Open-source Software Project Tools, Techniques, and Software Research Paper

Assignment Instructions

Research different open-source software project tools, techniques, and software.Write a paper of approximately 750 words that answers the following:

  • How are open-source software project tools, techniques, and software implemented?
  • Describe each tool, including the pros and cons.How can each tool be helpful?
  • Is open-source software enough to successfully run and implement programs?
  • Must a company purchase software to complete the job?
  • Explain your thoughts and the rationale you used to determine your answers.

Sample Research Paper – Open-source Software Project Tools, Techniques, and Software Research Paper


Open-source Software (OSS) refers to computer software circulated with its modifiable source code. The software normally includes a programmers’ license to modify the software in any manner they prefer. They can adapt, improve functions, or fix bugs of the software to modify their own requirements. There are various forms of OSS that are created to enhance different operation’s needs. This paper focuses on identifying a number of OSS software, project management tools and techniques. Some of the selected items include Agileproject management tool, Apache HTTP web server software and Pellet techniques.

Implementation of Open-Source Software Project Tools, Techniques, and Software

OSS project tools, techniques and software are implemented differently based on their intended purposes. In this case Apache Web server software is used in the development of server in different website projects. Apache contains high share and it act as reference web server standard. It is considerably easy to manage and contains low overheads, it therefore works for systems and small sites. Apache can also be utilized for biggest websites in the globe and it can be tuned to do extremely well and for unique needs (Kavanagh, 2004). Pellet OSS technique is implemented in Java and is used as open sourced in a liberal license. It provides an array of features that include axiom pinpointing, conjunctive query answering, ɛ-connection reasoning, and rule support among others. Pellet offers different interfaces that include Manchester OWL-APL, command-line interface, API bindings for RDF/OWL toolkits Jena, a zero-install use of an interactive Web form, and DIG sever implementation (Sirin et al., 2007.).  Agile is used in project development. It normally involves the development of prototypes that aids in project development and completion. Agile refers to a collection of methodology for computer development that works in an incremental and iterative method developing software from very project development initiation rather than developing the entire software at once. Agile is used to discover what the consumer wants and the methods to employ to change things or build code in program development (, 2017).

Description of Tools Pros, Cons and Helpfulness

Agile reduces project risk by promoting the best project development practices. It also promotes flexibility in project development. It also promotes frequent communication and collaboration among developers making it easy to agree on the deliverable use. It also promotes the use of visuals making it to understand what is happening. Although agile can in principle be simply understood, it can be hard to apply in practice. It is also not easily to predict the end product. The constant need for communication and collaborate is in most cases unfeasible. Agile is also in most cases unable to respect deadlines. Despite of the stated disadvantages, Agile assist in the general development of a project in a manner that it is considerably hard to redo the project due to its inability to satisfy the customer. It assists in improving customer satisfaction. Apache server is flexible. It also has rich set of features which can be enabled via one of about 60 unofficial or official modules. Apache can also be used in wide range of application and still produce a reliable system and ensure high level of serve security (Mockus, Fielding &Herbsleb, n.d.). Pellet on the other hand offers different interfaces making, and offers a wide range of features. Pellet is considerably complex. A pellet is used in the development of libraries in Java and thus it helps in extending java application in various situations.

Open-Source Software Ability to Successfully Run and Implement Programs

Open source software has the ability to successfully run and implement programs. A good example is Linux which is an open source operating system that is developed to work as a platform to run software intended by the company. However, this cannot happen with the open shell without further development. OSS requires high level of customizationto produce a product that is only applicable in a certain organization based on its unique circumstances. Agile among other project management tools also facilitate the development of complete functional programs. Only in a pellet where only a module is created rather than a successfully running program, however, it always produced a functional part of program (Benbya, 2016).

Need for their Purchase

Normally, open source software do not involves direct cost of purchase. This means a company does not have to purchase the software to complete it. These OSS are mostly available in public domain. However, more labor cost may be needed where programmers are employed to customize the program to fit a certain purpose. It therefore involves a number of indirect costs. However, OSS is considered to be considerably cheaper compared to closed end software. This is because one can get the framework to develop the actual need that is needed. With this, it is considerably easier to use the software system without needing a lot of aiding application software.

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