Online Survey Usability Evaluation

Reliability of Data from Online Survey

Web-based online survey is among the research techniques that produce the most reliable data in a research. To begin with, web-based survey is a very reliable method of data collection since the response is instantly documented in the response section immediately after a respondent completes the survey. There, there are no delays in delivery or complexity in data compiling. Moreover, due to the extensive field and network available to collect data, this data is normally obtained from the most eligible respondents from all corners of the world and thus providing the most reliable data that highly reflect the real situation on the ground. Moreover, the survey respondents are situated in different places and are mostly not related to each other, thus, there is no any form of discussion or information sharing and thus, every response is unique in its own way and any similarity occurs just because it is what happens regarding the subject of evaluation in different places. In this regard, data collected through this technique is very reliable. This is demonstrated by this survey such that the respondents have a different experience with e-reader in different parts of the world despite of all being my face book friends. The respondents do not know each other and thus, the information provided does not depend on a similar experience but genuine diverse experience. This makes this data to me reliable (Benfield, 2006).

Validity of the Collected Data

Data validity is the measure of the reasonableness and correctness of data. In this case, the questionnaire was very structured and thus, the validity of the collected data is assured. The researcher designed a questionnaire which addresses the research needs. All the provided choices range on the right level that the researcher could have preferred. In this regard, the obtained research data are viable. This is normally the case. Since most online researchers are not sure on who will respond to the survey, they tend to make it simple to respond by making it as structured as possible. In this regard, respondents will just require selecting one of the available options as a response. Therefore the validity of the research data is fully determined by the researcher who designs the research questionnaire (Abdesslem et al., n.d.).

Usability of the Online Questionnaire Website

The available online questionnaire websites are easy to use. One of the most important aspects that would enhance the usability of these sites is the researcher’s ability to read English. This is because most of them do not have a translator and they are structured in English. The websites for instance Survey Monkey are well developed with clear menu that clearly direct the user on where to start if one wishes to create a survey. Beside this, the sites also have a help provision where users who are experiencing any problem when handling the site are given a clear guideline with either bulletin instructions or graphical demonstrations to show the user on how to go about it (Resnick, 2012).

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