Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

C.O.R.E (Clearly Organic Refreshing Elixir) has come to the market with a non-alcoholic beverage to address the health concerns of customers. Many consumers today need products that have high nutritional caloric value and that can help solve their obesity problem. C.O.R.E is here to produce a deionized water served in a 20 oz bottle with the cap containing dehydrated contents of the elixir which have various health benefits. The company demonstrates great concern for health and this is depicted in its mission statement which reads, “C.O.R.E. is committed to providing wholesome and healthy refreshment for the body and the “core” of one’s being. It is our desire to develop a foundation of health and prosperity that will impact all of the lives that we touch and influence.” C.O.R.E’s factory and bottling location is in Richmond County, in the state of Virginia.

C.O.R.E’s target market will be consumers aged between 18 and 40 years and who need fewer calories in their daily diet. These customers will have to be health conscious and who are ready to maintain regular fitness. The company’s target market is largely located in gymnasiums and fitness centers across Virginia and who make regular purchase at the health stores and markets within the region (Kotler, 2000). This group of customer will be of any education level provided they are health conscious and ready to maintain regular fitness. C.O.R.E will also target customers in College campuses located in Virginia such as Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. According to the United States Census 2010, the total population of Virginia is 8,001,024. With this large number, a better part of the population is likely to consume C.O.R.E’s non-alcoholic beverage. The company’s local market located in Richmond within hundred mile radius of the bottling factory is likely to provide a good market for C.O.R.E product demonstrated by a large population of 9, 254.

C.O.R.E is a unique brand that lacks competition in the non-alcoholic beverage market. Even though large companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi have served customers for quite a long time with their soft drinks, their products do not meet similar consumer needs as C.O.R.E’s product. C.O.R.E offers a nutritious alternative to other high calorie beverages and juices. It is therefore suitable for customers who need low calorie in their diets, a need that no other company in the non-alcoholic beverage industry can satisfy. Additionally, C.O.R.E offers a non-alcoholic beverage that is suitable for weight management because it is capable of burning body fat. The soft drinks produced by other companies in the industry like Coca Cola and Pepsi do not burn body fat and therefore cannot compete against C.O.R.E. However, the company must be prepared for rigorous competition which may arise once it is established in the market (Kotler, 1994).

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