NR- 500 – Descriptive Statistics Discussion

Discussion Topic

Read the assigned research article for this week. Identify the descriptive statistics that are reported in the article. How can a nurse leader use descriptive statistics to justify a course of action? What descriptive statistics do you routinely use in your practice?



Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive statistics refer to numbers which are employed to describe and summarize data. Descriptive data can be summarized graphically or numerically. Some of these concise summaries include average, mean, mode, median, range, and sample size among others. In this particular case, Swenson-Britt and Reineck (2009) have employed descriptive statistics to present their data. Among the applied descriptive statistics include the sample size which in this case is 17 ICU nurses. The authors also use the t test which demonstrates a number of descriptive statistics results that include the standard deviation of various group of results using different means. These include the sample size for the four identified means drive from the data collection tools, the pretest results, the posttest results, change score, standard deviation, deviation and the probability. The researchers also used range to present descriptive statistics.

A nursing leader can apply descriptive statistics in different ways to justify the cause of action. A nursing leader can used descriptive statistics to compare two forms of intervention for the same condition and select the most appropriate based on outcome portrayed by each as per descriptive statistics results. A nursing leader can also employ descriptive statistics to evaluate the best time to employ a certain intervention to a patient with a certain condition by monitoring the outcome demonstrated by a patient after the application of the intervention at different time using a descriptive statistics. Nursing leader can also use descriptive statistics to decide on the best number of nurses to serve certain unit and a certain time. The descriptive statistics that I routinely use in my operation as a nurse include mean, sample size, age, gender and percentage or probability. They normally assist me in determining the best measure to employ in different situation while handling patients

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