiding role via active participation in developing the international banking regulations and laws. The banks operations are highly based on Islamic law since the bank is based on Islamic region (Uabonline, 2015c).

The Management and Leadership

The UAB has a strong form of management which is comprised of the general assembly, the executive committee, the board of directors and the general secretariat. Therefore, there is a high evaluation of any decision made in the organization. The supreme authority in the organization is possessed by the general assembly that contains representative of observer and active members. The assembly is also responsible for developing the Union general plans and policies. It holds a normal meeting once every year. The highest executive authority in the union is the board of directors. It adopts measures and policies to attain the main goals established by the general assembly. The board of directors in the union comprises of delegates on behalf of member Arab countries. The executive committee contains seven members from the board of directors who have the board authorities in general problems and any other problem presented by the board chairman upon the board request in the boards’ meetings. This committee can take any recommendations and decisions but it has to inform the board during the next meeting. On the other hand, General Secretariat is the administrative and technical organ of the Union. It contains the Assistant Secretary General, General Secretary and substantial number of administrative and technical staff assigned to departments based on the organization chart and based on the Board of Directors approval. Secretary General takes the administration of the Union affairs and implements the board of directors and general assembly resolution (Uabonline, 2015a).

Workforce Management

The strong and supervised management has also been passed on to the human resources management. This can easily be demonstrated by good and effective performance of the bank even in the international level even during the recession period. However, the Union has been experiencing a high level of discrimination based on gender while hiring. Being based in Arabic nations, where women are culturally denied some privileges, the bank has since its creation embraced male workers. Nevertheless, to remain viable internationally, the bank is currently being forced to embrace 4G’s. This refers to the observation of governance, generations, gender and globalization. This is anticipated to impact the organization workforce greatly in the future. To handle these considerable orientations, the HR are considered by the bank management to assume the catalysts and enablers role to sustain and provide talented individuals who are in a position of embedding the buzzwords into efficient and effective actions (Uabonline, 2015b).

The organization wishes to succeed in the new role and to hold the chance to shift from the gatekeeper role to embrace corporate conscience. In this regard, the organization is preparing the HR to be able to adjust into the new role which is highly probable to impact the responsibility of banking workforce while delivering what the management is needed to deliver based on the society, stakeholders and shareholders demand. After realizing the workforce role in the organization success, the organization is employing different measures to enhance the workforce efficiency. This include training workers in the new role and to adjust to fit the new organization roles and goals. Workers are also motivated to work harder and to employ own effort in understanding the new management role and enhancing its success. The organization gives a high priority on effective management of human resource due to their contribution in the implementation of the top management plans and goals. They play a great part in enhancing the general organization success and thus, they are highly motivated to retain this highly level of performance.

The need for change which are highly demonstrated in the strategies, value and missions of most of banks working in the Arab world are raising the HR pressure to rally with novel challenges via guiding modifications and implementing resilient organization cultures. To be able to emphasize the steering toward the new positioning, the Arab banks HR has to review its significances based on the focus of the 4G’s. This include governance that involves the HR committee, recruitment, audit, and social responsibility. Globalization that include global HR, intercultural management, HR branding, and workforce mobility. Gender which focus on equity perspective, emotional intelligence, styles of leadership and women at work. Finally generations which focus on transition at work, generation differences, organizational behavior, and work values. The organization is thus looking forward to integrate the 4G’s into its mission, value and strategies and at the same time, instill change in its workforce to ensure that it effectively embrace these new changes to enhance success in the changes (Uabonline, 2015b).

Own Thought

Human resources are the most important stakeholder in any organization, particularly services rendering organization. Although UAB has been very keen in human resource management, this may experience problems in the future due to the need to change the region culture to accommodate global requirements introduced by 4G’s. Arabs culture does not gives women important roles in the economy development. In this regard, the banks may be faced by a great challenge of need for inclusion in part of gender. Moreover, the banks are normally based on Islamic laws and thus, this may make it hard for the organization to accommodate global human resources who may come from different cultural and religious ground. In this regard, the human resource manage will in future experience challenge in embracing diversity in their organization and enhancing diversity management and inclusion. Although the union has been very successful in the past, the future success of the organization may highly be determined on how effective the human resource managers will enhance integration of different employees with different cultural grounds and how well this will be embraced by the current group of the workforce.




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