Microbiology encompasses many aspects of pathogens and human reactions to infections.

Microbiology encompasses many aspects of pathogens and human reactions to infections. This project will allow you to trace pathogens through the infection cycle and human response to the infection.

Project requirements: Refer to Table 1.1 and answer the following questions for 2 of the 3 organisms listed. Word requirements are outlined for each question – this represents a minimum number of words required. For each question answer in full and complete sentences, and provide both examples and scientific evidence to support your answer. Be sure to include a well-developed introduction and conclusion in your paper.

You may use outside sources, but the reading material for Units 7 and 8 should provide the majority of information you will need to complete the assignment. Be sure to include all references in APA format.


Strategy to avoid host immune system

Common disease

Trypanosomacruzi Changes surface antigens to avoid immune system detection American trypanosomiasis
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Virus infects and hides in macrophages and CD4 T-cells. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Streptococcus pyogenes Produce M proteins to inhibit phagocytes from attaching Streptococcal pharyngitis


Table 1.1


  1. Give a brief overview of the disease including signs and symptoms. Who is typically affected by this infection?(Children? Immunocompromised patients?)? What is the pathogens’ portal of entry and exit? (100 word minimum)
  2. How would the innate immune system react to this pathogen? Which components would react? (75 word minimum)
  3. Would this pathogen primarily stimulate cell-mediated immunity or antibody-mediated immunity (T cells or B cells?) Why? (75 word minimum)
  4. All of the organisms listed above have the ability to evade the host immune system, at least temporarily. Review Table 1.1 for the pathogens’ strategies used to avoid the host’s immune system. Why is this particular strategy helpful to the pathogen? How would this impact the pathogens’ ability to cause infection? How would the immune system compensate? (200 word minimum)


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