NR-451-RN Capstone Course – PVC And IV Tubing

PVC and IV Tubing

When individuals are taken to a hospital, they anticipate to be treated in an environment which assists them to heal. It is quite surprising and discouraging to learn that the United States hospitals use materials and products which have industrial chemical which can possibly cause more harm to human being than good. The exposure of human to a number of industrial chemicals usually found in medical materials and product can contribute to reproductive disorders, asthma, and cancer among other health conditions. In healthcare sector alone, usual products that include building materials, medical devices, solvents and cleaners contain chemical which can pose a hazard to the environment and human health (Gerwig, 2012).

This is quite alarming, especially in health sector where everyone anticipate to regain their health. It definitely shows that something ought to be done swiftly to ensure at least materials and products proved to contain harmful chemical are completely eliminated in the healthcare activities. Although Kaiser has taken such a long time to take the required measure, I recommend them for taking such an ethical step in their healthcare practices (Dearholt & Dang, 2012). I am quite pleased that Kaiser is currently using its purchasing power to enhance the utilization of greener medical materials and products. Being a big and well known healthcare facility, its move will pressure other hospitals and healthcare facilities into making changes to fit in the society. Kaiser move makes the public aware of the danger they have been exposed to for years and now, public will be more cautious to only use a facility that fully cares for their health. This will create a stiff completion to other health cares that have not considered to go green. I just hope this will push all the U.S. hospital to take a similar ethical step for the sake of our life.




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